Aug 31, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name - My name is Calvin Cool Consent . . . but people call me Cal

Abode - I live in a big paddock with my mum Cassie and two other horses

Human Slave - Helen Lacey

Likes - I like dinner time and morning time when I can run around really fast and kick up my back legs

Dislikes I don't like the Plovers who swoop at me sometimes when I get to close to their nest. And I don't like ducks either. I really don't think I like any birds cos' they poop on my back sometimes.

Ambition - to grow up and become a good cutting and team penning horse for my human slaves' DH

Sociable or Aloof - Mum says I'm very sociable. And my human slaves are always brushing me and picking up my feet and telling me how cute I am.

Favourite Pastime - Listening to my mum tell me stories about when she was a racehorse and used to win lots of races

Best Friend - my best friend is Red, he's a big chestnut Thoroughbred that also belongs to my human slave and he plays with me when my mum won't because she's old and cranky(am I allowed to call my mum old?)

What do you like to sharpen your claws on - I don't think I have claws. . . . I better ask my mum.


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Aug 30, 2010

We're Welcoming A New LoveCat - Party Time!

We have a brand new LoveCat and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Sue Mackay, Medical author, has joined the pride (though the more astute of you may have noticed that her first cover has been in the 'coming soon' slide show for a little while now. ;)

Sue is from New Zealand and has settled right in with the Cats. She said:

"As the newest member of the LoveCats Downunder it's time to introduce myself. I live in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds on the South Island of New Zealand. From our expansive deck we overlook the water and the beach. Entertainment is often provided by people driving their vehicles so far into the water to launch their boats that we wonder if they're driving to the fishing grounds. Our tractor is well sought after at these times. Our house is surrounded on three sides by bush, and the bird life is wonderful. Wood Pigeons and Tui are my favourite to watch, though the Quail are cute - when they're not digging up the vegetable garden.

"Everyone says that I have the perfect place to write my books, and that I must be inspired by the ever changing view. But the truth is that I sit in an office at the back of the house and hardly ever look outside. Unfortunately there are no six foot, dark haired heroes striding along the sand. Otherwise I'd set up my computer on the deck and get absolutely no work done.

"I'm very excited about my first book coming out, and every day I rush down to greet the postie, ever hopeful that the first copy has arrived. Any day now."

To celebrate, we're giving away a great big bundle of books!
Sue Mackay Their Marriage Miracle
Michelle Douglas The Cattleman, The Baby and Me
Sharon Archer and others The Best Love Stories of 2010
Rachel Bailey At The Billionaire's Beck And Call?
Mel Teshco Ice Cold Lover
Tracey O'Hara Blame It On The Moonlight
Emily Gee The Earl's Dilemma

All you need to do is tell us what you're looking forward to - spring / autumn? A new release by a favourite author? The weekend? Whatever it is, tell us and we can look forward to it with you. Good luck!

Aug 28, 2010

A Forbidden Trailer for Caturday!

Instead of a game today, I thought I'd show you a fab trailer for the launch party for Forbidden. Christina Phillips is holding a mammoth party for her first book, with some of my fave authors blogging, plus some of our own Lovecats. There will be lots of book giveaways (including my Sept/Oct release, At The Billionaire's Beck And Call?) and much fun to be had.

I haven't read this book yet, but the hero is a Roman soldier, the heroine is a Druid priestess and it's smokin' hot. What's not to love? I can't wait to get a copy. :)

