May 9, 2018

The Dressing Room list...

  I was watching something on  TV the other night (only half watching so I can't even remember the name of the show), when celebrity dressing room lists were know the ones I mean, right? One of those lists of must-haves that a celebrity demands for for their dressing room prior to a show or concert. On the program I was watching a woman who used to work as a floor manager for a TV network had to remove all the red M&Ms from the provided bowl for a celebrity interviewee.

It made me roll my eyes. What a prima donna right? Remove your own red M&Ms, you spoiled brat!


It made the childish part of me chortle in glee, and wonder what outrageousness I could get away with.

Of course I then had to create my own dressing room list for, you know, when I'm famous. ;-)  This is what I came up with:

  • Champagne: every diva needs a bottle of French bubbles to carry off the right attitude!
  • Feather boa: every diva needs a feather boa to carry off the right attitude too, right?
  • Pizza: don't worry, the weight of my outrageous ego will help me burn the calories
  • Donuts: simply because life is better with donuts
  • A large vase of orange roses: obviously red roses are too predictable ;-)
  • A masseur: as I'm going to be stressed making sure all of my demands have been met, a massage will help me relax
  • A comfy lounge: this diva is going to need somewhere to stretch her precious limbs
  • An iPod loaded with ABBA songs: because ABBA songs are the best (and don't forget the iPod dock, wiseguy, or your boss will hear about it) ;-)

You have to play along now too, of course! What outrageous demands would you make if you were a diva celebrity? 


  1. This is going to be fun although what I would want is taking a bit of thinking :)

    Moscato for me
    Cadbury chocolate
    Pepsi Max
    Nibblies dips etc
    I would love a recliner
    My kindle charged of course

    Other than that I don't know :)

    Have Fun


    1. I know what you mean, Helen -- it took me some time too. :-)

      And I just thought of another one: Actor Richard Armitage reading my romance novel of choice aloud to me. What fun that would be!

  2. Pizza (but only from my favorite place in Wisconsin.)
    Dove Milk Chocolate.
    Mini Vanilla cupcakes with Cream cheese frosting and strawberry filling.
    A Frozen Margarita machine.
    A big comfy couch with reclining seats and a pair of noise cancelling headphones.
    12 kittens.....or puppies....or a mix. Just because.

    1. Ooh, Laurie! Great minds... I originally had a puppy on my list for cuddling and fun, but then I thought I might be taken to task for being irresponsible (a puppy's not just for Christmas etc). BUT a mix of 12 kittens and puppies would be just perfect! :-)

  3. It made perfect sense, Lyn. And I like the logic behind it. Now wondering if I can create a character who does such a thing! :-D

  4. I actually don't like the flavor of red m&ms

  5. Then the bowl of M&Ms in your dressing room, Laurie, will contain no red M&Ms, while my bowl will contain only orange M&Ms! ;-)

  6. Definite champagne, Michelle. And chocolate, pastries, and music.

    1. I consider them all minimum diva requirements, Sue! ;-)

  7. I don't think I would make a very good diva. All I could think of was tea and chocolates. Easily pleased.

    1. I'll confess that tea and chocolates make me pretty happy too, Veronica. Let's just throw in a beautiful cashmere throw rug in there too...just for the luxury. :-)

  8. Michelle, I must be missing the diva gene because I couldn't actually think of any outrageous demands. Think I'll just borrow yours!

    1. LOL, Kandy -- feel free to borrow at will! Also, I'll add in a table full of glossy magazines, just for you, as I know you'll appreciate them. :-)