Aug 30, 2010

We're Welcoming A New LoveCat - Party Time!

We have a brand new LoveCat and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Sue Mackay, Medical author, has joined the pride (though the more astute of you may have noticed that her first cover has been in the 'coming soon' slide show for a little while now. ;)

Sue is from New Zealand and has settled right in with the Cats. She said:

"As the newest member of the LoveCats Downunder it's time to introduce myself. I live in the beautiful Marlborough Sounds on the South Island of New Zealand. From our expansive deck we overlook the water and the beach. Entertainment is often provided by people driving their vehicles so far into the water to launch their boats that we wonder if they're driving to the fishing grounds. Our tractor is well sought after at these times. Our house is surrounded on three sides by bush, and the bird life is wonderful. Wood Pigeons and Tui are my favourite to watch, though the Quail are cute - when they're not digging up the vegetable garden.

"Everyone says that I have the perfect place to write my books, and that I must be inspired by the ever changing view. But the truth is that I sit in an office at the back of the house and hardly ever look outside. Unfortunately there are no six foot, dark haired heroes striding along the sand. Otherwise I'd set up my computer on the deck and get absolutely no work done.

"I'm very excited about my first book coming out, and every day I rush down to greet the postie, ever hopeful that the first copy has arrived. Any day now."

To celebrate, we're giving away a great big bundle of books!
Sue Mackay Their Marriage Miracle
Michelle Douglas The Cattleman, The Baby and Me
Sharon Archer and others The Best Love Stories of 2010
Rachel Bailey At The Billionaire's Beck And Call?
Mel Teshco Ice Cold Lover
Tracey O'Hara Blame It On The Moonlight
Emily Gee The Earl's Dilemma

All you need to do is tell us what you're looking forward to - spring / autumn? A new release by a favourite author? The weekend? Whatever it is, tell us and we can look forward to it with you. Good luck!


  1. A big welcome to Sue, glad you are here. I'm looking forward to fall, it's my favorite time of year. I'm already going through my boxes of Halloween and fall decorations to see what I can start putting out. I'm also looking forward to everybody in my family getting well. My dad just got out of the hospital and into a nursing home. My mother was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago and my youngest daughter has been sick for a week with a high fever on and off that they just call a viral infection. She's finally better today. I just want them all to get well. That's what I'm looking forward to the most.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  2. Hi Linda! I love the term fall. In Australia, we only ever call it autumn, but then we don't have many trees who lose their leaves and give the "fall" effect.

    What a rough time your family has had health-wise! I'll say a prayer / whisper some words to the universe that everyone in your family gets well and *soon*. (((Hugs))) for you in the middle of all the stress.

    Thanks for popping by to welcome our new LoveCat!

  3. Hi Sue,
    Hope you enjoy the Love Cats!! I had to go look up a Tui - I have some resident wattlebirds that look similar and are among my favourite birds. One hangs outside my window underneath the shadecloth and picks it clean of bugs. It's brilliant to watch.

    I love summer... so I'm looking forward to the end of winter, the coming of spring and then summer!

    See you later Love Cats :-)


  4. Hi Cath! I have a set of coasters that I bought on holiday in NZ once, and they have lovely photos of native NZ birds, so I often ponder their loveliness over a cup of tea. :)

    Oh, yes, I'm looking forward to the end of winter too!

  5. Yay Sue on your writing sucess. Gotta say, well deserived, madam!


  6. Hi Jane! Great to see you. And yep, isn't it fabulous about Sue's first book coming out? Can't wait to get a copy!

  7. Rach and Cath, I'm going to add my desperate need for warmer weather. Wednesday is the first day of spring and I think I started counting down back in June *grin*.

    ~squeee~ Sue. I hope your postie delivers that parcel to you soon!! So excited for you.
    Hugs A

  8. Anita, yes, warmer weather will be most welcome! Funny that Linda was looking forward to fall, and we can't wait for spring. =)

  9. A *huge* welcome Sue to the LoveCats!! So lovely to meet you at the conference =)
    Your area sounds so lovely!
    What a nice pride of kitty's we have now...

