May 17, 2017


by Bronwyn Jameson

Can you believe we’re approaching the halfway point of 2017? Okay, a slight stretch of mathematics but you get my drift. Another year is speeding by, hence, it is time for a catch-up on what’s been occupying my other words, what I’ve been reading, watching and listening to.

1. I’m starting with “listening to” because I finally delved into Podcasts, following this blog by Stefanie London. My favourite so far is SERIAL, which I found totally addictive if ultimately unsatisfying: that’s the trouble with real life and why I enjoy my fiction with neatly tied, prettily bowed endings. 

2. Speaking of endings, has anyone else seen THEIR FINEST? This movie had so much I loved: the female lead finding her power, the London-WWII setting, the movie-within-a-movie. But then the ending was so aggravating. And pointless (if anyone can explain the point, please do.) Definitely occupied my mind for a considerable time if not in a satisfying way.

3. I started watching the BIG, LITTLE LIES mini-series with some trepidation. I loved Liane Moriarty's book and wasn’t sure the Monterey setting or the casting would work. Very happy to be proved wrong and the brilliant soundtrack has fed my obsession since the series ended. 

4. My current TV fave is the BBC detective drama RIVER, airing on ABC Friday nights. Again, going in I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this. Woo-woo elements are not my thing, and this series is built around an I-see-dead-people premise. But these characters grabbed me from the opening. Anyone else watching?

5. Naturally I’m watching sport—I am always obsessed with something sports related—and at the moment this is the STANLEY CUP playoffs. I love the speed and skill and intensity of hockey. Oh, and the manly men with beards. What’s not to love?

6. If you haven’t yet done so, you should be READING some of the finalists in the Romance Writers of Australia’s RUBY awards for 2017. Allow me to recommend these bottlers by our super-talented LoveCats, Melanie Milburne and Amy Andrews (writing with her sister Ros Baxter.)

What have you been listening to/watching/reading lately?


  1. Hi Bronwyn

    Life is moving fast that I have noticed LOL

    So I have been watching The Voice it is about the only thing I watch on TV and really enjoying some great singers again this year as for listening well I just listen to the radio and whatever they play I haven't been out for a walk for a while so no audio books and reading well that I have been doing and I have just read Kandy's Conveniently Wed to the Greek :) Anne Gracie's Marry in Haste :) Shannon Curtis's Heart Breaker :) and am reading Stefanie's Betting the Bad Boy at the moment and it is really good :)

    Huge congrats to Melanie and Amy on their nominations way to go :)

    Have Fun

  2. Helen, I adore the singing contests such as The Voice but deliberately avoided it this year. Because I get TOO obsessed and I'm going to be travelling while it's on and I like to watch reality TV in real time. So, avoidance...while thinking every so often. I should be watching this...

    What an awesome line-up of books you are reading. Excellent choices!

  3. Aww, thanks for the plug, Bron :-)
    The Finest looks great but you totally put me off with talk of the ending. Think I'll avoid. I am watching and LOVING River! I think this is the second season, is that right? It's a fascinating insight into the effects of sudden death and grieving as well as the paranormal.

    1. Yeah, not a happy ending (romantically speaking.)

      River is riveting, right? The subject matter, the characterisation, the acting. I did not know this was a second season; will have to check that out.

  4. Isn't it wonderful news about Amy and Melanie, Bron! I'm so excited. And also our Louisa has finalled in the Holt Medallion with her SOMETHING BORROWED, which is super news too. There are so many LoveCat books I want to read at the moment.

    I watched Big Little Lies too...and while an adaptation is never as good as the book (LOVED the book) I really enjoyed the TV series. I've also just finished watching Season 6 of Call the Midwife. It continues to be a winner for me. :-)

    1. I did not know about Louisa's Holt Medallion finalist but I am not surprised. She writes so beautifully. *applause"

      The book had so many nuances, more depth to each character's storyline, which couldn't all be covered in the mini series. But I like what they did with the plotlines, how they used the Greek chorus effect, how they teased us with the timeline. Very cool production.

      Call the Midwife is a wonderfully real and relatable, isn't it? Love it!

  5. Bron, I'm on deadline so not doing much reading or viewing! However I do love Grantchester, currently airing on Australian ABC. It's immediately post WW2 with James Norton as a tortured amateur sleuth vicar and Robson Green as his policeman friend. They are two of a wonderful cast. I confess I would watch gorgeous James Norton in anything. He plays an incredibly different character in Happy Valley.