Jul 11, 2016

Hurling Towards the Month of August and Crazy Town!

The month of August is always madness for me. So much happens in this one month. It’s all very exciting but also completely exhausting.

Here’s a summary.

Byron Writers Festival
This year I am helping in two ways. I’m the Deputy Chair of the Festival and am also helping out in the office three days a week as a consultant. The Festival is in four weeks, so things are really hotting up.

It’s going to be an amazing event. We have a number of international guests including lauded American satirist and political commentator P.J. O’Rourke, best-selling UK novelist Louise Doughty; Irish writer Evelyn Conlon, Spanish ex-police officer Victor del Arbol whose novel won this year’s Premio Nadal, Pulitzer Prize winner William Finnegan and Cheryl Strayed, whose best-selling book Wild (loved this book) detailed her extraordinary solo hike across America.

Also, internationally renowned Australian writers Helen Garner, Anna Funder, Tom Keneally and Drusilla Modjeska will join Texas based Australian Dominic Smith (whose novel The Last Painting of Sara de Vos I’ve just finished reading and it was amazing), this year’s Stella Prize-winner Charlotte Wood and performer Magda Szubanski who has elegantly transitioned from the screen to the page with her fascinating and award winning memoir Reckoning.

I will be chairing two Festival sessions including a conversation with romance author Charlotte Nash. I've read Charlotte's Ryders Ridge, Crystal Creek and have just started reading The Horseman. All fabulous books.

And so much more… If you have never been to the Festival, you should.

Romance Writers of Australia Conference
Next up is the RWA conference in Adelaide. A wonderful highlight each year. Not only do I learn an enormous amount but I also love catching up with all my writer friends.  This year for the first time in a long time, I’m not actually presenting anything so I can just kick back and relax (although that never seems to happen).

Down to Melbourne
My son is currently attending ‘bush school’ in country Victoria. A year with no computers, no phones, no tablets, no electronic devices of any kind (and that’s why he is there). He does the normal curriculum but on the weekends goes hiking, walking, camping, fishing, skiing, does community services (like chopping wood for elderly people), orienteering and, in general has an amazing time. 

We are off down to the school for parents’ dinner, which will be lovely.

Finalising the unpack
In August last year we moved house. This August I am determined to unpack those last few boxes, which have been taunting me. Just can’t leave them go past the one-year anniversary mark.

So, August is pretty full on for me. How is your month of August shaping up?

Breaking News: Tempted by the Billionaire Tycoon has been selected by iBooks for their Winter Reading promo which is a little exciting. This book is part of my Billionaire Romance Series.


  1. Hi Jennifer

    WOW your month does sound so busy but very exciting as well :)

    I have just finished reading The Horseman and what a fabulous story and I am planning on being in Adelaide as well to help with the book signing fingers crossed I get there it will be great to catch up. Woohoo on the your book I do have this one calling to me

    Have Fun

    1. I'm enjoying the Horseman too, Helen.

      Thrilled you have my book calling you. Look forward to catching up in Adelaide.

  2. Argh - August? I'm busy dealing with July. Let me take a breather and get back to you on that one, Jen. Hope all your activities still leave you time to relax!

  3. Relax? I don't think there will be much for that for the next few weeks, Annie. But, it is all very exciting.

  4. I'm sure I've seen a similar post from you previously... possibly prior to last Aug?

  5. You sure did, Lyn. August is nuts for me. At least this year I'm no actually moving house as well!

  6. Heavens, Jen, you sound crazy-sauce busy! Though it sounds like fun busy. Still, I hope you find the odd moment for a soothing cup of tea and a shortbread cream.

    I can hardly believe you've been in your new place for nearly a year! That's just flown by. Looking forward to catching up with you in Adelaide. :-)

  7. Yup - total crazy-sauce busy, Michelle.

    So looking forward to catching up in Adelaide!!

  8. I'm tired just reading that, Jennifer. But what a lot of fun you're going to have.
    As for August, I've got July to deal with first, and it's been very busy so far. Wouldn't have it any other way though.

  9. It is lots of fun, Sue and lots of hard work, but great to be part of something so fabulous.

    I know, July is crazy too!