Aug 25, 2010

Romance in All its Forms

There is nothing like being part of a romance writers conference to highlight romance, big time. I'm not talking a 'gaggle' (thanks Tracie for that word) of writers talking over the top of each other to give their opinion on romance. I'm talking the few lucky women who were able to take their husbands with them, most notably to the awards dinner night. There were some real tear jerker moments, some of which I won't mention because they were so achingly personal. The LoveCats, Sharon Archer had her husband with her on the night, (note picture on left) and her special thank you to him was so very romantic. *sigh* Guess I'm a teary sort of gal =)
Anyway, this brings me to romance, in all its glorious forms - well the romance I share with my husband. He isn't a flowers and chocolates sort of a guy. But he's the biggest kind of romantic in other ways. Building a patio so I can sit outside and listen to the rain. Turning the hole in the ground amongst the jungle (that was my front garden) into a huge fishpond complete with dragon fountain, waterfall and coloured lights. Installing my kitchen complete with dishwasher (fainting with delight here!!) so I have more time to write. Building a deck onto the pool to overlook our paddock - great writing area - and then fixing the endless problems to the 'damn' swimming pool because I adore swimming.
These are just some of the wonderful things that come to mind. I didn't mention all the times he's looked after our children while I go to conferences or when I need to write
Yes, my husband definately isn't a romantic in the traditional sense, but wow, I think he just might be romantic!!!

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Yammie

Abode: Bed, couch, tv cabinet, slave's lap while she's writing.

Human Slave: Mel Teshco

Likes: My slave, she spoils me rotten. Of course there's food, attention, sleeping, food...sleeping.

Dislikes: Ginny, the ginger cat who sometimes attacks me, the big black dog that I *have* to live with.

Ambition: Sleeping for as many hours as possible.

Sociable or Aloof: Sociable. I *mostly* come when a human calls me. *sniff*

Best Friend: Mishi, she's a tabby like me. Luckily for me Ginny mostly stalks her now. I also love Miss Three, I used to stand up and cuddle her with my front paws when she cried-I hate to see her upset.

Most embarrassing moment: I used to have almost fatal fits, but now my slave has changed my diet and eased my stress levels (I'm sensitive ya know) I haven't had one in months.

Aug 22, 2010

The sword IS mightier than the pen!

Fanny Hill by John Cleland

Dr Who

Listening to: Bach

Making me smile: The sunshine and the flowers. Spring is arriving!

Two weekends ago, at the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Coogee, I attended the best workshop EVER. The workshop was How to stage a fight scene, presented by Ray Floro, and it was as fascinating as it was side-splittingly funny. Yes, I know, there's nothing funny about maiming and killing people -- except that Ray Floro had us in gales of laughter as he showed us how to do gruesome things to the characters in our books.

At one point, Ray demonstrated that a sword (well, a machete) IS mightier than a pen, by attacking an uncooked leg of lamb with a number of implements. The depth that the pen went into the lamb was sobering, the wound caused by the knife made us cringe -- but the machete ... let's just say that the leg of lamb didn't fare very well.

I'm now bursting with all sorts of anti-social information, from the best way to strangle or garotte someone to a rudimentary understanding of knife-throwing (thanks to a quick session with Ray after the workshop). Thanks, Ray Floro. That was the best workshop ever!

Do you like fight scenes in books or movies? I confess, I'm a martial arts movie junkie...

Aug 18, 2010


What I am listening to: Pearl Jam
What I am reading: Marriage Reunited and Night's Cold Kiss (of course!)
What I am watching: Foyle's War
Making me smile: TWO LoveCat RuBYs.

Last Saturday night was terrifically exciting with two LoveCats winning rubies. Tracey won the 'Romantic Book of the Year' romantic elements and Sharon won the Short Sweet category. I knew you’d all be dying to know the back stories of these particular wins so here are these superb authors to answer some questions.

Tracey, tell us what inspired this book
The first scene came to me one day – the heroine creeping through an abandoned warehouse with ninja sword drawn. But I pictured her from high in the rafters and knew this was the hero’s pov. I could tell he wasn’t human, and could almost hear his thoughts running through my head. This beginning has been the one thing to remain remained constant through the many rewrites.

This can be a tough business. Would you like to share a dark moment in your writing career and how you overcame this to go on to such a spectacular achievement?
There are a few people in RWA who witnessed my big black writing moment. It was after the 2006 RWA conference and I was tired, overwhelmed and totally over it all. I’d seen at the conference that this writing business was harsh and hard work and at that moment I didn’t think I had enough talent or stamina. I went out to dinner with several of my new writing friends and vowed I was giving up writing forever.
Giving up lasted 2 weeks before I cracked and entered the Emerald with my half finished NCK. I then had to work like mad to write the remaining 60K in 8 weeks which was just as well because it went on to be shortlisted, final and take third place.

