Mar 28, 2012

Good morning (from) America!

A big LoveCats hello to you from the bright lights of Las Vegas! I'm in the US of A right now -- I had to come over for some (non-writing) work, and so I decided to add a week of vacation time on to the end and see a little more of this glorious country. I also thought it would be the perfect opportunity to come and actually see my book on the shelves in stores -- and what better blog post to bring you than a photo of my brand new book on shelves!

Unfortunately it wasn't that easy. In San Francisco, my first stop, there wasn't a book store to be found in the downtown area that stocked Harlequin books. (Please feel free to comment and let me know if I'm wrong about that -- although also understand that I'll have to throw a little tantrum about the lost time I spent searching if that is the case!)

After the work was done and the fruitless book search abandoned, we left San Francisco and headed for Lake Tahoe. Along the way we passed many places that probably would have had it in stock (Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble) except that we were racing to beat an incoming snow storm and with a compact rental car and no snow chains, we couldn't afford to stop.

So I decided, in the end, that I'd make do with posting you some photos of my book in some ridiculous places. (You might know I'm running a competition on my blog to win prizes for photos of my book in glam, bizarre and exotic places, so I figured I could put up a few entries myself!)

First off -- International House of Pancakes. IHOP. To US folks it's a pretty ordinary chain restaurant, to two Aussies on vacation it is a place full of Pancakes! Eggs! Bacon! Hasbrowns! Maple syrup! And some genuinely friendly service -- in the South Lake Tahoe spot we visited, anyway.

Check out the snow outside! It was chilly!
Then our tour took us south to the desert (well, mostly -- we had to go round some mountains and drive through a bit more snow first). I had been warned that driving through Death Valley would be boring. I don't know what those people were thinking! It's absolutely breathtaking. The contrast of scenery from snow-topped peaks to ragged bare rock within a few hours driving is astonishing. The colors in the desert are like something from one of those old layered-sand bottles. And there are tumbleweeds -- they really do exist outside old Westerns. :)

Because it's such a huge open space, I felt like I needed to make a
grand gesture. And although we went past many, many secret US
bunkers and missile silos, my t-shirt is just a coincidence. ;)
So I thought these were going to be the only photos I was going to be able to share with you. But then as we reached the city limits of Las Vegas, my co-pilot mentioned that it was a pity we weren't 30 minutes later, because the sun was only just beginning to set and the famous lights of the city weren't yet illuminated. Oh well, thought I. And then I spotted it: a Walmart Supercentre!! "How about we fix two problems in one go?" I suggested.

And we went to Walmart. And we found treasure.

All the SuperRomances look so pretty! 
Bottom shelf, but only two left! And it was almost better than winning a jackpot at the casino. (I said almost!)

Before I go, there's one more photo I wanted to share. This is from a famous San Francisco icon called Brenda's French Soul Food. I went for breakfast and it was, indeed, divine. But the staff uniforms cracked me up. I almost asked if I could buy one!

Now there's a title for my next book...
I'm spending the next few nights in Las Vegas and then after that we need to look at a map and decide where to next! Arizona is on the list of possibilities, so you may see more Cassie-in-the-desert pics -- should I ever decide to come home!


  1. Hi Emmie

    Great pics of you and Cassie!
    Just received my copy in the mail on Monday. Already digging in and reading - when I should be writing, might I add! Love it!
    Can't wait for the grand signing.

    I agree about Death Valley - spectacular! And we were there in summer! Reminded me a little of home - HOT.

    Have a great rest of your trip.


  2. Gorgeous pics, Emmie, and it sounds as if you're having a wonderful time. I can just imagine how thrilled you were to see Cassie's Grand Plan on the shelf.

    Oh, and for the record, I am seriously jealous of your stop at the International House of Pancakes. Very hungry now. Off to check pancake recipes...

  3. Hi Emmie - love the pics! So glad you're having a brilliant time away :)

    DH and I drove through Death Valley years ago and I agree, it's an absolutely stunning place.

    BTW - love IHOP! Are they going to open here in Australia ;)

  4. It looks like you are having such a great time.

  5. Emmie, what an exciting trip, the experiences, the scenery, your books on a US shelf!!!!

  6. What fun to see your book on the shelf in the USA, Emmie - AND nearly sold out in that shop too! Extra wonderful! I loved all your pics but I do have a soft spot for the "Kiss My Grits" t-shirt! Are you sure you can't buy one! LOL

  7. Thanks Michelle! Glad to hear you've got your copy -- hope you enjoy reading it!

  8. Hi Michelle -- I think I may well be addicted to IHOP now. We saw one today on the outskirts of Las Vegas and made a note of the location -- just in case!!

  9. Hey Joanne!! I agree, we should get IHOP to open in Australia -- let's start a petition!

  10. Hi Marybelle -- yes, it's been lovely. I've so far had to work every day, but as vacations go, it's still been a wonderful time.

  11. Hi Robyn -- yes, it's been a big trip in lots of ways!

  12. Hi Sharon -- I now wished I'd asked that question! If I was the owner of the restaurant, I'd definitely have them for sale!

  13. Emmie, I love the shot of you with your book on the shelves - how fabulous you could see your debut while you were in America!

    And I have to say, I'm very intrigued by this House of Pancakes... hope they open one in Qld so I can try it out. :)

  14. Hi Emmie,
    What a great post full of pics - I feel like I'm touring with you :)

    Hoep you have a super time and keep finding lots of your book being stocked!


  15. Emmie, thank for sharing your pics and your travels. I love the one of you with your debut book. What a thrill. I hope you told everyone walking by what it was yours!