Mar 4, 2012

Sunday Smooch: Mr Right at the Wrong Time

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Mr Right at the Wrong Time by Nikki Logan, but first ...

The winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway (MELT!) is -- NatalijaNatalie has also chosen the new name of her writing space ('The Plotting Shed') which was suggested by Laney4. So you both get a book. Yay!
Congratulations, Natalija and Laney4! Can you please contact Natalie at: Natalie (at) natalie-anderson (dot) com and she'll send you a copy of MELT.

And now for today's Sunday Smooch from March RIVA release Mr Right at the Wrong Time by Nikki Logan (more info here) ...

'Hi, I'm Sam, and I'll be your rescuer today.'

With those words, Sam abseils into Aimee's life...and changes everything. He stays with her throughout a long, terrifying night after her car-crash--and, balanced precariously on a cliff, they form a bond that is compelling, all-powerful and...forbidden. For Sam is not free to give Aimee everything she deserves.


This is the trickiest Sunday Smooch I've ever had to do because the best kiss between these two is riddled with spoilers and so I've had to go with a teaser kiss instead.

This kiss happens right at the end of a long, agonising night in the dark with Aimee trapped in her crashed car and Sam staying with her and keeping her alive, warm and sane. They've done some serious bonding and half-delirious Aimee is drawn to him in a way that she can't explain. Sam knows what Aimee is going to see out the shattered window when the sun comes up and he knows it's going to paralyse her with fear. He stretches half across her to block the terrifying view and keep her eyes firmly on his. Slowly, he helps her back from the brink of terror...

Sudden noises outside drew his focus briefly away and when it returned it was intent.
‘Aimee… The extraction team are getting into position. Someone else is going to be taking over but I’m not going to leave you, okay? I want you to remember that. We’re going to get buffeted and separated for moments but I’ll always be there. I’m still tethered to you. Okay?’
She nodded, jerky and fast, curling her hand hard around his, not wanting to let go. Ever.
He stroked her hair back. ‘It’s about to get really, really busy and no-one’s going to ask your permission for anything. They’ll just take over. You’re going to hate that but be patient. You’ll be up the top in no time and then you’re back in charge.’
Her laugh was brittle and weak at the same time. ‘I thought you were in charge.’
His smile eclipsed the sunrise. ‘Nah. You just let me think that.’
She sobbed then and pulled his hand to her lips and pressed them there. He rested his forehead on hers for a moment as the clanking outside drew closer.
‘I wet myself,’ she whispered, tiny and ashamed.
He wiped a tear away with his thumb. ‘It doesn’t matter.’
‘I don’t think I can do this.’
‘You can do anything in this world that you set your mind to, Aimee Leigh.’
His confidence was so genuine and so awfully misplaced, but it filled her with a blazing sort of optimism. Just enough to get her through this.
Just enough to do something really, really stupid.
She stretched as far forward as the flexi-straps would allow, pulled him by his rescue jacket toward her and mashed her lips into his. Heat burst through her sensory system. His mouth was just as warm and soft as it had felt on her fingers, but sweet and strong and surprised at the same time, and salty from her own tears. She moved her lips against his, firming up the kiss, making it count, ignoring the fact that he wasn’t reciprocating. Just insanely grateful for the fact that he hadn’t pulled back.
Her heart beat out its triumph.
An unfamiliar face dropped in spider-like at their side window just as Sam tore his mouth away from hers. A dozen different expressions chased across his rugged features in a heartbeat; pity, embarrassment, confusion, and—there!—the tiny golden glow of reciprocal desire.
The man suspended in space outside the car did as good a job of schooling his surprise as Sam did—maybe they were all trained to mask their feelings—and immediately cracked the glass of her drivers-side window. One part of her screamed at the intrusion of sudden noise and calamity, but it was just as well.
What would she have said, otherwise?
Sam gathered himself together faster. He looked out at the crew now swarming over her Honda and then back at her. And then he smiled. And in that smile was understanding, forgiveness and just a trace of regret.
He brushed her hair back from her face one last time and Aimee thought she’d never again be able to brush her own hair without imagining his calloused fingers doing it for her.
‘Okay, Aimee,’ he breathed. ‘Here we go...’

Nikki Logan - A Romance with Nature

To be in the draw to win a signed copy of Mr Right at the Wrong Time, let me know what you think the attraction is for firemen or soldiers or emergency paramedics. Is it just the uniform, is it because they risk their lives or are we instinctively drawn to uber protective men?

