Mar 30, 2012

Desire Cover Love

by Robyn Grady.

I am dying to show off my latest cover!
Sadly it isn't quite ready.
It’s for my favorite Desire series – Billionaires and Babies. And I do have a title – Strictly Temporary – which suits the premise to a tee.
Here’s the blurb ...

Discovering an abandoned baby in the backseat of a taxi was not on hotelier Zack Harrison’s agenda. Luckily, a stunning stranger comes to his aid — and piques his interest. But before Child Services can arrive, a snowstorm strands the trio in Zack’s luxurious Colorado cabin.
Trinity Matthews wants to resist Zack’s advances, but his care and concern for her and the baby soon have her melting. As the snow falls and the heat sizzles, it’s not long before Trinity’s sleeping in his bed. And she finds herself wondering if their temporary arrangement could have permanent effects.

Babies and Billionaires are favorites with Desire readers. And why wouldn't they be? You've got oceans of passion, more than a touch of glamor and glitz, some drama and humor. Best of all you get to enjoy those cute-as diapered bundles who invariably work their way into the hero's life and, ultimately, his heart.

Strictly Temporary's NA release isn’t until July, so a touch early to offer a copy yet. But next best thing! Today I’m giving away a copy of Bargaining for Baby (warning: you'll need tissues!) as well as my first Billionaires and Babies book, Baby Bequest. Just leave a comment (maybe about a fave little-kid shot of yourself or your children or grandbabies) to be in the draw.

On a personal note, have I introduced you to the new little grand-baby in the Grady household? I think he looks like his dad.


  1. OMG, Robbie, your grandbaby is adorable! What's his name? Ooh, am getting cluckier and cluckier for a fur baby.

    Love the title -- Strictly Temporary -- for your July release, and after reading the blurb I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy. :-)

  2. She is adorable! Yes, a little girl. Her name is Binx and she has the instincts of a jungle cat and big soulful eyes that put Puss'n'Boots's to shame.
    I wasn't sure if I'd introduced her here before. But we Lovecats like to share our family snaps =)

  3. I swear, Robbie, I wouldn't be able to refuse Binx anything! :-)

  4. Strictly Temporary is the kind of title that would make me pick up a book. And the blurb would make me put it in my basket!

    Please give a delicate little cuddle to Binx for me - she's adorable!

  5. I do not photograph well. Most will never see the light of day. Seriously, I look like a booze hound & that's on a good day.

    Binx is gorgeous. Why am I thinking Thackery Binx?

  6. Rachel, she's one of those *really* independent cats. The ones who let you snuggle them only when they're distracted and not really thinking about it. And she has the cutest frazzled little whiskers. Good thing she's in the family or I'd have to steal her =)

  7. A booze hound, Marybelle? I was thinking some kind of dog, lol, but probably not! We're all too harsh on ourselves about photos. I hear Elle even complains!
    And Thackery Binx! Of course! I love stories about witches, in part, I guess, coz there's always a cat padding around =)

  8. awww, Binx is gorgeous, Robyn! A perfect LoveCat!

    What a shame you haven't got that new cover to show off - it's a fabulous title so I hope the cover picture does it justice! I know the story will be awesome - I've got Bargaining for Baby and it was a terrific read!

    Just trying to think of a nice baby pic - I can think of a few frightful ones! Like a fancy dress one at pony club when I was a clown on horseback. I didn't mind the costume but Dad "painted" big lips around my mouth and daggy looking eyebrows above my eyes. I was 13 years old and mortified!

  9. LOL, Oh, Sharon, I do feel for the 13 yo you, but isn't that typical of a dad? When they get involved, it's over the top.

    Recently my dh was helping 10 yo dd make chocolate balls for a stall to raise money for the children's hospital. When he rang another 'mum' to talk about recipes, he hung up and immediately had to rush out to the shops at 8.15pm to get more and more supplies. Too funny!

  10. I was born with a hole in my heart, so I spent my first 4.5 years in a children's hospital far from home. (Over 2 hours away by car, but my family didn't have a car way back then.) I was at least 2 years old in my first baby picture, taken when my parents were finally allowed to start bringing me home for a weekend every month. I was 5 years old in Kindergarten when my next picture was taken.

  11. Oh, Robyn, lovely pic. What a cute cat.
    Love the sound of the book and as Rachel says, that title would make a reader stop and pick it up. Looking forward to seeing the cover when it's ready.