Mar 26, 2018

What's you jam? by Amy Andrews

My name is Amy Andrews and I'm addicted to Words With Friends. Or online Scrabble for those who dont know what it is.

I dont do these kind of puzzles/games because I have an addictive personality and I know if I start I can't stop. So this is actually fellow LoveCat Clare Connelly's fault. She coaxed me to play when I had resisted so many invitations before. And now I'm hooked.

Hooked, damn it!

Help a girl out. Do you have an online/computer game you're addicted to?  Please tell me I'm not alone...


  1. Sorry Amy no I don't they are way too time consuming for me I did years ago play Bejewelled Blitz and Farmville and in the end they drove me mad and I realized how much more reading I could do if I stopped playing so it has been about 6 years since I have played them :)

    Have Fun


    1. You've been "clean" for 6 years, Helen? ;-)
      Go you!

  2. Over a year ago I was totally addicted to Solitaire, AA. I'd just zone out and play...for FAR too long. But then I went on a beach holiday for a few days where I didn't play a single game and when I got home again I said "No more!"

    Mind you, Words With Friends does look fun... ;-)

    1. Stay away from the Kool Aid, Michelle! Trsut me...