We'll all be looking out for your next book. Tell us a little about it.
Book 2 of the Dark Brethren series is out this coming February and is called DEATH’S SWEET EMBRACE. You can find out more information on my website

Let us bask a little in your fantastic success, how did you feel to hear your name being called out!
I was stunned. Totally. There is no other word for it. You know when you just think you heard your name, but are not sure – that was me. People tell me the room erupted in cheers – I never heard a thing. And I’d been so convinced that I wasn’t going to win because of the amazing talent I was up against, I didn’t have anything prepared. I thanked my husband and my agent for their support.
Now – looking back – I can think of a host of things I’d have liked to have said. But hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Very importantly, where are you going to put your Ruby?
It’s next to my computer so I can look at it in those deep dark writing moments and know I can do it.
The two RuBY Lovecats clutching thier fabulous trophies

Sharon, where did inspiration for this book come from?
MARRIAGE REUNITED started with a kiss. I was playing with the idea of a kiss in a first chapter and I thought it'd be interesting if the characters had history. I set out to explore their back-stories and realised it was a marriage-in-jeopardy story. When I wrote the kiss scene - which occurs after they've separated and Jack returns having been away for several months - I “discovered” that Liz was pregnant! It came as a complete surprise to me - and Jack! And from there, Liz and Jack began to reveal their story.

Tell us about the hero and heroine
I love Liz and Jack – especially Jack! He has very traumatic reasons why he doesn’t want to be a father – but when he discovers Liz is pregnant, he wants to do the right thing. Liz, on the other hand, doesn’t want a “duty” father for her child – she thinks she’s doing the right thing keeping Jack at a distance. She has things to face and learn about her past before she can be truly open to love and her future with Jack.

Please share “THE MOMENT” with us.
The Awards Night at the conference was HUGE! And exciting and overwhelming! When my name was read out as the winner for the “Short and Sweet” section of the RuBY, I was hot and cold all over and shaky and teary! I'm still amazed that I didn't dissolve into sobs of happiness! It’s an unbelievable honour to be following in the footsteps of much-loved authors who have won this award!

And where’s your RuBY going?
At the moment it’s sitting in the middle of the dining table and I rather like it there! It's so gorgeous that I smile at it every time I walk past..... which is pretty darned frequently! I’m wearing a track in the carpet!

What's next for you this year?
This year... I hope to sink myself and my muse into book number five. I’m meeting my characters at the moment and I’m hoping they’ll be as co-operative as Liz and Jack!

Many thanks to Sharon and Tracey for this interview and for writing such brilliant books for us all to enjoy. Please feel free to post your own questions to these very talented writers.

Catwalk Wednesday

Name Oliver. Olivander. Ollie.

Abode I live in a house in the trees with my humans. Unfortunately, three other dogs live there with us.

Human Slave Rachel Bailey

Likes Chocolate and cream. Neither of which I get because they're apparently bad for dogs, but I'm optimistic that one day it will happen, so I always keep an eye out. I do get a box of dog chocolates every Christmas though, which is nice.

Getting up on the human bed with the female human in the mornings. The male human gets up early and takes all the black and white dogs with him, leaving just the two of us to catch a few more minutes sleep in the peace and quiet.

Dislikes Kefuffles. I hate it when the other dogs run or get excited. When the human hits tennis balls for the Border Collies, I try to get out of the way and be inconspicuous.

Ambition A nice, calm, peaceful life. Preferably where I'm an only dog.

Sociable or Aloof Well, I don't actually like other dogs. Or cats. Or most humans. But there is a select group of humans I like (about 7) and with them, I let down my guard and am very sociable. The word "sooky" has been used about me, but I'm not sure what it means.

Night Owl or Early Bird Definitely not an early bird (see note above about sleeping in). And if the female human has a deadline and works late at night, I wait up with her, so I guess I can be a night owl.

