Mar 16, 2018

Reunion stories.....


Helen here...

I was talking with a work colleague the other day about our favorite books and movies and mid way through the conversation she said - "So, you like movies where they used to know each other, but now hate each other for some reason or another, meet up again, realize they still want one another, get through all the history and baggage from their past and then get back together?"

I thought about that for a moment and replied, yes, I guess I do.

One of my favorite stories (and favorite Austen) is Persuasion...I always thought that Captain Wentworth was waaaay more tortured and adorable in his stoic, unforgiving way that everyone's perennial favorite, Mr. Darcy. And even though I think Ann was a ninny for letting him go in the first place, I love how she clearly still loves him ALL the way through. (I like every movie, TV version of this book, but particularly the BBC version with Kieran Hinds as Wentworth) Although I do like also Rupert Penry Jones and Sally Hawkins in the 2007 movie.

And what about John McLane fighting bad guys for two hours to save the life of his estranged wife Holly, in Die Hard? Sigh. I love that torchy and wounded (both emotionally and physically - who can forget the scene with the glass and his bare feet)  

And Sweet Home Alabama...I love the part where Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) tells everyone at her wedding to McDreamy (yeah, that guy from Grey's Anatomy) that she can't marry him because she gave her heart away a long time ago, and never really got it back. liquid silk to a romance authors ears.

But, even though I LOVE reunion stories, I've never really written one, until now. I'm delighted to have a new release in April from Harlequin Special Edition, titled A Kiss, a Dance & a Diamond. It's my fourteenth book for Harlequin, but my first 'real' reunion story. (And my hero's name is Kieran as a kind of tribute to Mr. Hinds in Persuasion)

Do you have a favorite reunion story?

Or maybe you prefer friends to lovers? Or love at first sight?

Leave a comment here of on the LoveCats Facebook page, and I will choose a winner to receive either a print or eCopy of A Kiss, a Dance & a Diamond.


  1. I LOVE reunion stories, Helen. Off to see if your book is up for pre-order!

  2. PERSUASION is a great favorite and DIE HARD is actually our go to Christmas movie.

  3. Hi Helen

    Oh I do love a good reunion story as well they make me smile I love seeing what they have gone through in between and then realizing that they should perhaps have stayed together although they have become better people in the mean time :)

    Die Hard I love

    I am looking forward to reading this one :)

    Have Fun


    1. Hi Helen - yes, reunion stories are awesome. Home you enjoy the book ! :)