Mar 14, 2018

Fun facts

I suspect most of you will know that I have a new release out this month, but for those of you who don’t…I have a new release out this month! And this is ALWAYS exciting. So in honour of its release, I thought I’d share some fun facts about A BABY IN HIS IN-TRAY.

Fun Fact #1: The inspiration for A Baby in His In-Tray came when I was idly playing the “mash-up tropes” game. You know the one—what would I get if I mashed a Cinderella story with best-friends-to-lovers? What would I get if I mashed a fish-out-of-water story with a marriage-of-convenience? When I mashed-up a twin-swap story with a doorstep baby, A Baby in His In-Tray was born. :-)

Fun Fact #2: Originally the title was A Baby in Her In-Tray. However, when I mentioned the likely title to a few people, much humour was had at my poor heroine’s expense (“In-tray, huh? Is that what they’re calling it these days?”; “At least it wasn’t her in-box”, somebody muttered something about pigeon holes). My editor and I agreed to change Her to His. Who knew one little word could make such a difference. ;-)

Fun Fact #3: If you have a look at pages 10 and 11 of the American edition (the one with the balloons on the cover), you’ll find that they’ve been accidentally reversed. Oops! 

Fun Fact #4: The theme song for this story was Sophie B Hawkins Damn I wish I Was Your Lover. Every time I hear that song I’m transported to the wistfulness, secret longings and cravings that hold Liv and Seb in thrall.

Fun Fact #5: There’s a line of poetry in the book from Byron’s The Destruction of the Sennacherib—The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold.... It’s an amazingly powerful poem, and I stole it from one of my favourite movies (Fever Pitch) uttered by one of my favourite actors (Colin Firth). If you’d like to read the full poem click here: The Destruction of Sennacherib

It was such fun to team my grumpy hero with such a mischievous though kind-hearted heroine, and I’ve been thrilled with the reviews it has received. :-) A Baby in His In-Tray is on shelves now. You can grab it at all of the usual places.


  1. Oh, Michelle, that song...

    I'd forgotten its impact. "I'll do such things to ease your pain."

    Off now to read the poem...

    1. I know! And I also I have hair envy. ;-)

      Enjoy the poem!

  2. Congrats on the new release, Michelle! xxx

  3. Like the mashed up trop thing, it comes up with great ideas. Can't wait to read this one, Michelle.

  4. Hi Michelle

    Those facts are very interesting and I have to say I loved this story woohoo

    Have Fun

    1. So glad you loved it, Helen! And it was fun to share a few behind-the-scenes facts about the story (every story is different and I always marvel at the way they (eventually) come together).