Mar 7, 2012

CATWALK - Caption Contest

Paula Roe's Sofy!

with Sharon Archer


On the LoveCats Catwalk today, I have Paula Roe's gorgeous cat!  And as an extra treat, Paula's giving away a copy of her latest Harlequin Mills & Boon Desire release, BED OF LIES, to one of our clever captioners!

More details at the bottom of the post... but for now, let's get the gossip straight from the cat's mouth!

Name - Sofy

Abode - run of four bedrooms and a massive backyard, but prefers the bookcase

Human Slave - author Paula Roe

Likes - fish, getting brushed, sun in the morning

Dislikes - suncream on my ears, bindis on my fluffy pants and being ignored
Ambition - to be brushed 24/7. And to catch the Willy Wagtails in the backyard

Sociable or Aloof - very sociable to those who feed me

Night Owl or Early Bird - night owl... I could roam the streets for hours (and do!)

Favourite Pastime - watching the world go by from the safety of the catscreened front door

Favourite Toy - anything Lego that I can bite

Best Friend - my food bowl

What do you like to sharpen your claws on - the sofa

Most embarrassing moment - when I had to get my tail shaved because some nasty cat bit me

Sofy and Paula are giving away Luke and Beth's story to one lucky captioner so pop those thinking caps on!  We're looking forward to hearing from you! 

Bed of Lies

by Paula Roe

Her Darkest Secret. Revealed
Banker Luke De Rossi must sell the Australian beach house he inherited from his mobster uncle, fast. But then he runs up against Beth Jones. Is she the rightful tenant? A reporter out for a scoop? His uncle's lover? Luke wants answers - almost as much as he wants Beth.

The last thing Beth needs is this hunky magnet for media attention breathing down her neck. She has a lot to hide. And falling hard for Luke as he gets closer - and tries to evict her! - isn't helping things. Separately, they have each made their bed. Now they'll lie in it. together.

Read more about Bed of Lies on Paula's website, including a fabulous excerpt!  Click here


  1. "Bird? What bird?"

    Awesome looking cat, Paula.

  2. Oh oh Sofy is gorrrrgeous, Paula! I lost my last cat about 18 months ago... :( We've spent 35 out of the last 36 years of marriage with either cats or kids (or both), and I miss them in the house. Nothing like reading a nice Paula Roe book with a cat curled up nearby and purring. ;)

  3. I'll try this again and hope it goes through this time.
    How about, "Here, pussy, pussy!"

  4. LOL, Helen! Sofy does look rather satisfied with herself, doesn't she! The cat that got the canary!

    Hugs to you, Malvina. It's tough losing a much loved pet. They hold a special place in our hearts, don't they?

    Hi Laney! You got here! I wonder what Sofy answers to... actually if she's like our cats used to be, the sound of the fridge opening does the trick!

  5. I think we'll get lots of 'food' comments for your photo, Sofy!

    Mine's "Mmmm, tasty!"

    Or perhaps you're doing your ablutions - "Can't a girl wash her face in peace?"


  6. "Do you think I'm showing too much tongue for my Facebook profile pic?"

    Sofy is too cute.

  7. It's lovely to see you here, Sofy. We LoveCats are honoured by your presence. And with your glorious coat I can see why you'd enjoy being brushed so much.

    As for captions: You can trust me...honest.

  8. "Whatchya mean...I missed a spot!

  9. "And *that's* the way it's done!"

    Love your cat, Paula! Is it a ragdoll? My dd just bought a ragdoll hymalayan cross. Soooooooo gorgeous.

    Your latest Desire sounds awesome!

  10. "And your problem is?"
    Cool cat, Paula.

  11. Sofy is beautiful.

    I can't resist this as I read your website Paula. I share the sentiment with Sofy.

    Gilles darling I'd like to lick you from top to bottom.

  12. Hi everyone! Sorry for the absence - I spent most of the day internet-less :-(

    Yep, Sofy is one gorgeous cat (my boy took that photo - he delights in snapping the cats mid-lick, yawn or bite :-)) and she is so very proud of her massive fluffy tail :-) You guys are so clever with your captions! (Kaelee, a girl after my own heart ;-)

    Malvina: ::blush:::

    Robbie - apparently she's a Persian cross. Bonus, she was a rescue cat and a lot older than the other kitties, so noone wanted to take her home when they saw the rest of the younger, cute kittens. How could I resist an outcast?

  13. Sharon - the sound of a ring-pull on the food tin usually does the trick :-D

  14. Malvina, so sad when you lose a beloved pet. Ever since I can remember, we've had cats - Sofy is #12 (we also have #13, Phoebe). But the joy is having them for so many years - our last three lived at least 18 years each, which is way longer than anyone expects for a cat!

  15. BTW I love the typical contemptuous cat look Sofy has in the 2nd photo. Like she's just barely tolerating the paparazzi photos :-)

  16. LOL, Laney! Yep, food is a definite theme here!

    Jane - feline vanity! Good idea for a caption!

    LOL, Michelle

    Robyn and Sue, there is a smugness to the lovely Sofy that suits your captions!

    Kaelee! Wicked! LOL

  17. Paula! Isn't it a terrible wrench when our Internet deserts us! Argh!

    Ah, yes, the ring pull on a food can - definitely enough to get the felines underfoot!

  18. "BED OF LIES was a tasty read indeed!!"

    Gorgeous kitty.

  19. Hi Paula,

    Aww how cute and fluffy. I've got one, I've got one!

    "Hsta la vista, Tweety Bird."

    Lol. I'm being silly. Have just had to suffer through 1.5 hours of Year 5 Naplan homework with my son.

  20. Argghh! Naplan! Thank heavens those days are totally behind my son now he's at a different school :-)

  21. oo, do I have to pick the winner? Because it's going to be mighty hard!

  22. Gorgeous cat, Paula!

    I think she's thinking -

    What's wrong with you then? Cat got your tongue?

    Now to see if I can remember password this time!

  23. Goodness, Paula. My eyes must be going. I saw the first photo and wondered if that was Sofy's tongue or if she was puffing a pipe. Now I dan't stop giggling.

    Love the sound of 'Bed of Lies'. Congratulations on its release.

  24. Hey Paula, your books sounds great and Sofy is so cute!

    Here's what I think Sofy is thinking:

    "My fur is soft and luxurious, but white is so last season. I'll think I'll try pink this time!"

  25. haha! Annie, your eyes are like my hearing ;-)

    Cheryl - LOL!

    Trish - a corny joke... why am I not surprised?? :-D

  26. Annie, I think you just tickled my son's funnybone! Now he can't stop sniggering... :-D

  27. HI Paula, in the second photo I think she's saying, "Hey big fella, comeup and see me some time!" Like my boy Moki, she has catitude.