Aug 31, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name - My name is Calvin Cool Consent . . . but people call me Cal

Abode - I live in a big paddock with my mum Cassie and two other horses

Human Slave - Helen Lacey

Likes - I like dinner time and morning time when I can run around really fast and kick up my back legs

Dislikes I don't like the Plovers who swoop at me sometimes when I get to close to their nest. And I don't like ducks either. I really don't think I like any birds cos' they poop on my back sometimes.

Ambition - to grow up and become a good cutting and team penning horse for my human slaves' DH

Sociable or Aloof - Mum says I'm very sociable. And my human slaves are always brushing me and picking up my feet and telling me how cute I am.

Favourite Pastime - Listening to my mum tell me stories about when she was a racehorse and used to win lots of races

Best Friend - my best friend is Red, he's a big chestnut Thoroughbred that also belongs to my human slave and he plays with me when my mum won't because she's old and cranky(am I allowed to call my mum old?)

What do you like to sharpen your claws on - I don't think I have claws. . . . I better ask my mum.


WANTED: Your Pet!!
Lovecats wants YOUR pet to feature on its Catwalk Wednesday.
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  1. Gosh, Cal, you're tiny little thing! How old are you? You look like a real darling!

  2. You do look tiny Cal!! And sooooo cute!!!! You sound like one lucky guy =)

  3. I've never been a horsey girl, but Cal, you are the cutest thing! And your answers are adorable too.

    Just wait till Michelle Douglas sees you - she's gonna want to sneak you home. =)

  4. Oh Cal you ARE lovely.
    And I don't think you should be calling your mum old. Mature? Experienced?

  5. You are just gorgeous with those matching white socks, Cal. Sounds like life is pretty good - except for those pesky birds ;)

  6. Cal says - Thanks everyone for saying I'm adorable. And Emily, I'm bigger now cos' the picture was taken on my birthday 3 months ago. But I'm still cute!

  7. Oh Cal, what a stunner you are. I'm sure you'll grow up to be a fantastic cutting horse. Say hi to your human slave from the other Concord West Girl!!


  8. Oh! Oh! Oh! Cal -- I want you sooooo bad!!! 'Fraid I don't have a lovely paddock like yours to give you, though. Sighs. Best satisfy myself by sending you big cyber-cuddles.

    P.S. I'm not big on plovers either

  9. Cal, no wonder your human slave tells you that you're cute! You are just adorable! Your mum's obviously a thoroughbred but I'm just wondering if your dad might be a quarterhorse with those ambitions of yours.

  10. Cal Says - Yes Sharon, my dad is a Quarterhorse. And he has high hopes for me turning out to be like him. And my mum is a Standardbred (much less highly strung than our Thoroughbred cousins)Thanks for thinking I'm cute!