Jul 25, 2016

Photobombed! by Amy Andrews

One of the more endearing things to have come out of our crazy selfie obsessed lifestyle is the photobomb. There are some great examples out there. Hows this one?

Intentional or not it's very funny - nothing like upstaging one of the most famous weddings on the planet!

The reason I'm writing this blog is because the lovely Kelly Hunter and I went out on Saturday night in Sydney to the PBR (Professonal Bull Riders) national championships and got bombed but good!  As I am prone to do, I snapped a selfie of the two of us only to find we had been spectacularly, if rather unknowingly, photobomed. I'd thought initially they'd done it on purpose but as the lovely couple spent 90% of the night pashing up, I dont think it was intentional at all. They were just doing that thing we all do when we're young and in love and can't keep our hands (or lips) to ourselves.

Happy sigh. Doesn't it just give you all the feels?

So it prompted me to go looking thorugh my camera for some others ones over the years....

My brother is a terrible photobomber. This one is on national tele when he was at the 2015 Logies, photobombing none other than Delta Goodrem!

 And this one where he photobombed a pic I was taking of my daughter and my neice!

I love this one of author Fiona Harper photbombing me and Jessica Hart/Pamela Hartshorne at the RNA conference last year. 

And I really love this one of my best friend and I being photobombed by her hubby. We'd just gone and had a pamper session with our make up being done for us. It makes me smile every time!

There was a pic of a pilot photobombing myself, Anna Campbell and Heather from ARRA at Brisbane airport but I can't find it anywhere. Sad face.....

What about you? Have you taken or been in any pics with a photobomber? Or do you have a favourite celebrity one? Or does this whole selfie obssessed society give you the willies?


  1. Love the photobombs you shared. Your brother is hilarious, love the one with Delta. Not so much into selfies myself but it is a great way to share. :)

    1. I have to admit to being a selfie convert, Jan. And with being able to share them so quickly from phone to social media AND being able to instantly delete the terrible ones well...my addictive personality takes full advantage! :-)

  2. Oh Amy

    Love these photos they are fabulous and yes I have lots of photos of my grandkids and they love to photobomb and do so whenever they can :)

    Have Fun

    1. Ha! Grandkid photobombs would be awesome, Helen!

  3. I'm not much of a one for selfies, Amy (but then I have an ancient phone). And you made me go and check my old conference photos to see if there was any evidence of photo bombing, but...no. Am loving your photobombs, though! It might become a new hobby. ;-)

    1. Do you still have that ancient phone, Michelle??
      Tisk tisk! Your social media will be sooo much simpler with a modern one ;-)

  4. Amy, these are just gorgeous and made me smile! Love them all.