Aug 9, 2010

Girly-Girl Delights

by Michelle Douglas

I've never been much of a girly-girl. I grew up more of a tomboy. I preferred riding my bike and making cubby houses with my little sister than playing with dolls (oh and reading. I did a LOT of reading).

I was late coming to clothes and make-up too. As a cash-strapped uni student, I wore a lot of black (hey, it could take a girl from day to night without too much hassle) and I preferred to spend my money on books (and food!) than on lipstick and eye shadow or long sessions at the hairdresser's.

I have to say that books and food are still higher on m

y lists of priorities than clothes, make-up and trips to the hairdresser. However, I have just made the girliest of girly-girl discoveries:


Before now pedicures haven't figured as even a blip on my radar, and left to my own devices I wouldn't have ventured forth to even test run one - it wouldn't have occurred to me. Oh, but what have I been missing!

Let me set the scene.

The Reason: To celebrate a friend's birthday. Four of us trekked into the salon, fresh with good cheer after a most congenial breakfast. (Frankly, if you are getting together with several friends for a few hours you are already guaranteed a fun time).

The Process: Ladies, choose your colours. We were led to a display of nail polishes. Oh my, and I do mean a display. Every colour of the rainbow and beyond beckoned to us - pinks and purples, blues and greens, bronze, silver and gold, scarlet and black... in matte or glitter. Okay, cue salivating because colour is promise. What do I want to be today - a vamp, the girl next door, a princess? I chose orange because it's fun and the best colour in the world. The others chose a seductive red, a flirty purple and a soft tantalising caramel. Sigh.

Next: We sat in a row of chairs that promptly set about massaging us as we soaked out feet in warm, scented water (we groaned our pleasure). Then the spa jets were turned on. Cue more groans. The rest of the pedicure passed in a haze of pleasure. Nails were trimmed, scrubs were used (actually, we had to hold each other's hands when the loofahs were brought to the party. Ticklish - much laughter, lots of fun), lotion liberally slathered on for foot and calf massages. Yes, it really is as good as it sounds. And then our nails were painted.

Afterwards: This is the picture we took.

Don't our feet look fabulous? My feet felt incredibly soft and smooth for days afterwards. And the flash of colour from my toenails makes me grin every time I take my shoes off! Seriously, the only thing missing from the whole experience was champagne, but we know better for next time.

Ooh yes, there will be a next time. This has to become a regular part of my life. Totally indulgent, totally impractical and totally fun. So do you have any other indulgent tips for this reformed-tomboy, girly-girl-in-the making? I'm starting to wonder what else I've been missing?


  1. Michelle, I love that pic! And I have to say I adored my first pedicure. Enjoying the experience with others was such enormous fun. Like you, I was late coming to some of the girly things and I'm astonished to think I might have missed out on this delight if it weren't for my good friends. Roll on next time!

  2. Hi Annie,

    Isn't that pic fabulous -- makes me grin like a loon whenever I see it. So glad you enjoyed your first pedicure. Like you, I'm hanging out for my second pedicure experience too :-)

  3. Michelle, that experience sounds absolutely divine!!!
    I've had one pedicure at a mum's retreat years ago (whose kid's had various illnesses) and it was wonderful. Must do it again sometime soon =)

  4. Oooo, your pedicure sounds divine! I haven't tried one of those so I'll put it on my wish list. Hey, you girls must be sure to show us your gorgeous toes at the conference!

    see you soon!

  5. Mel, a mum's retreat -- what a brilliant idea! Pedicures would be perfect for that. I hope you treat yourself to another one soon -- they really are the most heavenly things.

  6. Sharon, I promise, once you've tried one you'll be hooked. If you can, drag a few girlfriends along -- it's even more fun in a crowd.

    And oh yes, I will definitely be showing them off at the conference (so exciting, it's almost here)!

  7. I'm with the never-had-a-pedicure crew. Every time I try a girlie thing (facial, massage) I end up not enjoying it, but that pedicure looks promising... (Rachel blinks and looks around for a crowd to drag with her.)

  8. Ooh, Rachel, can you imagine a group LoveCats pedicure? I'm thinking there'd be much purring.

    Hmm we've probably left it a little late this year, but... what are we all doing the day before the conference next year :-)

  9. This looks FABULOUS, Michelle! I've never had a pedicure or manicure or facial or any of that girly stuff, but I've secretly been wanting to try because it sounds so deliciously pamper-y. I'll go with you Rachel, if you want a pedicure pal! Yes, LoveCats one before conference next year sounds like a Plan.

  10. Emily, it really is such a lovely treat. I predict that if you and Rachel go, you'll be as eager for your next one as I am.

    Also, my writing and I work on a bribery system -- finish the first 3 chapters/the sagging middle/the first draft of the book and you can have coffee and cake/a trip to the bookstore/a pedicure. Am thinking the thought of another pedicure will be a particular incentive :-)