May 26, 2017

A love shower

Boy, sometimes it's hard to live in this world. If you've ever spoken to me you'll know I'm a north of England girl, it's in my accent, in my blood, in my core. Being a Yorkshire lass I got a special dispensation to marry a Lancashire man (joking! But the Wars of the Roses are still alive and kicking up north!!)... My husband's from Manchester, my babies were born there, I worked and lived there for ten years and a lot of my friends and extended family are there. It hurts.

So I couldn't write today's blog without mentioning them because I can't stop thinking about them and the place and what happened. Bear with me, please.

But I don't want to think in negative terms (even though I'm so bloody angry and sad) all the time, right now the world needs a love shower, we need to celebrate the good in the world, we need to keep reading and writing our wonderful hopeful stories and we need to hold on to our belief that love wins out.

What am I loving today?

Which seems odd, I know. But it keeps me in close contact with people all over the world. It helps me know where they are, it reminds me of things I was doing years ago that make me smile. Plus, cats. Everything is better with a cat meme

It's the simple things- being outdoors, breathing in fresh air, getting the joints and muscles working

Paying It Forward / Random Acts of Kindness
This is a story of a man in a town north of here who bought 30 people a cup of coffee just...because. And then there were the homeless men in Manchester who helped after the attack, then went quietly back to living on the streets and the taxi drivers who took concert goers home for free and the people who opened their homes and gave food and shelter to those who needed it. Paying it forward certainly makes you feel better- give it a try!

Uptown Funk... makes me smile. I play it loud and sing at the top of my voice and dance, because music makes you feel better!!

Romance books
Hope, fun, sexy times, conflict, angst, more sexy times, laughter, kisses and love, love, love!! 

First responders, nurses, doctors, porters, hospital staff, firefighters, police
Because they put others before themselves every single time.

Coffee, chocolate, crystallised ginger, tart cherries, coffee, cheesecake and WINE!!!!!

Family and friends and that means y'all too! 
We share the good times and the difficult ones. We've got each other's backs. We hold each other up and provide comfort when we're down.'s okay to be's a love shower, remember?

What are you loving today?


  1. Oh Louisa, it was so sad to see what happened in Manchester. I just can't wrap my head around such depravity.It really does beggar belief.

    What am I loving today?
    The buzz of release week.
    A shiny new website.
    A fresh batch of pea and ham soup.

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  3. Happy release week, AA!! Hot Mess is on my tbr pile, can't wait to dive in! Your website is amazing!! I love how you have so many categories along the top- you are a writing whizz!!!!
    And pea and ham soup, comfort food for the tummy and the soul!! Thanks for sharing the love!

  4. Hi Louisa

    What a beautiful post it saddens me to no end but I think we need to look for the good look at things that make us smile and for me reading the wonderful romance stories playing with grandkids and spending time with family

    Have Fun

    1. Nothing better than time spent with family, Helen! Oh--and those lovely hopeful books we love!

  5. What I'm loving today:
    * this blog post - it was a refreshing spot of positive among the negative that seems too prevalent at times
    * romance stories - I love the HEA and that it gives me an escape from large changes happening at the day job
    * my current physio - took the initiative to enlist the help of one of the staff physios at my gym now that the broken left big toe has finally healed enough to have exercise clearance. This physio actually understands that fact that 20 something years of chronic pain has made me both somewhat tolerant living with some level of pain and increasing bad at being able to pain
    * supportive team leaders/managers at work (sadly aforementioned changes mean that possibly may change in the next year or so)

    1. I think we're all in need of some positivity at the moment, Lyn! It's hard to always stay optimistic in times of change and uncertainty but you seem very resilient and you will be fine. So glad you have an understanding physio and I hope he/she helps you to become pain free. Have a great weekend

  6. Great post, Louisa!! It was such a sad and shocking event, and I can only imagine how it must feel having such strong ties to a place going through that kind of pain.

    But, on a positive note, things I'm loving this week:
    * Korean Beauty and Makeup - I'm having a love affair with cushion foundation
    * Watching Chef's Table with my husband while we curl up on the couch together
    * Facebook for keeping my connected to people back home
    * Indian food

    1. Well you're a mine of information in the make-up world, Stef! I'm going to have to look up cushion foundation!!! Nothing better than curling up in front of the tv with a loved one and...Indian food??? (My favourite too!)

  7. What am I loving this week?
    * That in the face of disaster there are brave and kind people who go out of their way to help, not just the first responders, but regular folks who just happened to be there to give first aid, comfort the injured, give rides, meals and shelter to strangers, donate blood, bring drinks, food and water to those working the scene. Those people who are too far away to physically help send emotional support via social media or prayers.
    *I loved watching the video my DIL sent of my grandbaby taking his first steps last weekend., and am looking forward to his first birthday in 2 weeks.
    *I love reading the new books I won in the giveaway!

    1. Oh, how gorgeous to see your grand baby's first steps...what a special moment for you!!!
      And yes, those brave and kind people remind us of how much good and love there is in the world. xx

  8. Louisa, I love the idea of a love shower.

    What I'm loving at the moment:
    * My bed -- had a shocking cold and I can't remember the last time I stayed in bed all day, but I did that yesterday and it was divine (and knocked the cold on the head)
    * The World According to Betty Neels. I read my first of her books yesterday in bed between naps. It was gorgeous.
    * Autumn weather -- it's been brilliant lately, so sunny and mild and crisp

  9. What a beautiful post, Louisa. Can't think about what happened in Manchester without tears.

    We celebrated my husband's 55 birthday over the weekend with about 100 friends and family, and we all had a blast. My husband's band played two sets of rock and then there lots of disco and we danced until we could dance no more. Lots of love and fun this weekend.