Mar 9, 2018


I'm a list person. I didn't used to be, but over the years I've become more so. Now I think I have lists to remember the lists.
Living out in the Sounds, a longish way from town it is imperative to keep a continuous list for groceries and anything else needed from a shop. The postman does deliver the on line shopping which gives the memory a rest. But we never leave home without the sheet of paper. Funny that wine is always on there somewhere. You'd think I'd remember that. Truth? I do, but I'd hate to forget just once.
Then there are the other lists. Pull the weeds from the drive, clean the chicken house, ring the dentist - no, don't, that's painful - go to book group, da da da. You get it. 

At night, when I'm meant to be sleeping, my mind chucks up all sorts of trivia that for some reason is always way more important than it is during the day. What do I do then? I have two systems.
One - I throw something from my bedside table on the floor and yes, I always remember what it was supposed to remind me of when I get up in the morning.
Two - for those nights when there are many things to remember I write on a pad in the dark and have a hilarious time the next day trying to decipher the mess.

Why am I blogging about this? Well, I just went onto the emails and there's one from the wonderful Michelle Douglas mentioning I'm supposed to be blogging today. I forgot. And it's not on any list. Big slip up there.
But do I forget the important things like birthdays and ringing the kids? Never. As for my writing schedule, it's always happening and my characters are in my head for as long as I need them.
What about you? How do you remember all you have to achieve in a day?


  1. Sue, at the moment, if I didn't write *everything* down it would be forgotten in an instant (I'm calling it PhD brain ;-)). I have a regular routine when I'm (finally) allowed out on social media each day -- and step one is to go and read LCats posts. That's the only reason I knew you were up today, LOL.

    Also, I LOVE your idea of throwing something on the floor when in bed to remind you of something when you wake up -- am going to start trying that! :-)

  2. Just be careful it's not the glass of water!!! And thanks for the nod. I should know this is my day after all these years.

  3. I TOO drop pieces of paper on the bedroom floor (I write on used Sudoku puzzle pages then shred them later) beside the bed so I won't forget to pick it up to note elsewhere immediately. Small world.

    I have a list of friends'/family's birthdays so I know ahead of their FB postings. I still mail birthday cards to good friends/family. (I'm not on FB; my husband is, but he doesn't have original posts.)

    I keep paper/pen in my wallet, tear out the paper and place in my purse pocket so I can record where needed when I get home. (If I had data on my phone, I'd probably draft text or email myself instead, but my husband might have the phone or I'd probably forget to check the phone.)

    I have this and next month's dry-erase calendars on the fridge, erasing as I go.

    I have a permanent monthly calendar to which I refer decades later.

    I have a sheet of binder paper (or more) for each day of the year, noting appointments (I am self-employed), visitors, trips, etc.

    *I* still have my records years later, whereas digital people have generally lost everything on their phones OFTEN and their computers occasionally. It makes for lots of shredding, but I'm okay with that....

  4. Wow, Laney, you have this down to a fine art. I can see scope for me to improve!!!

  5. I am such a list person, Sue. In fact, I just updated my to do list, planning my day with all my priorities listed and scheduled all my appointments for the week and chucks of time to each activity to ensure everything gets done (and yes, its a Saturday). I find if I do this, I'm less stressed and have time for fun things (which are included in the schedule).

  6. I would die without post-it note lists.....

  7. Hi Sue

    I have a shopping list and even then I often forget to take it the shops with me so no I am not a big list person unless I am packing for a trip which we are organizing now we are off on a short cruise next Sunday and I have to make a list of what has to be done and soon my granddaughter Hayley has her list already :)

    Have Fun