May 14, 2018

Mother’s Day Daughter Style

Ah Mother’s Day. I’m not a big fan of the obviously commercialised days, but hey, I’m very happy to celebrate Mother’s Day.

My husband was away for the day, so my daughter took charge. First, a lovely Sea Mist and Coco Flower candle was presented to me in bed. Then I was rustled up for a walk up to the Byron Lighthouse in the gorgeous sunshine. The water was so clear, we could see around 50 dolphins riding the waves from our perch on the cliff above.

Breakfast next at one of our favourite cafés. I have been craving pancakes forever, so I indulged, as there are no calories on Mother’s Day.

Unfortunately I had to throw down a couple of hours work marking university papers, but then back to Mother’s Day schedule with a walk down our road to ‘our view’ as the sun was slipping. We collected pinecones on the way home and lit a roaring fire – the first of the season.

As I write this I’m digesting the most lovely meal. Pan-seared salmon accompanied by Asian salad and rice – all cooked by my little one who is now cleaning up the kitchen so I can write this.

Have to say, it’s been lovely. Shame we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day once a month. I could get used to this.

Anyone else have a great day yesterday?


  1. Hi Jennifer

    Your day sounds lovely :)

    I had a fabulous day on a river cruise with one of my daughters and her two sons we sailed along the Nepean River had a lovely buffet lunch and the boys got to drive the boat for a bit which they loved so yes I had a fabulous day as well :)

    I hope everyone had a fab day

    Have Fun


    1. Helen that sounds so lovely.

      Someone was telling me about boat trip you can do on the Brunswick River near us - I really should investigate!!

  2. That sounds like the almost-perfect way to spend Mothers Day, Jen! (If only you could've ditched the marking). I love that lighthouse...and I love that you had your own personal chef! :-D

    1. The fact that I'm a terrible cook coupled with the fact I don't really enjoy cooking so added to the enjoyment of being dished up such a splendid meal, Michelle.

  3. That sounds like the perfect day, Jennifer. I got a phone call from my daughter who lives many hours away, and that put a smile on my face.

  4. My daughter drove me to the closest jeans store 2.5 hours away (Long Tall Sally because I have a 36" inseam) so I could stock up on jeans before they permanently closed their stores (and only offer online purchases after Feb/19). I got seven pair. I would have only bought five, but they are $95 each and had 25% off, so why not.... The bonus was that I have been a size 20, have been an 18 for several years now, and just learned I'm down to a 16. YAY!
    Sounds like you too had a wonderful day. That's nice.