Aug 4, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Officially my pedigree name is ‘PC Rowan’, name usually used is ‘Rodger.’

Abode: Wherever my human slaves are. I’m not fussy about bricks and mortar but take away my best friend and I’m mess.

Human Slave: Craig... ahh... Now there’s a good bloke.

Likes: Cheese – I have a knack of being able to hear the fridge being opened and the cheese being taken out even if I’m miles away. Also like hanging out under the smallest slave’s high chair for whatever he drops. Another good bloke.

Dislikes: When Mum makes stand up to get groomed.

Ambition: To sleep on the bed with the human slaves. I’m not actually allowed on the carpet but have managed to get into the slaves’ bedroom at night and sleep on the carpet next to their bed. One step at a time.

Sociable or Aloof: I’m as social as they come. Mum says I’m a little bit TOO social and that when you’re almost as big as a horse, it’s not polite to jump up on visitors.

Favourite Pastime: Trying to torment the cats next door because my cat just whacks me if I try anything.

Best Friend: Toss up between the male human slave and the cat. Although with the cat, I think it’s a one-sided love affair.

Most embarrassing moment: Knocking over a whole pot of cheese fondue just as Mum’s visitors were arriving. Whoops.


  1. Roger! You're adorable!! I'd *love* you to jump up on me. =)

    (Though you might want to tell your humans that my little Fergus has just had a near death experience and had most of his pancreas taken out and the vets said that one of the common causes of pancreatitis is eating cheese and other dairy products. Such a shame since so many dogs seem to crave cheese!)

    Good luck with getting on the humans' bed. My money's on you achieving it. ;)

  2. I'd love to own an Old English Sheepdog! How big and fluffy and adorable!! But where are your eyes Rodger??? LOL

  3. Roger, what a stunner you are! Cheese fondue... what a mess that would have made. Did you get to eat it all or were you thrown outside? Good luck with your bed ambition - but just quietly, I think they'll notice if you get up there!

  4. What a handsome dog! Surely you could squeeze into a corner of the bed? You're not THAT big....

  5. Oh, Rodger, I bet you are just gorgeous to snuggle up to on a cold winter night!

  6. OOh Rachel - you are more than welcome for a visit to WA any time and I promise a HUGE snuggle. Drat, drat, double drat about the cheese but thanks for passing the info on!

  7. Mel - my eyes are actually visible at the moment, cos I'm growing my hair in again. Was a time when mum was too busy with the human slaves to groom me, so I had to look like a giant poodle for a while. Soon, I'll need a hair band to hold back my hair for sight! Rodg!

  8. Cath - you'll be pleased to know I got enough fondue on me that I got to eat quite a bit :) Rodg!

  9. Aw thanks Bec! But between you and me, I AM pretty big! Rodg!

  10. Hehe Anita! I'm actually a pretty good foot-warmer! Rodg!

  11. roger ... you naughty dog, you.

    "Toss up between the male human slave and the cat." ... you're such an alpha dog. ;-)


  12. Oh my, Mr PC Rowan, you are so very handsome! I should love to just cuddle you... and then cuddle you some more.

    I have a weakness for cheese too - camembert in particular. You obviously prefer yours melted :-) Hope there is just enough cheese in your future to keep you happy, but also healthy.

  13. You've got a gorgeous coat for winter, Rodger, but I bet you like a good clip for summer in the heat! You're obviously an excellent hoover under your little human's highchair! Just watch the cheese by the sound of it! Poor Fergus has been very unwell. Bummer that something so delicious can be so bad for a dog!

  14. Rodger, you gorgeous hunk of doghood you. Do you think your mistress would sneak you in her suitcase to Sydney? I'd love to say hello.