Aug 11, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Simba (my slaves didn’t call me that, it was given to me by the RSPCA.

Abode: Usually the slaves’ bed or one of the small tail-puller’s beds.

Human Slave: Craig, the man who thinks my woman (Rachael) is his woman.

Likes: Exiting the house via the bathroom window at 3am in the morning.

Dislikes: The Human Slaves’ big boisterous Old English Sheepdog who finds pleasure in licking me for long minutes at a time. Also the three small tail-pullers that live with us.

Ambition: To get rid of all other males in the house so I have my woman all to myself.

Sociable or Aloof: Socialable if it suits me. I’m always up for a cuddle when Rachael lies down in bed to read a good book.

Favourite Pastime: Sleeping of course.

Best Friend: My woman.

What do you like to sharpen your claws on: The carpet, the furniture, the chair, anything to wake up Craig, who’ll then let me out of the window.


  1. Hello Simba, you gorgeous cat. Your colouring reminds me of a cat I once had. You look as though you'd be a great match for that Old English Sheepdog. Don't miss your woman too much when she's away at the conference - we'll take care of her!

  2. Simba, you look very smug and comfortable in that photo of you on the bed! You've obviously fallen on your feet with your adoring human slaves!
    Nice to have you visit on the LoveCats!

  3. Simba, you weren't sniffing those flowers in the photo, were you? You were about to eat them or pull them out of the vase and trail water all over the table.

    I've tried that myslef on a few occassions - great fun! :-D Roahw!

    Your feline friend in mischief,
    (Kylie's cat)

  4. Simba, tabby's are my favourite cats and gingers and...and...and!! LOL.
    Great photo with the flowers btw =)