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced -- and we'll post a smooch from the intriguingly named "Gentlemen Prefer Nerds" by Joan Kilby!


  1. Wow. You certainly got my heart beating faster this morning with that excerpt. You have done your job: I have added this book to my to-buy list. Wow. Have I mentioned Wow?
    For me, I am drawn to protective men. There's nothing like a hero swooping in (literally in this case) and protecting you. I know I'm reading about a hero and a heroine, but with every book I read, I somehow become that heroine. It makes for very sweet dreams....

  2. I have to read this book! What a fabulous scene Nikki. I love men in uniform. Sigh. I love men in any form. There's something deeply attractive about a man who protects others. In the old days it was a knight in shining armour - today, a cop, firefighter, or soldier. Great kiss :)

  3. Oh, Sam... Happy sigh. I just melted for his beautiful tenderness. You always write such *original* books, Nikki Logan! Can't wait to read the later kiss, so I'll be buying a copy of this. :)

  4. Nikki, what a wonderful way to start the day! I loved this. It's fantastic to find such an usual and rivetting way for hero and heroine to meet. You touched on such a range of emotions and so lightly!

    No, I don't think it's the uniforms that attract (well, not as much) - it's about having someone to turn to, who can be strong and competent at a time when, though you're trying to be strong, you may not be so good at looking after yourself and those you care for. Definitely the makings of hero material there.

  5. Wow! Just wow! This kiss is at such a sensitive moment. I'm already halfway in love with this hero! And strong heros whom we know can save or rescue us but are sensitive are the ones I go for- regardless of uniform or not!

    Congratulations on the release of Mr Right at Wrong Time, Nikki and I've added this book to my 'to buy' list as I'd love to read how this story pans out!

  6. Love that excerpt!
    I think it's because they risk their lives.

  7. What a great book, cant wait to read it! I think Firemen because they're usually a group of good looking men who look just great in their uniforms racing off to save the day!

  8. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Can't wait to read this book, Nikki!

    And, yes, I definitely think there's something about a man in uniform (did a double take at the shopping centre yesterday as a fireman walked past). I think part of the attraction is that men in uniform have a tendency to be fit...but also their profession indicates honour and protectivenessl. All in all, a very nice combination. ;-)

  9. Fabulous smooch, Nikki! So many emotions. Such honesty.
    Men in uniform give off an aura that suggests they take care of themselves (hence looking great!) so they can take care of *you*. Responsible. Honourable. And physically fit/capable. What's not to like and admire? 8))

  10. What a fabulous, fabulous kiss, Nikki! Can't wait to read the rest ... mmm must be on the shelf and I'm in town for the dentist tomorrow :( so I might have to treat myself with a new book! :)

  11. Incredible situation to capture, Nikki, and a super kiss!!

    I also think it's the strong, loyal, protective nature that we associate with men in uniform, that makes them attractive.

    My dh was a fireman. I knew him before he became one so the uniform didn't really affect me, but I know people who took him much more seriously when he wore one.

    Thanks for the smooch!

  12. I cannot wait to read this book! So many emotions the reader does not expect with a first kiss, and beautifully done.
    As for why we like fireys, soldiers and paramedics? I think it is simply that most women, at some level, want to be taken care of.

  13. I must admit, when I get your latest book, everything else gets put on hold - work, dinner, cleaning... This sounds another great read, Nikki. Looking forward to it.

    As for the attraction to fireys etc - were you, or were you not there at the Melbourne Conference? These guys just make me feel safe, protected. They are so big and reassuring. Maybe it's their eyes though - windows to the soul, and they have such lovely souls. Okay, enough rambling.

  14. Oh my God! What an except! My heart still beats very fast even after I finished to read the excerpt. Love the protective guy, they make us feel safe, protected and loved:), Aretha zhen , arethazhen(at)rocketmail(dot)com

  15. Wow! What a kiss :)

    There's no doubt about it, rescue heroes, uniformed or otherwise, definitely have the edge. Maybe it's the uniform, maybe it's their strength and caring, perhaps it's the whole package. Whichever it is...Sam, I'm here, rescue me :)

    I'm looking forward to this one, Nikki. I recently finished A Kiss to Seal the Deal and Shipwrecked with Mr Wrong and loved them both.