  10. Mel, yes, isn't our pride looking fab? And so nicely distributed across the category lines! =)

  11. Hi there everyone
    Thanks for dropping by and supporting me on this first of, I hope, many blogs.
    It is fabulous to belong to such a great group of "Cats", and I really enjoyed meeting those I didn't know while at the Australian conference. The best experience, that was. Especially sharing the dinner table with two Ruby winners. awesome.

  12. Sue! You're here for your party! (Sue's been having some technical problems and we were beginning to wonder if the gods of technology would ever let her post.)

    Sue, here, have a glass of cyber champagne and pull up a chair. Everyone's so glad to have you join the pride!

  13. I have to say I'm looking forward to Sue's book coming out - so cool when its one of us with a book on the shelves. Actually, its quite unreal in many ways. Mega congrats, Sue!! (and hi Rachel!)

  14. Hi Jo! Thanks for coming out to celebrate Sue's first release and her joining LoveCats. You're so right - it's unreal in many ways. =)

    Grab and drink and stick around!

  15. Hey, new LoveCat! Raising a glass of cyber-bubbly in your honour, Sue! It's great to have you out on the blog.

    Where you live sounds gorgeous. I've been through the Sounds on the Cook Strait ferry quite a few times now and it's a beautiful part of the world.

    Beach watching just in case there's inspiration striding along the sand would be a great way to procrastinate... (cough) I mean, do research, of course!

  16. Hi Sharon! I'd offer you some champagne to get into the party spirit, but you'd probably prefer a glass of red, yes? =)

    And, hey, isn't it exciting to have another medical author on LoveCats?

  17. Hi Sue,

    I bet you're still on Cloud 9 with your soon-to-be released book! :-) Welcome to the LoveCats and the world of on-line activities *lol*.

    What am I looking forward to? Well, it's been and gone all too quickly - romance writers conference season. I love that time of year meeting up with my friends in Oz & NZ, and now I can add the USA to that list. Guess I'll just have to look forward to next year!


  18. Kylie! So good of you to come to the party. =)

    Ah, the conference season - much fun. But we need to start planning some things (like air fares) this far ahead anyway, so I think it's a perfectly reasonable thing to be looking forward to already. See you there!

  19. Wow, what a party. Yes, a glass of cyber bubbles would be great too. Has to be cyber only at the mo, but I have celebrated all the steps along the way from the CALL.
    Yes, Kylie, still on Cloud 9 and I don't intend getting off for a while yet.
    Jane, great to see your message. Glad we caught up in Sydney - amongst all those Wallabies. Ha, most conference goers don't realise they missed out on seeing all those hunks on the Monday.
    Cath, great to hear from you. Our Tui is pretty special, and has a white patch on its throat.
    Carry on partying everyone. I think I'm getting the hang of this.
    Sharon, we don't seem to get get beach bodies out here, and especially today when it is so darned cold. There must be snow in the air somewhere.
    Linda, hi and I'm hoping your family has a reprieve from all those health issues. I remember the wonderful colours of 'Fall" from when I lived in Canada. Amazing.
    Howdy Jo. Missed you at NZ conference. It's never the same without you.
    Thanks for the welcome Mel. It was wonderful meeting you in Sydney. Here's to many happy blogging hours with all the "Cats".
    Anita, I think the postie is a bit confused about all the fuss. Of course he doesn't get it. Maybe I'll give him a book when he delivers them.

  20. Wow, Sue, when you come out of hiding, you *really* come out! That was a mammoth comment. =)

    I'm holding my glass of bubbles up to yours and toasting to many happy hours of blogging too!

  21. Hey there Sue. Great to see you here. I hadn't heard of the Lovecats but they all appear to be purrty friendly. Can't believe you have your cover already. It looks fantastic.

  22. Hi Rowena, glad you dropped by! Since you're new, here's a glass of our special catnip - it always tastes like your favourite flavour. =)

    I agree - that cover of Sue's is stunning!

