May 4, 2018

royal wedding fever

(c) Kensington Palace twitter
Who here has royal wedding fever?!  Me!  Me!  Me!

Come midday (London time) this upcoming May 19th, I will be glued to my telly to catch Prince Harry marry his Meghan.

And oh the wonderings I have. What might The Dress look like?  How far will they stray from royal protocol?  Will Harry cry?

And it got me to thinking; what makes a royal wedding feel so darned special?

The idea for my latest Harlequin Romance book sparked from an image of a runaway bride in a huuuuge dress standing in the middle of a rain-soaked country lane. Mascara stained tears wavering down her cheeks, she swears and curses and growls at her shoe which has become stuck stuck in the mud.  When the hero comes driving around the corner in a nifty little sports car and nearly runs her down...

Fun meet cute, right?

But then, for some reason, I looked over her imaginary shoulder, back in the direction from where she'd run, to find - gasp! - an honest to goodness castle!  For - oh my! - the man she had left standing at the altar, so stoic and concerned and jilted was none other than a prince!

And suddenly a perfectly fine idea became so incandescent I might have swooned.

Because Prince! Castle! Tiaras! Not one Royal Wedding but two!

Okay...  Pausing a moment here to take a breathe...

Hearing news that anyone is getting married gives me happy chills. For a wedding is a lovely thing. And its not the dress, the cake, the pretty decor (though all that is nice too).  It's the fact that two people are so in love they wish to declare their feelings, their hopes, their determination to hang onto one another through thick and thin for the rest of their lives, to everyone they know and love.

Stick all that in a fairy tale castle and suddenly its more than a romantic heart can bear.

But you know what?  Even if the royal family announced the wedding was to take place by a swamp, at midnight, dress standard: hessian sacks, I'd be cheering them Harry and Meghan on.  Because royal or no, the best thing about Harry and Meghan's upcoming big day is Harry and Meghan. How in love, how determined, how hopeful they seem.

I wish them both as much happy as they can cram into their ever after.

Will you be watching?  Do you have high hopes for the adorable couple?  What do you think Meghan's dress will look like?  Or would you prefer to eat worms than hear another word about it ;)?

(For anyone who just can't wait, my Royals of Vallemont duet - Rescuing the Runaway Bride and Amber and the Rogue Prince - is out now the world over!  Head to my website for links. xxx)


  1. Hi Ally

    Huge congrats on the release of your new books I have them waiting for me to read :)

    I do love a royal wedding and all of the pomp and ceremony that go with it I wish them very well in their life together it is not going to be easy being in the spotlight like they and I can't wait to see what her dress is like and their reactions :) as for watching maybe depends on timing but I will watch all of the highlights when they are on

    Have Fun


  2. Since we have no royalty here in the States, I have been a UK Royal watcher for years. I have already set my DVR to record pre-wedding shows for the next 2 weeks, and will be up at 4 am to watch on the day. (Wish it would be televised in totality) The Hallmark channel is running "Royal" themed movie reruns, and I am also going to watch "The Royal Wedding" with Fred Astaire and Jane Powell to get in the mood. I may even take a drive out to one of the grocery stores in the Tourist corridor of Orlando to buy some crumpets and scones at the British bakery!!! The way the world is today, we all need a little fairy tale magic!!! PS: ALly, I just ordered your duo on Amazon for my Kindle. Can't wait to read them!

    1. Laurie, I love your dedication to the cause! How nice is it to indulge in a little sparkle and light. Heck, we should indulge in that kind of thing every chance we get. Hope you enjoy every minute of the big show come this weekend.