Favourite Pastime When the Border Collies play tennis with the humans, Fergus and I wander through the bush and sniff things. Sometimes we find trails where uncivilized animals have been the night before. Sometimes we find a brush turkey.

But my favourite of all things to find is a lizard or a snake. I *love* reptile watching. On lucky days, we get a gecko in the house and I can sit and stare at it for hours. I don't try and hurt them (usually), I just like to watch and smell them. My humans think it's useful, because when we have a snake in the house, they see me watching it and they take it outside.

Favourite Toy I have a fluffy black teddy bear that I love to death. Literally. The human only gives it to me for short periods of time, and under supervision. But, really, if it's *my* teddy and I want to pull out the eyes and chew off the ears, shouldn't I be allowed to?

Best Friend You mean another dog? I don’t like dogs. Or cats. Or most humans. See above.

Most embarrassing moment I had cancer under my arm a few years ago and, after the surgery, I had to have special bandaging that went over my shoulder and down to my toes. It was replaced every two days and I was very embarrassed having it done, and walking around like that. I'm sure the other dogs were laughing at me.

Special Skill I can leap like a racehorse. I tuck up my front feet and I sail through the air. I have to be very excited to do it though. Say, if one of my humans walks me up the top of our hill and I hear the other human come outside the house and call me, I run very fast down the hill and leap over fallen trees as I go. It's exhilerating!


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Aug 15, 2010

Lovecat success at RuBY's

Congratulations to Tracey Sommers (O'Hara) and Sharon Archer who took out the 'Romantic Book of the Year' romantic elements and short sweet catgeories at the RomanceWriters of Australia annual conference at Coogee, Sydney on Saturday night.

Sharon with Lovecat Rachel Bailey

Tracey relaxing after the Awards

Watch out for an interview with the RuBY award winning Lovecats on Thursday.

Woo hoo, ladies!

Aug 12, 2010

Lovin’ me some Series

Reading: Risky Engagement by Merline Lovelace
Watching: Chuck
Listening to: The Best of Lisa Gerrard
Making me smile: the gifts hubby gave me for my birthday

Well, all my fellow LoveCats are off to have a fabulous time at the RWAus Conference…just little ole me to hold the fort. To keep myself busy (and not wishing I was at conference too) I’m going to do a little reading.

One thing I’ve always loved about category books are the linked series and continuities. You can keep revisiting a place or characters you love many times. You can follow families, watch a couple fall in love, watch kids grow up and then get their own happily-ever-afters.

The eHarlequin site has recently been revamped. A new feature I absolutely love is the easy way to find books that belong to featured miniseries. All the imprints have some great series to check out.

Using this new feature, I was thrilled to discover a series I have loved for many years had a new book out in June that I had missed. I’ve mentioned my love for the romantic suspense series CODE NAME: DANGER before. It’s by Merline Lovelace and the new installment is called Risky Engagement. I’m definitely downloading to my Kindle! If you love action, adventure and romance, then check out the series.

The Aussie Mills and Boon site doesn’t have the miniseries feature but under certain books, it will list what series the books belong to. If you check out LoveCat Nikki’s book, you’ll see its part of the series Outback Baby Tales.

If anyone has any other category series they love, then let me know. I need to keep very busy reading this weekend!

Aug 11, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Simba (my slaves didn’t call me that, it was given to me by the RSPCA.

Abode: Usually the slaves’ bed or one of the small tail-puller’s beds.

Human Slave: Craig, the man who thinks my woman (Rachael) is his woman.

Likes: Exiting the house via the bathroom window at 3am in the morning.

Dislikes: The Human Slaves’ big boisterous Old English Sheepdog who finds pleasure in licking me for long minutes at a time. Also the three small tail-pullers that live with us.

Ambition: To get rid of all other males in the house so I have my woman all to myself.

Sociable or Aloof: Socialable if it suits me. I’m always up for a cuddle when Rachael lies down in bed to read a good book.

Favourite Pastime: Sleeping of course.

Best Friend: My woman.

What do you like to sharpen your claws on: The carpet, the furniture, the chair, anything to wake up Craig, who’ll then let me out of the window.

