Aug 15, 2010

Lovecat success at RuBY's

Congratulations to Tracey Sommers (O'Hara) and Sharon Archer who took out the 'Romantic Book of the Year' romantic elements and short sweet catgeories at the RomanceWriters of Australia annual conference at Coogee, Sydney on Saturday night.

Sharon with Lovecat Rachel Bailey

Tracey relaxing after the Awards

Watch out for an interview with the RuBY award winning Lovecats on Thursday.

Woo hoo, ladies!


  1. Woo hoo!!!! Huge congrats, ladies. I'm so thrilled for you both.

  2. Hahaha Tracey looks EXTEMELY happy with herself! Congratulations all round!

  3. I'm so very proud of the lovecat winners - you girls rock!!!!!! And so happy to share the moment with you both =)

  4. Woohoo! Great going Sharon & Tracey!

    Nice photos!

    Can't believe the weekend is over already.

  5. Great pics!
    Congratulations Lovecats!!

  6. Hey, Nikki! Thanks for the blog newsflash! That pic of Tracey is really clever - and I agree, she does look super-pleased with herself, doesn't she, obsidiantears!

    Thanks, Anna, obsidiantears, Mel, Kylie and Bec for popping in for a quick celebrate! I'm over the moon and I know Tracey is right there in orbit with me!



  7. Hi To All here at the Love Cats,
    I do remember meeting a few of you talented and friendly ladies at the conference.
    I could not get to the awards night so belated congratulations to Tracey and Sharon.
    I'd like to say a massive thank-you becasue I was the lucky (and excited) winner of the Love cats DownUnder prize at the end of the conference with the auction/raffle.
    I was blown away with your generosity and am so going to enjoy every one of those amazing novels. Even though my 1st love is to write historical, (I have a contempory/Cat just lurking inside as well,) I also enjoy to read many authors/category as well.
    It wasn't till I was travelling home and I turned the presentation card over and found the added bonus of a 3ch critique/synopsis/query letter. I couldn't believe it. Thanks so much and I will be working very hard to make a good impression.
    (I do hope there is no immediate future time slot on that) I would want to be a little up to scratch before sending anything your way) And I know many of you would be readying your own MS that were requested at the conf.
    Thanks again and I hope to be a regular visitor here in the future.

  8. How cool that you won our prize pack, Maryde! Congratulations!

    er..... I don't think we actually discussed a time frame for the critiques... did we, fellow LoveCats?? Anyway, I think some polishing time is entirely acceptable so polish away at your manuscript diamond and we'll look forward to receiving it from you.

    And thank you for your congratulations - I think I can safely say for Tracey and myself that we're still on a huge high! :)

    We'll hear from you in the fullness of time!


  9. What fab photos Nikki - congrats again to Sharon and Tracey - what a fabulous night!!!

  10. Yay for the RubyCats! Great night, great books that won, great everything. :)

    Maryde, no rush. As Sharon said, do your polish then send over. Congrats on the win, and thanks for letting us know!