  23. Hey Sue

    So wonderful to see you here and mega congratulations on wonderful looking book. So exciting.

  24. Actually, yes to a glass of red for me, Rachel! Though I'm sure that cyber-champers wouldn't do anything so antisocial as give a LoveCat a hangover.... would it! LOL

    Actually, I meant to say about your cover, Sue - it's lovely! You got the red trim - I've soooo got my fingers crossed that I get red trim on my next one too! I could have a bad case of cover-envy if I get a different colour! ;)

  25. Ooh, pass the catnip punch so I can toast our new LoveCat -- Welcome to the tribe, Sue, it's wonderful to see you here!

    You have a deck that overlooks the water and beach? Sighing in envy here, though... you know, that sound like the perfect spot for a LoveCats writers' retreat :-)

    Hope the postie arrives with your special delivery very soon.

  26. Hey, Zana! Come and put your feet up. Here's a glass of bubbles for you!

  27. Sharon, of course LoveCat Cyber Champers wouldn't give you a hangover! Though it might make you feel like sleeping in a sunny spot...

  28. Ooooh, Michelle, what a great idea! We could all descend on Sue and soak up some of what she's having.

    [passes the catnip and joins Michelle in a toast]

  29. Congratulations on joining the Cats, Sue!! And I love your cover with that red border - is that the new look for Medicals? Hope you books arrive soon, there's nothing quite like going to bed hugging your book baby!!

  30. Hey there again
    I really like this party business.
    Zana, great to hear from you. and yes, it is allstill very exciting. And why shouldn't it be? We spend a long time getting to this point, we have to enjoy the journey.
    Sharon, not sure about the red trim thing. I only know my heroine is bloond and my hero does not have a beard. Interesting.
    Michelle, thanks for the welcome. It is a great group.
    Christina, thanks for taking the time to drop by. And yes, the first book is sooooo exciting. As will be the second, the third, ...

  31. Welcome, Sue -- lovely to have you join us! I'm looking forward to sitting on that deck of yours, sipping a glass of bubbles, and looking out over the water. That's not a hint, of course!

  32. Sue!
    So lovely to see you become a love cat. They sure know how to throw a party. I would pass you a glass of cyber champers but I have a funny little feeling I might be able to offer you the real thing in a couple of days. Can't wait to get that gorgeous book in my hand.


  33. Christina! So lovely to see you here - I am *so* excited about your blog party to launch Forbidden. See you there!

  34. Emily, that *sounded* like a bit of a hint - and that's more than fine with me! ;) I'll be sitting beside you there, one day, sipping some catnip punch. =)

  35. Barb, you'll be seeing Sue soon for bubbles? Please give her a toast on behalf of the LoveCats for her first release. =) Thanks for dropping in and celebrating with us!

  36. Another NZ lovecat - so happy to have you here Sue. It was lovely meeting you in Sydney. I love the cover on your new book. Awesome.
    And can I caome over for the bubbles too :)

  37. Tracie, yep wasn't it fun having most of the LoveCats together in Sydney? I can see another gathering forming now... on Sue's deck... with glasses of bubbly... watching the beach for signs of inspiration...

  38. Hey Sue, great to see you as our newest resident love medic. You're in great company there! Hope you enjoy the party. And wow to the cover - is that the new look for medicals? Hi to Rach too - she'll look after you :-)

  39. Oops, that last comment was me - Clare. I don't do anonymous (or quiet!) very well.

  40. Hi Sue --
    Welcome to the LoveCats! I was so sad I couldn't make conference and meet you and the other Cats...

    I'm looking forward to reading so new LoveCats books!

  41. Clare! So glad you could drop by [passes Clare a glass of catnip punch]. You know, we should ask your gorgeous Kelsey if she wants to be a Catwalk Wednesday girl...

