Mar 25, 2012

Sunday Smooch - Colorado Fireman

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Colorado Fireman by CC Coburn, but first ...

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Colorado Fireman by CC Coburn ...

Colorado firefighter Adam O'Malley risks his own life to rescue Carly Spencer's young son and a dog named Molly from a burning building...and assumes that's the last he'll see of them. But Spruce Lake is a small place, and Carly and her four children are new to town. Before he knows it, Adam's mother has invited Carly, her children and the dog to stay at the O'Malley ranch!

As the widow of a firefighter, making a good life for her kids is Carly's number one priority. Meeting—and falling for—another firefighter is not. Adam, meanwhile, has been avoiding relationships because of a painful secret he's kept from everyone, including his brothers. But the more time he spends with Carly, the more he wants to move past it.

Is there a way they can become a family—Adam, Carly, kids and dog? Suddenly, he wants to find out…

Set- up
[Firefighter Adam O’Malley is facing a disciplinary hearing after ignoring his chief’s orders and entering a burning building to save a dog. The charge is so severe he could lose his job. All day, Carly and Adam’s family have been awaiting the outcome of the tribunal. When Adam arrives home grim-faced, Carly fears the worst…]

Carly slipped on her coat and gloves, preparing to go outside, although nothing could stop the chill she felt deep down to her marrow. Why would Adam want to talk to her in private? Had she caused so much damage that it had taken him this long to convince the board that she was a mad-woman and that they should ignore everything she’d said?
 She stepped outside and was about to descend the few steps to the snow-covered ground when she turned back to look at Adam. “I’m sorr—” she started to say, but Adam’s hands cupped her cheeks and he kissed her.
His lips were warm and caressing, exactly what she needed. Carly closed her eyes and drank in the sensation of being kissed by a man—a man she was starting to fall for. Big time.
He broke the kiss slowly then kissed her again. Finally, he rested his forehead against hers and dropped his hands to her shoulders. 
"Thank you," he murmured, his voice sounding hoarse.             
            “You thank everyone like this?”
He drew away and she could see his smile in the moonlight. “No, only pretty women.”
“That’s good, because I’d hate to think you kissed Ms. Wilkinson like that.”
His smile grew wider and Carly basked in it. “No chance,” he said, stroking her face with one hand. He slipped his other around Carly’s back and pulled her closer. “She was the only hold-out in the end.”
Carly inclined her head towards his warm palm. “Not seduced by your charms?” Carly knew she was mumbling nonsense, but it felt so good being touched, being held, by Adam.
“The only woman I want to seduce is you.”
Carly swallowed. “I guess you didn’t mean to say it quite like that?” she said, giving him an out.
He bent to kiss her again.

To Adam’s relief, Carly wound her arms around his neck and returned his kiss.
He deepened the kiss. After all the stress and anxiety of the past days, this was exactly what he needed. Carly’s kisses were as healing as her hands.
He drew back, rested his hands on her hips and gazed into her eyes. “You know when I said I didn’t want you to touch me ever again?”
“Uh, huh.”
“I was lying.”
            She wound her arms more tightly around his neck. “That’s good,” she said and kissed him gently. “Because if this wasn’t touching, then I was going to have to find a new definition for it.”
Adam wrapped his arms around Carly, drawing her hard against him. His mouth covered hers but the sound of cheering had them springing apart.
He glanced towards the house. Silhouetted in the living room window was his family. They’d been watching every move he made on Carly and now they were voicing their approval.
His face heated Carly raised her hand to his cheek and her touch soothed him. “I think we have a few too many chaperones,” she said with a smile.
“If I wasn’t starving, I’d carry you to my vehicle and get out of here, maybe take you to Inspiration Point for some serious necking.”
“I’d like that,” Carly murmured and kissed his throat, sending all sorts of erotic messages to Adam’s brain and other parts of his body. 
“Later then?” he said and Carly could hear the hope in his voice.
“Later,” she whispered. Her heart lifted as Adam caught her hand before drawing her back to the warmth of the house.
About to step over the threshold, she felt a prickle up her spine. She glanced back towards the darkened yard. An eerie sense of being watched from the shadows filled her with the same fear she’d experienced at the fire. But this time the threat felt closer.

To be in the draw to win a signed copy of Colorado Fireman,
What’s your favourite hero? Cowboy, Cop, Carpenter, Firefighter, millionaire, billionaire, sheik, computer geek – or anything else? And why?

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced -- and a smooch from Vengeance Born by Kylie Griffin will be posted!


  1. Hi CC, and thanks for sharing that sumptuous smooch! I'm wondering who my fave hero is but I can't pin it down to one type of man. Call be greedy! I think it depends so much on the individual character in the story. That's why I keep falling for so many different heroes. Sigh.

  2. Hi there! I have a couple of friends who have their husbands in the Airforce and can honestly say their husband is a Fighter Pilot *swoon* lol, Almost any man in uniform do it for me. I devoured Suzanne Brockmann's Navy Seal books.

  3. Hi CC! Great smooch :) My favorite hero? Mostly I like a working man - the kind who can fix things. I like cops and cowboys too. Great to see you on LoveCats and I'm really looking forward to reading Adam's story. :)

  4. My favourite hero is usually the one I'm reading about at the time.

  5. Hey everyone! CC is having a little trouble posting. She'll be here as soon as she can.

  6. Hi Annie, great to see you here! You make a good point for although we might prefer a certain type of hero, it really comes down to how well the author crafts his character that makes the hero so irresistible and delicious to read.