  16. Hi Everyone!! Forgive my slowness of response, my lovely nephew turnd four today and my presence was required at his birthday party "everyone's here for me!" he whispered in amazement at one stage. Sweeet boy...

    OK - FIRST UP an announcement, I have completely failed to say that this book is UK only for the moment but you can order it on Book Depository and have it shipped to you free, or right now in ebook form from mills&

    OK, here we go...

  17. Laney4 (congrats on your book win with Natalie, by the way..."The Plotting Shed" is a great name for a writing space.) Yes, yes, yes to the protective men. Isn't that really at the base of all romances -- he can be as tough as he likes out in the real world, but with her he'd lay his life down for her. *sigh*

  18. Helen - it *is* very closely related to the whole chivalry and honour thing, isn't it. Except Sam's in orange flouro fire-retardant armour instead of shining.

    Michelle - you ID'd honour, too. THat's a big part of it.

  19. Rach - you will *not* buy a copy, I am gifting you a copy when I see you next week. Remember you were supposed to be in those acknowledgements :) So you'll get to read it sooner than you think. xx

    Annie - You know what I really like about your answer? It allows us to be strong, too, and not need rescuing but when the chips are down and we've done our very best, they're still there to help us rescue ourselves. I really tried to portray that in this book, that her rescue is a team effort, it's just that he has a lot more trained skills than her.

  20. Nas - strong AND sensitive. That's a powerful double act. And sometimes we need more of one than the other. When I'm hanging off a cliff in my car I want my other half being strong and resilient and resourceful (he can boss me round all he wants) but when he pulls me up over that edge...yeah...I want sensitive. And a really long hug. :)

    Chey - the courage to risk their lives. I think that's a big part of it. For total strangers, because every stranger is important to someone, and they know that.

  21. TashNZ - hooray!!! A vote for uniforms.

    You know I thought about ths long and hard because there's nothing all that sexy about a man a bulky, orange, rescue overalls. they're not flattering - LOL. they go to work with all that rescue gear and they know exactly what to do with it all, I think I find the *competence* extremely attractive, no matter what the uniform is. So part of the attraction of a uniform, for me, is all that gear hanging off it and how they work with that.

  22. Robyn - yes, there is a statement in the care that a uniformed man takes in his appearance that is appealing, and yes, it does generally mean they're in pretty good physical shape under there (hello Ben Roberts-Smith!). And when that comes with a healthy dose of taking care of *you* then... sigh.

    Sharon - thank you! I hope you enjoy it but don't wait for the dentist cos you won't find it in Aussie shops just yet.

    To the Book Depository!!

  23. Catherine - your husband was a firey, so he clearly already had all those impossible-to-resist qualities before he donned the uniform. How lucky for you. A hero at home.

    Natalie - It's such a paradox. We so badly want to have the right to take care of ourselves and be our own women but the best part of having that right is choosing not to exercise it. Letting someone fabulous take care of us. Whether it's hauling us out of danger or just rubbing our feet when we've had a bad day. Letting ourselves be cherished is such a spoil.

    Sue - Thank you for such lovely words. And YES! I do remember all the firemen in Melbourne but I also remember that they brought their wives along for protection. So maybe the protective quality goes two ways. LOL.

  24. Welcome Aretha (Anonymous) - if your heart is beating fast then my job is done!! Thank you. Safe, protected, loved. It really is a universal desire, isn't it?

    Juanita - you know what...? That's exactly it. 'The whole package'. It's not one of these things or another, it's the combination of protectiveness, courage, competence, sensitivity, fitness and pride in the uniform. And the thing is that if we look hard enough we can find traces of all of these in the regular men around us -- if we look for them.

  25. A marvelous smooch thank you!!

    I think the attraction is the fact that they step up, step in when others would flee. They make us feel safe & secure. For them it's not a job, but a vocation. The fact that a man in uniform is **HOT** is a bonus.

  26. OMG, Nikki, that is one fabulous scene! I have to read this book!! Thanks for a great start to the day. (Monday, yes, I'm a day late...)

  27. Hi Nikki ~ It's Sunday afternoon here and I just loved the smooch.
    I like heroes of all kinds but guys in uniform are the best. They are usually in great shape for their jobs and have a protective steak a mile wide.

    Just finished reading Their Miracle Twins last night and all I can say is Wow! You put quite a few new twists into a surrogate mother marriage of convenience story. I know a story by you is going to give me a great read every time. I hope this one comes out in NA.

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