May 18, 2018

To Prince or Not to Prince......

So, the Royal Wedding is planned for tomorrow and not doubt there will be millions of eyes glued to the TV or phone or some other electronic device as it is streamed live...

There appears to be two camps...lovers and loathers.

I'm probably somewhere in the middle. I've never really cared one way or another, since I'm something of a horse enthusiast and a tom-boy, more interested in jeans and T-shirt that dresses and tiaras. I've never quite understood the reverence given to royalty or celebrities, and have never gone ga-ga over movie stars. So not loathing. just a kind of indifference I'm sure is shared by others. Which means I won't be switching the TV onto Megs & Harry's big day tomorrow, although I'm sure I will spot snippets through various media forms.

However, it occurred to me that I do like the occasional royal romance movie.

Of course, the Princess Diaries.....
I love the nerdy Ann Hathaway and of course, Julie Andrews (who will always be Maria Von Trapp to me)

Ever After....
Once of my favorite tellings of Cinderella.....

The Princess Bride....
No royal movie list would be complete without this classic tale.....

And my favorite!
Roman Holiday.....
I love the chemistry between Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck....

Do you have a favorite royal movie?

And will you be watching tomorrow's big event?


  1. Hey Helen. I have always adored anything to do with the royal family despite not being a royalist - roll on the republic! But I freaking LOVE a royal engagement/wedding/baby, so I will be watching for sure!

    1. Hah - I hear ya! I am a teensy bit interested in the dress...and seeing Harry in a suit :)

  2. Can't think of any other royal movies. I don't really watch many movies; prefer talk shows with comedians/favourite actors as guests.

    I will be taping all the pomp and circumstance so that I can fast-forward through what I think is boring. It starts at 4 am here and I plan on sleeping through the majority of it. Yes, I'm sure "highlights" will be all over the Internet and television, etc. and I'll probably get sick of it, but for now I'm eager to watch all the smiles....

    1. Hi Laney - yes, I'm sure there will be lots of smiles :) I saw the news this morning and people waving Union Jack flags....will certainly be a day of celebration for the brits :)

  3. Agree, I would much rather spend the day watching those movies than getting glimpses of the wedding. Although I must say that I do like to see Princess Charlotte who seems to have already mastered that royal wave.

    1. Hi Grandma Cootie :) - yes, Charlotte is cute...and I think she has them wrapped around her finger :)