Aug 9, 2010

Girly-Girl Delights

by Michelle Douglas

I've never been much of a girly-girl. I grew up more of a tomboy. I preferred riding my bike and making cubby houses with my little sister than playing with dolls (oh and reading. I did a LOT of reading).

I was late coming to clothes and make-up too. As a cash-strapped uni student, I wore a lot of black (hey, it could take a girl from day to night without too much hassle) and I preferred to spend my money on books (and food!) than on lipstick and eye shadow or long sessions at the hairdresser's.

I have to say that books and food are still higher on m

y lists of priorities than clothes, make-up and trips to the hairdresser. However, I have just made the girliest of girly-girl discoveries:


Before now pedicures haven't figured as even a blip on my radar, and left to my own devices I wouldn't have ventured forth to even test run one - it wouldn't have occurred to me. Oh, but what have I been missing!

Let me set the scene.

The Reason: To celebrate a friend's birthday. Four of us trekked into the salon, fresh with good cheer after a most congenial breakfast. (Frankly, if you are getting together with several friends for a few hours you are already guaranteed a fun time).

The Process: Ladies, choose your colours. We were led to a display of nail polishes. Oh my, and I do mean a display. Every colour of the rainbow and beyond beckoned to us - pinks and purples, blues and greens, bronze, silver and gold, scarlet and black... in matte or glitter. Okay, cue salivating because colour is promise. What do I want to be today - a vamp, the girl next door, a princess? I chose orange because it's fun and the best colour in the world. The others chose a seductive red, a flirty purple and a soft tantalising caramel. Sigh.

Next: We sat in a row of chairs that promptly set about massaging us as we soaked out feet in warm, scented water (we groaned our pleasure). Then the spa jets were turned on. Cue more groans. The rest of the pedicure passed in a haze of pleasure. Nails were trimmed, scrubs were used (actually, we had to hold each other's hands when the loofahs were brought to the party. Ticklish - much laughter, lots of fun), lotion liberally slathered on for foot and calf massages. Yes, it really is as good as it sounds. And then our nails were painted.

Afterwards: This is the picture we took.

Don't our feet look fabulous? My feet felt incredibly soft and smooth for days afterwards. And the flash of colour from my toenails makes me grin every time I take my shoes off! Seriously, the only thing missing from the whole experience was champagne, but we know better for next time.

Ooh yes, there will be a next time. This has to become a regular part of my life. Totally indulgent, totally impractical and totally fun. So do you have any other indulgent tips for this reformed-tomboy, girly-girl-in-the making? I'm starting to wonder what else I've been missing?

Aug 5, 2010

LoveCat on a Hot Tin Roof!

by Sharon Archer

Reading: My revisions!

Listening: Cher

Watching: New Tricks DVD

Making Me Smile: Seven Sleeps to go!

Seven sleeps and I’ll be off to the Romance Writers of Australia conference! I can’t wait to catch up with friends at Coogee! It’s going to be huge and there’s going to be a LOT of talking! And I’ll get to meet my fellow LoveCats – some of them for the very first time... well, face-to-face first time because we’re already firm e-friends!

AND I’m taking part in my very first book signing! The Australian Romance Readers Association is organising an event to coincide with the conference in Sydney. I’m really excited about this and more than a bit nervous too! I belatedly thought it might be a good idea to Google for tips!

I found some terrific sites – including one by Larry James. I’ve promised myself I’ll go back to study this well before I do another book signing!

Of course, I’ve left it way too late to take advantage of some of the suggestions – like promo materials. Fortunately, other clever LoveCats have thought of this so we have these LoveCat DownUnder postcards to give away. Very cool!

One of Larry’s tips – his most important - was to HAVE FUN! So I’m going to be sure to follow that one!

And because it’s all so beautifully organised by the ARRA, I don’t need to do things like make sure there’ll be somewhere for me to sit, or posters, or announcements. Another really great thing about this event is that I won’t be doing it all alone! There are more than 40 other authors – including fellow LoveCats - and I know the ARRA will have us all very well catered for.

But some other tips I found on the web were nice little extras like have a nice pen, lots of water handy and a camera!

