Aug 25, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Yammie

Abode: Bed, couch, tv cabinet, slave's lap while she's writing.

Human Slave: Mel Teshco

Likes: My slave, she spoils me rotten. Of course there's food, attention, sleeping, food...sleeping.

Dislikes: Ginny, the ginger cat who sometimes attacks me, the big black dog that I *have* to live with.

Ambition: Sleeping for as many hours as possible.

Sociable or Aloof: Sociable. I *mostly* come when a human calls me. *sniff*

Best Friend: Mishi, she's a tabby like me. Luckily for me Ginny mostly stalks her now. I also love Miss Three, I used to stand up and cuddle her with my front paws when she cried-I hate to see her upset.

Most embarrassing moment: I used to have almost fatal fits, but now my slave has changed my diet and eased my stress levels (I'm sensitive ya know) I haven't had one in months.


  1. Yammie, I wish I had a tabby like you to sit on my lap as I write! I have a houseful of dogs (who you probably would like about as much as you like your big black dog) but a nice, warm, intelligent cat like you would be lovely on my lap in winter...

    I *love* that you cuddle Miss Three when she cries. You're clearly a superior cat.

  2. Yammie, what a striking creature you are -- I've always been extremely partial to handsome grey tabbies like you! You sound like an absolute sweetheart -- your human slave is lucky to have you!

  3. LOL - I was just about to answer on behalf of Yammie, when she jumped on my lap. She's very warm in winter, not to mention adorable. And a gentle soul, I have to say =)

  4. How beautiful are you, Yammie. And you have a gorgeously unusual name. I think you must be a very special cat to your human slave. Cath

  5. I have to agree Emily, I am very lucky to heave her =)

  6. Catherine, on behalf of Yammie again (g) She was named after a yamaha motorbike for her love of loud purring. She was originally my daughter's cat, but when she had to move I took her in =)

  7. Yammie, you have the most beautiful eyes. I'm quite jealous of them... and the fact that you keep Mel's lap warm while she's typing!

  8. I agree Michelle, they are quite beautiful. And she does make a lovely rug, especially with the rain pattering outside.