  42. Anna, you were missed! We had a toast to you when we met in my room, but next time we'll be wanting you there in the flesh. :)

  43. I second Rachel's comment, Anna! Next time we'd like you there in person - not just in spirit!

  44. Can't wait to read that book, Sue!

  45. Sorry I'm late to the party - serious internet problems! I can't wait until I get them sorted out!! Sitting in a WIFI cafe at the mo...good excuse to people-watch and load up on caffeine. (Although I'm pretending it's champagne! - Gotta love that party spirit!)

    Sue - great to read your first blog! Looking forward to reading many more. I'm so proud of you - you are such an inspiration! Can't wait to get your lovely book in my hands!

    It was lovely to meet most of the Love Cats in Sydney too.

    Enjoy the party!
    Louise x

  46. Hi there everyone
    I see the party went on long after I'd quit for the night. Thanks for all the wonderful messages. Yes, Barb, we will be sharing a drink tomorrow night.
    Hi there to Louise, crit partner extraordinaire.
    Cheers everyone, Sue

  47. You know, I'm like the party guest that you find standing in your darkened driveway the next night after they got their dates wrong.

    I have screwy internet access at the moment and can only use my iPhone which, typically, won't let me post on the cats. Have snaffled someone elses access to come post only to find I've well and tuly missed all the action.

    Still, since I'm here I might as well help clean up.

    Hope it was a blast, Sue.


  48. Sandra, I can't wait to read Sue's book, either. I think that title, Their Marriage Miracle, is so very appealing that it'll leap off the shelf at people!

  49. Louise, it was lovely to meet you in Sydney too! And in Auckland. :)

    Bummer about the internet problems, but I love your glass-half-full solution - get wifi at cafe plus bonus people watching and caffeine!

  50. Nikki, you're not late! It's a two day party - a sleepover, in fact. This party isn't over until the book bundle has been drawn. =)

    Bummer about the access problems - you and Louise could get together for wifi cafe dates. Except you're in different countries, obviously.

  51. Hi Sue
    I like your cover and the title is interesting.

    I am looking forward to autumn(fall)weather even though Florida doesn't cool off that much in the fall. I am looking forward to some of the lastest releases such as Rachel's At the Billionaire's Beck and Call?, book 2&3 of the Silhouette Desire continuity The Dynasties: The Jarrods, new authors to the HMB family.

  52. Amanda, I think you just became my new BFF to say you're looking forward to At The Billionaire's Beck And Call?! ;) Here, have a glass of catnip punch or cyber champagne.

    You live in Florida? How cool. I think Florida has a similar climate to Queensland, where I live, so I understand your comment about not cooling off that much. But since our summers are so hot, I prefer walking on the beach in autumn and spring - you can stay out longer without getting burnt.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  53. You're welcome, Rach. Ask Sandra Hyatt how bad FL weather was when she was at RWA conference here and then drop the temperature anywhere from 5 to 20 degrees for fall.

    Here is the Avg High/Low Temp for the area that I live in:
    You might need to paste link into browser to get it to work.

    Here at 2:00am, it is 25˚C or 77˚F and it will get up to 90˚F but will feel like 96˚F.

  54. Amanda, firstly, you're up at 2am...? Gah!

    I just saw Sandra at the RWNZ conference, but we didn't get to talk about FL weather. Maybe next time.

    Hey, that was an interesting site, but it wouldn't do anywhere outside the US - I was going to show you my area for comparison. 25 degrees at 2am is pretty full on, tho.

    Hope you keep cool tomorrow!

  55. So, thanks to everyone for coming out to play at our party! Watch out on the weekend for an announcement of the winner. Good luck, party-goers!

  56. I look forward to the day My boyfriend/fiance and I are able get together and go on a real date. With him working all the time its just plain hard. We're hoping to have time this weekend. So i'm looking forward to that, because its been a long time coming.

  57. Hi Cynthia! That's a fabulous thing to be looking forward to. I'll cross my fingers that it does happen for you this weekend, and that you have a fabulous time! Thanks for dropping by to help us celebrate. =)

  58. Sue, it's a real pleasure to see a new medical author. Many congratulations on your first book, I received it today and am really looking forward to reading it!