Jul 1, 2016

The Time has Come the Walrus said....

There's something about women of a certain age. They start to hold their books further and further from their face until they're wishing they had extendable arms. They ponder questions such as whether if they put the book on the counter top and walked to the other side of the room it might be easier to decipher what is written on those fuzzy pages.
Yes, dear readers the time has come for me to be to become bespectaled. Even when I had the diagnosis that things had degenerated to the point of no return, I had the romantic notion that maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe I could end up looking like Audrey.
Sadly, my kids say the ones I have chosen make me look more like Edna.
I'm so confused that I've googled which glasses to wear with which face shape. Turns out I have a square face and nothing looks good on it. 

I've decided that since I spend so much time with Mr Google, maybe I should try some of his.
What about you? Do you wear glasses? What do like to look for in a good pair of specs?


  1. I am, thus far, spectacle free, Barb. But I can tell I am on the road to decline and think probablky by the time I hit the big 50 in a few years time I'll be facing the same dilemma.
    Le sigh....

  2. Yep I've joined the glasses club! After a few false starts I've found a pair I actually like (bonus is that they're from Tiffany & Co and pretty- but were actually reasonably priced from OPSM). But I don't always remember to take them out when I need them- like to the supermarket. Trouble is... I can't actually see long distance with them on so I'd be forever taking them off...on...off. And there is no way I'm getting a string for them... yet ;-) That's a slippery slope I'm trying to avoid right now.

  3. Hi Barbara

    I have been wearing them for a long time now and yes the reason being my arms were just not long enough anymore. I wear multi-focals and I have no idea when I need a new pair I just try on every pair that I think I will like then choose LOL and hope I am happy with them for the next couple of years actually it is time for a new pair wish me luck :)

    Have Fun

  4. I used to wear glasses -- not for reading, for distance -- but then I had Lasik and the clever doctor did one eye for distance and one eye for reading. Thus avoiding the need for glasses. But both my sons wear them for work -- they're in reading/computer intense jobs and were getting fatigued eyes -- and look quite distinguished. And ever so much smarter. That's what they tell me, anyway. :-)

  5. When first prescribed reading glasses, I too didn't want that blasted (librarian's) chain. The problem was that I could lose them quite easily. I simply plopped them up on my head like sunglasses when not in use. Yes, I had to get the arms adjusted often, but they were free adjustments and I didn't "lose" them. Well ... except for the time we were walking through a corn maze and cut through the corn. I swear the corn stalk was wearing my glasses afterward, as we never found them when backtracking....
    As for what I look for? Affordable, NOT Dame Edna glasses, I guess, LOL.

  6. Barb, good luck with the glasses. You'll get used to them in time. I keep forgetting where I put mine so bought a very colourful case for them. On the upside my dh saw me in glasses for the first time and told me I looked like a librarian and he'd always had this librarian fantasy…Win/win! Of course he could have been lying but who cares?

    1. Love those win/win situations, Annie! Your dh is a winner (as are you, of course)!

  7. I reckon glasses are the hardest fashion accessory to choose, Barb. Yes, treat them as a fashion accessory, not a necessity. I have had glasses for a few years now just for reading, and still find them a nuisance. Good luck with yours.

  8. I've been in glasses most of my life... with the exception of ages 11-16. When I picked up the changes in my vision (noticed in my not-so-long sighted eye) at 16, the optometrist was upfront that I'd never be out of them again.

    Up until my last vision check about 18 months ago, I was only using 1 pair of glasses for everything, as they did the correction so that it handled both reading and everything else. However last vision check (after just over 1 year in my job) my site had changed enough that I now need separate reading glasses from the everything else ones. Boy, do I notice it when I'm not using the reading glasses for reading or if I've spent an entire workday using the everyday glasses because I somehow left the reading glasses out of my bag.

    As for what I look for in the actual glasses... affordable, not ugly and I like them. I think Sue has it right that they are the hardest fashion accessory to choose (especially when you have to use them) and the process is twice as annoying when you need two pairs. Something I'm not looking forward to at the end of this year <- I'll be due for a check up and I know my vision well enough that I know there will need to be changes to my readers and that replacing the everyday's will no longer be a case of 'close enough that they can wait'.