May 14, 2017

Sunday Smooch with Stefanie London

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Stefanie London but first...... the winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway is Tammy!

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Betting the Bad Boy....

It's as been A LONG time between drinks for my Behind the Bar series, but I have finally given Noah his HEA. If you haven't read the other two books in the series, not to worry. They work perfectly as standalone stories and can be enjoying in any order. 

Paige and Noah are working together, but she has a rule about not dating colleagues. But Noah isn't one to follow the rules.

“Come on, live a little.” He grinned. “Even Little Miss Perfect has to let her hair down sometimes. Would it help if I made you a bet?”

“Now why would you do that? As my boss, you’re supposed to be setting a good example.”

“Paige, I’ve never been a good example for anyone.” The smile turned from cheeky to wolfish. “And that’s just the way I like it.”

“You think you’re so charming.” She folded her arms across her chest, trying to muster all the bravado in her
arsenal. Which, admittedly, wasn’t much. “But I hate to break it to you, I’m immune.”

“Got that vaccine, huh? Good girls like you always think they’re immune.”

“I am.” She stuck her nose in the air. “I mean, you’re attractive. But you’re not my type. Sorry.”

“Really?” His eyes glinted. “So if I kissed you now you wouldn’t feel a thing?”

He was calling her bluff. The smart thing to do would be to back down and hightail it out of the bar. But Paige’s love of competition ran deep. He’d ignited the side that needed to win—and right now, with everything that was going on in her life, she was craving a win.

“I’m afraid not. Good looks aren’t enough for me. I need spark.” She waved her hand around, taunting him. “Chemistry.”

What are you doing? This is your boss. This job is the only thing keeping your dreams a oat right now.

“You think we don’t have chemistry?” He raised a brow. 

“I don’t,” she lied. “But you’re welcome to try.” The instant the words popped out of her mouth she regretted them. She’d given him the green light to test her boundaries. To kiss her.

Better go home and pack those bags. You’re done for.

“I’ll do the right thing and give you to the count of three to back down.”

Shit. This was getting too real, too fast.

“One.” His hand came up to her face, the backs of his knuckles tracing along her cheek in a featherlight touch.

Say something.

“Two.” His hand curled around her jaw, sliding back until his ngers threaded into her hair.

Say something. Now!

“Last chance, Paige.” His eyes were dancing, wild and untamed. He looked like he wanted to devour her. 

The kiss was hard at first. Bruising. Desperate. But then he slowed things down. One hand pressed into her lower back, forcing her body against his, and the other cradled her head while his tongue brushed against hers. 

He played her body like an instrument. Stroking. Maneuvering. Guiding. And his kiss scorched her insides until she was sure she’d turn to dust in his arms. 

For a chance to win an ebook copy of Betting the Bad Boy (Amazon account required) tell me who your favourite workplace romance couple is! It can be from a book, TV or movie.

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced!


  1. Remington Steele TV show couple from the eighties:
    Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist) and Remington Steele (Pierce Brosnan)
    Made me smile every time.

    1. I've never seen it but my dad was a huge fan, he used to say even back then that Pierce should be play 007 and he did! :D

  2. Phew, blazing hot Stefanie. Can't wait to read this one.

  3. Too many workplace couples to choose from. You know full well how recently I've read this story and that smooch makes me want to pick it back up again.
    For anyone is on the fence about reading this book (though I don't know how they could be), then you have to read it. It's hot hot hot and an awesome read.
    (Count me out of the drawing Stefanie)

  4. Great smooch, Stef and I just love the cover!
    Showing my age here but man...I loved Moonlighting because of Maddy and David's chemistry and also Cheers with Sam and Diane! Not so much Sam and the other one....

    1. Totally agree with you, Amy, as I too loved Maddy and David's chemistry (swoon, Bruce Willis with hair, LOL) - and I too can't immediately remember Kirstie Alley's character's name, probably because Diane was THE one, LOL.

    2. Thanks Amy! OMG Bruce Willis with hair? The earliest thing I've seen him in was the first Die Hard movie.

    3. need to go and find Moonlighting. I think it went for 5 or so seasons. Sooo good. Such amazing chemistry and sexual tension. Bruce Willis was awesome and Cybil Shepherd was divine. Sparks flew off the two of them constantly. Amazing!

    4. Although I have to say, I think a bald Bruce is much sexier!

  5. Hi Stefanie

    Oh I can't wait to fall into this one woohoo My mind is blank at the moment for workplace couple I know I have read some great books with this type sorry it is Mother's Day and I have just gotten home from a family BBQ

    Have Fun

    1. Awww that sounds like fun. Hope you have an awesome mother's day!

  6. "Take a Chance on Me" by Kate Davies. They both work at a High School, and the first scene in that book is priceless because he mistakes her for a student :)

    1. Oops! That sounds really fun, I'll check it out :)

    2. It was a Samhain Publishing book so now it's unavailable, but Kate is planing to re-release it soon.

  7. Ooh, fab smooch, Stef! :-)

    I love the office romance between the Primeminister and the tea lady in Love Actually. It always makes me smile.

    1. You know I have never seen Love Actually - ack. I really should rectify that.

  8. Sawyer and cloe the negonitor by Avery Flynn is my favorite work place romance