  7. Hi Tash, yes, there's something about a man in uniform, particularly in a career that involves putting their lives on the line that really resonates with readers. Suze Brockman does them so well!

  8. Hi Helen, thanks for letting everyone know I was having troubles, of course as soon as you posted, my computer decided to work! Ah, technology!
    I'm with you, I do like a man who knows what to do with his hands :-)

  9. Hi Chey, You like every hero you read? But what about your favourite type? Or are you a rare woman - not too choosey! :-)
    best wishes,

  10. Ooh, gorgeous smooch, CC! Wonderful see you here at the LoveCats.

    Fave hero -- you know, I do love a good billionaire for the fantasy factor, ditto a sheikh...but perhaps my favourite is an outdoor man like a hunky Australian cattleman. :-)

  11. Great excerpt, CC! Those O'Malley brothers are great =)
    Y'know I am partial to a suit - a CEO type. Think it might stem from Pretty Woman's Lewis. Next would be a Navy guy, particularly in their white dress uniform. Seeing the pattern here? =)

  12. Hi Michelle, thanks for stopping by! I just don't get the billionaire thing - is it the money, or the power that makes them attractive? And I'm married to man who wears a dress on occasion, so I'll pass on the sheiks! The cattleman sounds most yummy.

  13. Hi Robbie long time no see - hope we catch up on the GC this year.
    You like guys in suits and uniforms?
    I think the writers of Pretty Woman did a damn fine job of suspending our disbelief, since we managed to forget that Richard Gere's character was such a low life he picked up a hooker off the mean streets of LA. Of course if he'd used a high class call girl, then we wouldn't have had such a compelling story, would we? :-)

  14. Hello there CC, thanks for sharing the great Smooch article.Now my hero and being a medical writer, I would have to say the sumptuous 'doctor love' the one that treats the injured and sick, then give all that love and romance, where the sparks fly and all heaven breaks loose. Robhap

  15. Hi Rob, Oh yes, anyone who saves lives is good people in my book :-) Put the protagonists into dangerous locations and so much the better!

  16. Ohh, CC, you've made me scared! You know I am hopeless with any hint of danger. Fave hero? Pretty much any guy who is well written and I can glimpse weaknesses as well as his strengths so I know he's a real guy.

  17. my favourite hero is cowboy and fireman:), arethazhenATrocketmailDOTCOM

  18. Nice smooch, CC. My favorite hero? Someone big and black with great lips and hips that can dance. Don't tell my husband.

  19. Hi Fiona! You got that right, guys with stregths and surprising weaknesses make me go all gooey. :-)

    Hi Cathleen, Just remember I now have that in writing you naughty girl! No wonder you write such sizzling erotic stories. :-)

  20. Hi CC

    A man in Navy Whites does it for me. Although I have to say that firefighters come pretty close. There's something about a man who'll rescue a cat from a tree just as easily as he'll risk his life in a fire. I've been buying the Firefighter's Calendar for fifteen years and they've inspired quite a few of my heros!

  21. I love how the family were cheering. I felt like cheering too.

    I think my favourite hero would have to be the unexpected hero. The man who appears unassuming & yet does not hesitate to step in & step up when necessary. A quiet strength that comes from within.

  22. Hi Jaunita, I confess I used to buy the firefighters' calendar every year, and then one year I didn't and haven't since for some silly reason. Thanks for reminding me about them! They really are yummy aren't they? And men who risk their lives, particularly for strangers, are wonderful heroes.

  23. Hello Marybelle, I'm glad to hear you liked
    Adam's family's response! I agree, unassuming heroes, ones who go about doing things without any expectation of praise or note for their deeds are fine characters both in life and fiction.

  24. i think my favorite will be from many genre and they are cowboy, sheihk, duke, vampire and fairy :)

  25. I love heroes of all kinds. They all bring something different to the table. Thanks!

  26. Oh my.... So many questions from that excerpt. So many answers I'm looking forward to reading in the book!

    I tend to favor sheikhs/sheiks books, probably because they are so outside the norm for me. (I'm not into paranormal.) The heroes tend to be very powerful (not something I see everyday), rich (not always a plus in real life, but it makes for easier understanding in books), good looking (can take it or leave it), and ... last but not least ... end up being so gentle with the heroines.

    That being said, though, all heroes are good heroes, no matter what their profession. It is the variety of heroes (and heroines) that keep me coming back for more.

  27. CC, my favorite is the cowboy! After that, anything MANLY, where a man gets dirty, where his muscles come from working hard not working out at a gym. Love carpenters, firefighters (hello! uniforms!).

  28. Great kiss, Catherine! He's gorgeous.

    Being a fantasy writer, my favourite hero is the champion. Strong, sensitive, sexy!

    Really looking forward to reading Colorado Cowboy.

  29. Hi CC,

    Great kiss! Loved it that they got caught out! I married my hero, a soldier, so what more can I say. Any man who puts his life on the line is my kind of man.

    Can't wait to read Colorado Fireman.

  30. Love that kiss, CC. :) As to what heroes I like, let's hear it for the nerds and the geeks of this world, the beta heroes. Often the quiet achievers with the huge hero hearts. Sigh.

  31. Ooohhh I want to read more of that! As for my favourite hero, that's a tough one, but I have to go with cowboy. An old fashioned man who works in all kinds of weather, cares for animals, and looks great in jeans.

  32. I'm late - been camping! But I just wanted to say what a gorgeous smooch, CC! Your O'Malley men are hunks!