Aug 18, 2010


What I am listening to: Pearl Jam
What I am reading: Marriage Reunited and Night's Cold Kiss (of course!)
What I am watching: Foyle's War
Making me smile: TWO LoveCat RuBYs.

Last Saturday night was terrifically exciting with two LoveCats winning rubies. Tracey won the 'Romantic Book of the Year' romantic elements and Sharon won the Short Sweet category. I knew you’d all be dying to know the back stories of these particular wins so here are these superb authors to answer some questions.

Tracey, tell us what inspired this book
The first scene came to me one day – the heroine creeping through an abandoned warehouse with ninja sword drawn. But I pictured her from high in the rafters and knew this was the hero’s pov. I could tell he wasn’t human, and could almost hear his thoughts running through my head. This beginning has been the one thing to remain remained constant through the many rewrites.

This can be a tough business. Would you like to share a dark moment in your writing career and how you overcame this to go on to such a spectacular achievement?
There are a few people in RWA who witnessed my big black writing moment. It was after the 2006 RWA conference and I was tired, overwhelmed and totally over it all. I’d seen at the conference that this writing business was harsh and hard work and at that moment I didn’t think I had enough talent or stamina. I went out to dinner with several of my new writing friends and vowed I was giving up writing forever.
Giving up lasted 2 weeks before I cracked and entered the Emerald with my half finished NCK. I then had to work like mad to write the remaining 60K in 8 weeks which was just as well because it went on to be shortlisted, final and take third place.

We'll all be looking out for your next book. Tell us a little about it.
Book 2 of the Dark Brethren series is out this coming February and is called DEATH’S SWEET EMBRACE. You can find out more information on my website

Let us bask a little in your fantastic success, how did you feel to hear your name being called out!
I was stunned. Totally. There is no other word for it. You know when you just think you heard your name, but are not sure – that was me. People tell me the room erupted in cheers – I never heard a thing. And I’d been so convinced that I wasn’t going to win because of the amazing talent I was up against, I didn’t have anything prepared. I thanked my husband and my agent for their support.
Now – looking back – I can think of a host of things I’d have liked to have said. But hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Very importantly, where are you going to put your Ruby?
It’s next to my computer so I can look at it in those deep dark writing moments and know I can do it.
The two RuBY Lovecats clutching thier fabulous trophies

Sharon, where did inspiration for this book come from?
MARRIAGE REUNITED started with a kiss. I was playing with the idea of a kiss in a first chapter and I thought it'd be interesting if the characters had history. I set out to explore their back-stories and realised it was a marriage-in-jeopardy story. When I wrote the kiss scene - which occurs after they've separated and Jack returns having been away for several months - I “discovered” that Liz was pregnant! It came as a complete surprise to me - and Jack! And from there, Liz and Jack began to reveal their story.

Tell us about the hero and heroine
I love Liz and Jack – especially Jack! He has very traumatic reasons why he doesn’t want to be a father – but when he discovers Liz is pregnant, he wants to do the right thing. Liz, on the other hand, doesn’t want a “duty” father for her child – she thinks she’s doing the right thing keeping Jack at a distance. She has things to face and learn about her past before she can be truly open to love and her future with Jack.

Please share “THE MOMENT” with us.
The Awards Night at the conference was HUGE! And exciting and overwhelming! When my name was read out as the winner for the “Short and Sweet” section of the RuBY, I was hot and cold all over and shaky and teary! I'm still amazed that I didn't dissolve into sobs of happiness! It’s an unbelievable honour to be following in the footsteps of much-loved authors who have won this award!

And where’s your RuBY going?
At the moment it’s sitting in the middle of the dining table and I rather like it there! It's so gorgeous that I smile at it every time I walk past..... which is pretty darned frequently! I’m wearing a track in the carpet!

What's next for you this year?
This year... I hope to sink myself and my muse into book number five. I’m meeting my characters at the moment and I’m hoping they’ll be as co-operative as Liz and Jack!

Many thanks to Sharon and Tracey for this interview and for writing such brilliant books for us all to enjoy. Please feel free to post your own questions to these very talented writers.


  1. Zana,
    Fantastic, "hot off the press" interview. It was such an exciting night and to hear how Tracey and Sharon felt makes it more exciting. Thanks!

  2. Yay to both of you! It was a great night.

  3. That awards night dinner was possibly the highlight of the conference for me, so many positive vibes, so much fun!
    Congratulations girls!! =)

  4. Congratulations, girls, on your RBY wins! It was a great night and so lovely to see you both clutching those wonderful trophies! Well deserved.


  5. Hey, Cath! I like that "hot off the press" bit! LOL Zana asked us some fun questions for her interview and I'm thrilled all over again seeing the pictures up on the blog!

  6. Hi Keziah! Thank you for the "yay"! It was a fab night - by the end of the evening, my face ached from all my grinning!

  7. Thank you for the congratulations, Mel! I came away from the night absolutely buzzing with the positive vibes! Er, though now I have to confess it hasn't yet morphed into anything constructive at the computer face!

  8. Hey, Annie! Thank you! The trophies are lovely, aren't they!? Very elegant... that sounds like an excuse to pass the dining table to smile at mine again... yep, that's where I'll be!

  9. Cath - thank you so much. It was great sharing the moment with my fellow lovecat Sharon :)

  10. I am so glad that you were there to share it with me - it made it all the more special.

  11. Keziah, I didn't catch up with you nearly as much as I wanted too.

  12. Annie - it was fabulous getting a huge hug from you.

  13. Waving from NZ conference. Zana and I are here with Rachel, still very proud to be lovecats

  14. Cool, Emily - I'm waving back! Have a great time at the conference! You've be chockful of motivation and inspiration for your writing - no excuses after these two weekends!

  15. Great interviews, Zana. And I just wanted to shout out another big CONGRATULATIONS!!! to both Sharon and Tracey. Seeing you both go up and collect your RBYs was one of the highlights of the conference. So proud and happy for you both!

  16. I have to say, Sharon and T, it was so obvious from your faces the thrill you both felt when your names were announced. Hugs A

  17. Michelle and Anita! Thank you for your lovely words! It was the biggest thrill! My smile muscles had a huge workout that night! LOL



  18. Coming in late after a trip to NZ for their spectacular conference, but have to cheer again for Sharon and Tracey - our Ruby Lovecats! I'm so proud of both of you! Yay!