Mar 2, 2018

Size Does Matter

Today I'm here to talk to you about handbags.  Or specifically, the size thereof.

I had to buy a new handbag earlier this year when my last one was finally about to fall apart.  It took much googling of bag shops, saving of pictures, and an absolute list of non-negotiable features.

For me that means:

I've had hot pink, red, my last bag was black and white striped.  So long as the colour suits my current mood to a T.  (Every bag I screen-saved was cream!)

I use this thing every day, so every time I look at it, it must give me blissful little happy chills.  (Look at that pom pom!  And the shape?  Gorgeous.  My husband told me it looked like something Jackie O would have used. I nearly fainted with pure glee.)

-  phone pocket
- small zip pocket for keys
- at least two big compartments.  One for wallet, bullet journal, sunglasses, ereader etc.  The other for kids stuff aka water bottles, snacks.
- a middle zipper compartment for emergency supplies - toiletries, tissues, a shopping bag etc
- room for extra pens and paper so my arty kids can draw whenever they get the urge

Just call me Mary Poppins.  For my handbag is a modern day magical carpet bag.

For if you suddenly need a pen, look to me.  Require a band aid?  I'm your girl. My son asked for a pencil with which to draw a "veiled chameleon costume" the other day  and I provided.  "Mmm," said he, "this is a 2B.  I'd really like a 9B."  Did I have it? Did I ever.


So, are you a big handbag gal like me? Prepared for anything?  Or are you that magical unicorn - a woman who can leave the house with her key, credit card and phone?


  1. My "purses" (AKA bags) are MUCH bigger than that nowadays. I want enough room for two books (because I could finish one while standing in a grocery lineup), two water bottles and an ice bag, and then the usual stuff - cell, coupons, grocery lists, wallet (which is actually a pencil case so I can get into the change section easily, plus it isn't "stiff" and heavy), 3 lightweight grocery bags, extra glasses in case I can't read the bottom grocery or library shelf with my bifocals and require my reading glasses instead, sunglasses, calculator (Bulk Barn has "buy $10, save $3 coupons, and I don't go over $10 by much), tissues, my book reading list for favourite authors (written/typed VERY small on both sides of one page so I don't buy the same backlist twice), etc. Yes, I am the one people automatically approach for Band-Aids (always in my wallet), Tylenol/Advil (free sample packets I get from the Internet), scissors, pens/paper, etc.

    When I play badminton, I take my wallet, book, and cell phone. However, my gym bag has more free pills/cream for aches/pains, membership lists going WAY back in case we need to contact someone, and usually a fresh fruit or tasty treat to share with others (strawberries or grapes for everyone at tournaments, but tarts or brownies or cookies for regular nights for a few of my friends). I guess my gym bag (actually a backpack on wheels) is my "purse" for badminton.

  2. Oh Ally that is a lovely bag and like you I need one that will suit me and fit all that I carry in it as well and yes I carry a lot :) I tend to get new bags when my old one is falling apart or I am walking past a bag shop and something calls to me and I also have some that my very talented girlfriend has made me with gorgeous embroidery on

    Have Fun


  3. My perfect bag is compartmented like Ally's, must be big enough to carry my tablet and a water bottle, and has to have an outside zip compartment for keys and phone. and it has to have a long crossbody strap, no handles. So hard to find!

  4. I’m definitely a handbag gal and the more compartments and zips the better. I like to be prepared and carry everything with me. Portable phone charger, rolled up shopping bag, reading glasses, notebook and colouring pencils for the grandkids, wet wipes, tissues, 3 lipsticks, sunblock,tissues, more sunblock, 3 pens, plastic spoon, mints, comb, my wallet and I just found my watch that I was meant to get a new battery fitted, car keys and phone.

  5. Ally - at last a kindred spirit. My BFF manages to leave the house with her credit card, mobile phone and a tissue.
    Mind you, she knows who to ask for a plaster, dental floss, wet wipes, pens, paper, comb, mirror, lippy, nail file, nail clippers, ear plugs for use on unplanned flights, cash - call me old fashioned, roll up shopping bags, novel and a spare bookmark, reading glasses, sunglasses, phone and a portable phone charger, spare pair of knickers - yes, you did read right - I carry these after the Day-of-the-Knicker-Elastic-Incident in the foyer of QPAC in Brisbane. And, finally, a table/handbag hanger. Purchased a) Because it has a pink bling heart on the catch and b) because I'm still getting over the shock of what I paid for my handbag in Cannes and so I can't bear let it slum on the floor - I justified the cost of said handbag by reminding my husband I had actually won our South of France holiday in a 25 word competition, and so we hadn't had to pay for flights, food, accommodation etc.