May 20, 2018

Sunday Smooch with Clare Connelly

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch  from Clare Connelly but first we have the winner from Avril Tremayne's steamy smooch last week to announce!

... the winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway is Fedora. Please contact Avril Tremayne to receive your e-copy of Kiss Don't Tell.

And now for this week's Smooch, from Clare Connelly's latest release, BURN ME ONCE.  

The story…
Ally Douglas has made a deal with Ethan Ash: just sex, no strings, no forever. All she knows about him is that he’s a world-famous rock star and he’s absolutely gorgeous. Their sexual chemistry is instant and magnetic, and this arrangement satisfies their needs. Only now that Ethan has started to break the rules, will Ally be able to stop herself from getting burned?

The setup... 

Ally and Ethan have been involved in a super-sexy affair for a little while now, but Ally is doing her best to keep Ethan at arm's length. She's already been burned in love and is looking for some no-strings attached fun. So when Ethan (who's a world-famous rockstar) has a concert to perform at, Ally elects to stay in his luxurious hotel room, proving that she's independent and not at all swept up in his superstar lifestyle! Only she spends much of the evening checking twitter for the #EthanAsh hashtag...

And finally the concert is over.
It can’t be long now, right?
How long?
I stare at my phone, contemplate messaging him but decide not to. Iknow that I’m desperate to see him; hedoesn’t need to.
It’s almost an hour later when I hear noises outside the hotel room. And with the moment upon me I am nervous suddenly! I stand up uneasily, running my hands down the front of my lingerie, my eyes fixed to the door. I fan my hair from my face quickly, just to give it body, and then I wait.
Just seconds.
But long enough for my heart to flutter and my stomach to twist and my brow to sweat and my mouth to dry out.
I wait, and I stare, and finally he pushes the door inwards.
I’m not sure what I’m expecting. For him to step inside, shut the door, and look around?
He doesn’t. He opens the door and looks right at me. As though he knew exactly where I’d be, exactly how I’d be standing, waiting. Our eyes lock and time ceases to exist. There is a void. A black hole with just us at its cosmic heart.
Who moves first? I can’t say. I know only that we are both moving, and we are both urgent, our arms wrapping around one another, our mouths seeking, our bodies melding. His shirt is wet with perspiration. I wrap my arms around him and seek his mouth. I kiss him and he kisses me, pushing me through the room while his hands roam my back.
I grip his shirt, lifting it, finding his beautiful flesh, his chest, and I drop kisses along the ridge of his neck, down to his pecs. I taste his salty perfection and he laughs, lifting his hands to my wrists and holding me still, holding me back.
My eyes fly to his; hunger must be visible in them. It is almost burning me alive.
‘Not like this.’
‘Like what?’
‘I need to shower. I’m all sweaty.’
I laugh. ‘I don’t care.’ I push his pants down, finding his ass and cupping it in the palms of my hands.
He swears, fisting my hair and pressing his forehead to mine. His eyes are shut, his face scrunched up.
Christ, Alicia.’
‘Shower later.’
I tilt my head, chasing his lips with mine, kissing him, inviting him. Begging him... 

To win a paperback copy of BURN ME ONCE, tell me about your most life-changing concert experience? For me, it was seeing Paul McCartney live in London back in 2006 - he was *amazing*. How about you?


  1. Woohoo I loved this book Clare awesome story who doesn't love a rock star :)

    I have been to a lot of concerts over the years but I will always remember the very first one I went to and the was Joe Cocker way back when I was 14 years old so a long time ago, it was the year he was thrown out of Australia and on stage he was fantastic except yes he was very drunk and forgot the words to some of the songs but I will never forget it I got to go with my neighbour and his sister when someone else couldn't go, also I have to mention Rod Stewart I have seen him in concert here in Sydney every time he has been her since I was 16 love him :)

    Have Fun


    1. I would LOVE to see Rod Steward! I have heard he has incredible energy when he's performing! And I'm laughing at Joe Cocker. What a rockstar! xx

  2. Gorgeous smooch, Clare! Love the heat between Ally and Ethan. :-)

    My very first big concert was The Eurythmics, and it blew me away. I watched Annie Lennox strutting about on stage, and I *so* wanted to be her. :-)

    1. *I* want to be Annie Lennox so much. I love her to bits.

  3. I saw Rick Springfield way back when. A fabulous night out with great friends.

  4. Joe Cocker's concerts always my favourites. especially in the earlier days when he still moved!

  5. My very first concert i bought tickets for I got grounded for buying the tickets and could not go. Granted, I was ony 12, but my best friend and i went to the local ticket station and bought tickets to see the Monkees. Our grand plan was to "spend the night" at someone else's house, but never go. Instead we'd take the local bus to the train station and take the train in to Chicago (back then it may have cost a dollar one way) and then go to the concert which was across from the train station, and come back home. I had been to CHicago on the train with my parents a lot, and i knew where the theatre was, so I was feeling pretty worldly. Big flaw in our plan was my mom found the tickets, knew she told me I could not go, and knew that there was no way to get back home after the concert as the trains stopped after 10 pm. My friend and I were grounded for a month except for school. No phone, no TV, and my portable record player got confiscated as well.
    My first actual concert I attended was the Doobie brothers, in the later 70's. Couldn't figure out the odd smelling smoke.
    When my boys were in high school, their marching band raised money buy running one of the concession stands at the Orlando arena. They had to have adults there to serve the beer and deal with the $$, so I volunteered a lot on the weekends, and got to see a good chunk of concerts after the intermissions. Especially loved Rod Stewart, Ricky Martin and Cher, and went deaf from screaming girls at the Back STreet boys and In Sync. The worst behaved crowds were Jimmy Buffet fans..the partying started in the parking lot hours before.
    My favorite concerts I attended was the Elton John/ Billy Joel duo, my boys got me tickets for Xmas and went with me. We were a little worried about the seats because all they could afford was off to the back side of the stage, but they actually were so close and unobstructed; and I went with a friend to see George Michael about 10 years ago when he had a comeback much fun!
    PS: I finally saw the Monkees (without Michael) in 2012 with my sister in Detroit, it was just a few months before Davy passed away.

  6. After waiting for 28 years, I saw The Police in Melbourne 2008, carrying Steward Copeland's flag that travelled around the world, signed by us, his fans, and he knew who had the flag, waving it, he looked for it, pointed at the carrier - me! 7 rows from the front. Four points from the stage at me. The coolest drummer in the world. That flag with the symbol of his web site on front, the back covered in our signatures, hanging up in his studio. Yes a part of me is in his studio. Best moment ever! On the MCG first concert to be played there in ten years. Then last year saw Les of the Bay City Rollers for the first time. 42 years later....