May 16, 2018

Anyone for a Picnic?

by Bronwyn Jameson

I’ve been trying to not get TOO diverted by the upcoming royal wedding.  I’m skimming the news feeds, noting the headlines, while avoiding the scuttlebutt on who’s invited, who’s not coming and why, who is likely to embarrass whom, who designed The Dress, etc etc.  

(a)  because I am easily distracted and could spend hour after hour following every detail
(b)  because I get all kinds of irate with the tabloid take on such details.  I’m sure I’m not alone here.

However, one headline earlier this week did entice me to read on. Harry and Meghan have invited some 2,500 ordinary folk to the grounds of Windsor Castle on Saturday so the public will feel part of the celebrations.  The crowd will include members of the royal households, favoured charities, local schools and 1,200 members of the public "from every corner" of the UK and "from a broad range of backgrounds and ages".  

They will watch the arrivals and the departure procession and in between times…well, they’ve been encouraged to bring a picnic and enjoy the beautiful surrounds.  Apparently there have been some complaints about the lack of catering but let’s not go there. I do not want to imagine a line of fast-food trucks setting up on the castle lawns.  No, I want to imagine proper picnicking in the grounds of Windsor Castle. 

I do love a picnic.  Whether that be a simple sandwich in the sunshine or fish and chips by the beach or a properly planned and prepared, multi-course picnic basket matched for the location and special occasion.  If that location/occasion happened to be a royal wedding in castle gardens then I would go all out with an exceedingly posh picnic basket … or, let’s assume money is no object, why not order one fully prepared?  

This, from Fortnum and Mason, would hit the spot.

The Ultimate Banquet Picnic

What about you?  Do you love a picnic?  What would you pack for a royal wedding picnic?


  1. Oh, Bron, that Fortnum and Mason picnic basket looks PERFECT! I too love a picnic, and if we LoveCats (and Friends of LoveCats) lived in England, a picnic in the grounds of Windsor Castle to celebrate the royal wedding would be the perfect excuse for a group get together. :-) I'll bring the prawns and a bottle of bubbles...and lamingtons.

  2. Hi Bronwyn

    Oh I do love a picnic and haven't been on one for ages we used to it a lot when our kids were young and often with the grandkids get a chicken some bread rolls and off we went nothing better, I would love to watching the Royal Wedding from the grounds of Windsor Castle and have a picnic champagne of course strawberries some nice dips and crackers Michelle has the prawns so how about some nice chicken as well that should do it and maybe some good Aussie lamingtons :)

    Have Fun


  3. They showed an F&M basket on one of the US stations covering the wedding. No thanks to scotch eggs, but a egg and cress sandwich would be ok. I'll bring chicken salad sandwiches and mini cheesecakes.!