May 22, 2017

Monday Ramblings by Amy Andrews

Its release day for me so I am a bit all over the shop at the moment 😍 and consequently a little late for this blog.

So here are some Monday ramblings from a mushy release day brain.

Hot Mess. You should buy it. Fireman + reunited lovers + amnesia = all the romance awesomeness. Yes, even if I do say so myself 😘 Best part? It's first in a series of 4 hot firemen! So what are you waiting for??

I have a new website. Its soooo pretty. Click here and it'll take you there!

Do not watch the new Anne of Green Gables series if you are an Anne purist. The second episode is all kinds of weird....

I love the beach in all its moods...

What do you think of my new cover for Holding Out For A Hero which I'm self-pubbing and should be out very soon? 

It's almost June!! Just in case anyone had forgotten...Pretty soon there'll be those annoying people who pop up and tell us how many shopping days until Christmas!

New bio pic for my sister and I to use in some Ruby award publicity.What do you think?

We had the option to go for  serious shot but what the hell, right?
Life is serious enough.....

Reckon that's a good note to end it on. Is anyone elses brains as mushy as mine at the moment? Care to add a random thought for us all to ponder?


  1. Sometimes random rambling makes for the best posts. No randomness on my part other than to ask why my to do list seems to grow by another 2-3 tasks for every 1 I complete/cross off?
    Will provide my thoughts on the new website once I've had a proper explore, however, I can't find anywhere on the website a concise (possibly printable) backlist. My local library appears to have several of your backlist harlequin/M&B titles so it would be good to be able to keep track of what I have/haven't read. Will there be any changes to the insides of Holding Out for a Hero, or is it just a cover change?

    1. Hey Lyn. I know what you mean about a to-do list!
      Thanks for looking over the website. Let me have a think about a printable backlist. The problem is my back list is quite sizeable so....
      HOFAH is essentially the same book. Its been tweaked a little but that's it. Except now I get to manage it :-)

  2. Happy release day, Amy! The book looks fab. I loved Holding Out For a Hero, and the new cover is very cute. I love the colour scheme of your new website. And your promo shot with Ros is FAB!

    My rambling wonderings today
    -- can I catch Mr Douglas's cold as strep throat?
    -- what is the best combination of veggies for beef and vegetable soup?
    -- why do I persist in buying seriously yummy bread when I'm trying to cut down on carbs?

    So...just a typical Monday. ;-)

    1. lol Michelle. Here are my thoughts on your ramblings

      Yes, if his cold is from some kind of strep bug but normally they're caused by viruses so....but a virus could still be setting up camp in your tonsils.

      Carrots, leeks, celery and potato.

      Because bread.


  3. My brain is always mushy so I can't blame Monday nor release-day distraction, but let's start with some non-random and hearty Happy Release Day congrats. This series looks seriously (dare I say it?) hot!

    My random Monday thoughts:

    How did I come to have a 32-year-old?
    Should one choose a hotel based on coolness or convenience?
    Why did I not find Kewpie mayonnaise before this weekend?

    Also, that website is wonderful. Love your tag-line and how you've branded each series.

    1. Thanks Bron :-)

      Not sure about the 32 year old, I am grappling with having a 21yo!
      I choose hotels based on free wifi - is that bad?
      What is Kewpie mayo? Now I have to go Google.....

    2. It's a Japanese brand, comes in this little squeezy bottle, and is perfect on anything really.

  4. Happy release day (for yesterday). Love the photo!!

    My Monday was mental. I have a huge uni assignment due so spend about 6 hours on that, am launching the Festival program tonight, so had to write and rehearse my speech, I flew back from Geelong where I was visiting my son and its my husband's 55 birthday party of the weekend and I'm determined to get a disco playlist together!! Mental!

    1. Ugh Jen! There's no room for rambling in your head. I imagine its full of lists at the moment!

  5. OMG, I love the new cover for Holding Out For A Hero! Mind you, I also love that book. :)

  6. Hi Amy

    Woohoo on the new release it is waiting on my kindle for me (and I do have the others in the series pre-ordered) Mushy brain for me I am even late getting here I can't even think straight today :)

    Have Fun

    1. lol Helen, your brain must be mushy, you're normally the first one here :-)
      Hope you enjoy Logan and Bella!

  7. You've got so much exciting stuff going on - the news website is great. Love that vibrant, happy colour! It's very eye-catching :)