So do you have any other tips for me? If you do, I’d love to hear them! And I’d love to see you at the signing too!

PS I also came across this fun and very clever You-Tube clip by Parnell Hall which I thought I’d share with you... I'll be going out to buy one of his books after this! Sadly, I can't sing for peanuts so I won't be able to turn my book signing experience into a You-Tube ballad - for which you should all be profoundly grateful! ;)

Blame it on the Moonlight winner

thanks to Suzi is the winner of the copy of Blame it on the Moonlight .
Suzi if you can send an email to Tracie @ traciesommers . Com (without spaces) I will arrange to get it to you.

Aug 4, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Officially my pedigree name is ‘PC Rowan’, name usually used is ‘Rodger.’

Abode: Wherever my human slaves are. I’m not fussy about bricks and mortar but take away my best friend and I’m mess.

Human Slave: Craig... ahh... Now there’s a good bloke.

Likes: Cheese – I have a knack of being able to hear the fridge being opened and the cheese being taken out even if I’m miles away. Also like hanging out under the smallest slave’s high chair for whatever he drops. Another good bloke.

Dislikes: When Mum makes stand up to get groomed.

Ambition: To sleep on the bed with the human slaves. I’m not actually allowed on the carpet but have managed to get into the slaves’ bedroom at night and sleep on the carpet next to their bed. One step at a time.

Sociable or Aloof: I’m as social as they come. Mum says I’m a little bit TOO social and that when you’re almost as big as a horse, it’s not polite to jump up on visitors.

Favourite Pastime: Trying to torment the cats next door because my cat just whacks me if I try anything.

Best Friend: Toss up between the male human slave and the cat. Although with the cat, I think it’s a one-sided love affair.

Most embarrassing moment: Knocking over a whole pot of cheese fondue just as Mum’s visitors were arriving. Whoops.

Aug 1, 2010

The eyes have it.

by Nikki Logan

This week I finally managed to find a face to fit my latest hero.

I finished watching the BBC filming of Catherine Gaskill’s ‘North and South’ and knew that my Nathan was going to be Richard Armitage.

Now, as a rule I steer away from using famous people for my inspirations because either they’re horribly cliché or they come loaded with too many preconceptions (and in the case of Armitage I was sure I’d have trouble evicting Sir Guy of Gisborne in all his leather-clad glory from my subconscious).

But…my Nathan’s so very battle-scarred from his difficult upbringing and so completely closed off to the good things in life and—page after page—something keeps coming up for him; his blazing, intense eyes.

So really… Why didn’t I think of Armitage earlier?  

Look up smouldering in the thesaurus and you’ll find brooding; sultry; Armitage. Okay, no you won’t, but perhaps in a future edition.

I’ve always considered myself a back-and-shoulders girl but I think I’ve matured into an appreciator of a good pair of peepers. There’s nothing a good simmering gaze can’t offset. In Armitage’s case he has a wonderful jawline but his lips are a little too thin and his nose a little too long to be called classically ‘handsome’. But those amazing eyes blow everything else out of the room the moment he steps into it.

Now, I’m not entirely sure I’d want to live with all that intensity (imagine facing that when you’re bickering over the remote-control) and—quite apart from anything else—every time he’d throw that molten glance my way I’d be crawling into his lap and then nothing would ever get done.
But…sigh…I do love it on a page.

For me it’s more than just windows of the soul stuff. Expressive eyes are like having a second character on the page. He can be doing one thing, saying one thing but his eyes will be doing something completely different. Adding layers to the complexity of a good character. Lying. Keeping secrets. Burning to share. Closing down. Glittering with desire. Darkening with lust. Creasing with amusement. Flaring with awareness. Bleeding with betrayal. They can be hooded, heavy-lidded, blazing, begging. Or, awfully… chilling, flat, lifeless.

For me… I’ll take ‘give me the remote or take me to bed’ eyes, any day.

Who does the best smoulder in your opinion? What fabulous potential brooders-through-time am I missing? Or are you totally over 'darkening eyes' and 'hooded gazes'?