May 23, 2018

Never on my own - Kandy Shepherd

Writing is a solitary occupation. While we authors come out to play at conferences and book launches and library talks, much of our time is spent sitting behind a computer. For hours and hours and hours we sit there, lost in creating the imaginary worlds and the imaginary people of our stories. On our own.

I’m not the kind of writer who can work in the midst of chaos. I’m also very easily distracted by other people. As deadline approaches—and I always seem to be on a frantic last-minute rush to meet it as I’m a procrastinator, but that’s a different story—my family know I need my space. Luckily, I have a room where I can close the door. I don’t want noise either. No music, just quiet. Which is why I am so often writing late at night and into the early hours of the morning.

Alfie in his favourite box - right near my desk

However, while I’m locked away in my writing cave, I’m not really alone.

Sweet Ivy always likes to be nearby

Always, with four cats, I have feline company of some kind. I haven’t shared photos of my pets for a while so here are my companions who keep me company of the quiet, uncritical kind. 

Our darling Tabitha is 18 now, and has kept me company through lots of books

That is, unless one is hungry or wants to play, or wants to go in and out the door. No need for me to set an alarm to make sure I get up and walk around at regular intervals. There is always a cat who wants in or out of a door!

Darling Cindy, my other old girl probably about 17

P.S. While I’m outside gardening at my little farm, I have not only cats but chickens for company and usually horses hanging around nearby too. But I really had to laugh at the sight of my husband weeding with one of our two pet steers, Squirt and Thimble, keeping him company. 

Thimble helping out with the gardening

The bullies are a miniature breed called Dexters but they’re not exactly tiny! This is Thimble.

Do you have an animal companion of some kind that keeps you company while you work? I’d love to read about it in the comments!


  1. Hi Kandy

    Love these photos of your friends keeping you company quietly :) We have two cats Belle and Sparrow and I am often reading with one or both on me LOL and we have a beautiful dog Casper who does spend most of his time outside but doe venture indoors here and there and they are such great company there is a bond that is beautiful.

    Huge congrats on the nominations in The Ruby awards woohoo

    Have Fun


    1. Yes, there is something about that bond with our pets that is very special isn't there, Helen. What a nice image of you reading (and I know you do a lot of reading!) with Belle and Sparrow for company, and Casper nearby. Thank you for the congratulations on my RUBY nomination, it's very exciting!

  2. I have a 15 year old cat who sleeps on the back of the love seat and tests her leg on my shoulder. Since we lost our older kitty a few months ago, she is more clingy, sleeping on my lap of laying on !t chest if I can reading in bed

    1. How lovely, Laurie. I can just picture your kitty as you describe her. They give such companionship, don't they!

  3. I love your furry companions, Kandy. I'm quite sure I now need a Dexter steer to keep me company too! :-)

    1. Our little bullies are very companionable, Michelle, but I really had to laugh when I saw Thimble with hubby that day!