Aug 18, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name Oliver. Olivander. Ollie.

Abode I live in a house in the trees with my humans. Unfortunately, three other dogs live there with us.

Human Slave Rachel Bailey

Likes Chocolate and cream. Neither of which I get because they're apparently bad for dogs, but I'm optimistic that one day it will happen, so I always keep an eye out. I do get a box of dog chocolates every Christmas though, which is nice.

Getting up on the human bed with the female human in the mornings. The male human gets up early and takes all the black and white dogs with him, leaving just the two of us to catch a few more minutes sleep in the peace and quiet.

Dislikes Kefuffles. I hate it when the other dogs run or get excited. When the human hits tennis balls for the Border Collies, I try to get out of the way and be inconspicuous.

Ambition A nice, calm, peaceful life. Preferably where I'm an only dog.

Sociable or Aloof Well, I don't actually like other dogs. Or cats. Or most humans. But there is a select group of humans I like (about 7) and with them, I let down my guard and am very sociable. The word "sooky" has been used about me, but I'm not sure what it means.

Night Owl or Early Bird Definitely not an early bird (see note above about sleeping in). And if the female human has a deadline and works late at night, I wait up with her, so I guess I can be a night owl.

Favourite Pastime When the Border Collies play tennis with the humans, Fergus and I wander through the bush and sniff things. Sometimes we find trails where uncivilized animals have been the night before. Sometimes we find a brush turkey.

But my favourite of all things to find is a lizard or a snake. I *love* reptile watching. On lucky days, we get a gecko in the house and I can sit and stare at it for hours. I don't try and hurt them (usually), I just like to watch and smell them. My humans think it's useful, because when we have a snake in the house, they see me watching it and they take it outside.

Favourite Toy I have a fluffy black teddy bear that I love to death. Literally. The human only gives it to me for short periods of time, and under supervision. But, really, if it's *my* teddy and I want to pull out the eyes and chew off the ears, shouldn't I be allowed to?

Best Friend You mean another dog? I don’t like dogs. Or cats. Or most humans. See above.

Most embarrassing moment I had cancer under my arm a few years ago and, after the surgery, I had to have special bandaging that went over my shoulder and down to my toes. It was replaced every two days and I was very embarrassed having it done, and walking around like that. I'm sure the other dogs were laughing at me.

Special Skill I can leap like a racehorse. I tuck up my front feet and I sail through the air. I have to be very excited to do it though. Say, if one of my humans walks me up the top of our hill and I hear the other human come outside the house and call me, I run very fast down the hill and leap over fallen trees as I go. It's exhilerating!


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  1. Hey Oliver,
    You sound like a very special dog. I am very fond of dogs who do the sleeping in thing. It is so much more civilised.

    Enjoy your reptile watching!


  2. Oliver says: Thanks, Catherine! I love my sleep ins - though my female human is away at the moment and it's just not the same. Hope she gets back soon!

  3. Hi Ollie!
    I love the sound of that sleep in, that's a special moment to be shared =)
    And I do wish I had your energy with running *sigh*

  4. Aren't you just gorgeous, Ollie. I have to agree, if it's your teddy shouldn't you be able to play whenever you want to?

  5. Yes, Anita, Ollie is gorgeous! If he was human, he'd be perfect hero material: dark and handsome, with a tortured soul.

    Give him a big hug from me, Rachel!

  6. Oliver says: Hi Mel. I do love a good run, but have to admit, I don't do it as much as my brothers and sister. I have to be in the mood. Perhaps you just need to be in the mood more?

  7. Oliver says: Thank you for the support, Anita. I'll take your comment to my humans and ask for a new judgment on the teddy issue.

    And, yes, I am gorgeous. Thank you for noticing. :)

  8. Oliver says: EMILY!!! One of the 7 humans I do like! Thank you for the hug, but remember you can come and give it to me in person again any time you want. Truly.

    Did you know I'm hero material even if I'm not human? Nikki Logan has me in a novella in the UK-only "New Voices" anthology. I can't wait for my human to tell me what I do in the story!