Oct 26, 2015

What's a Sin or Seven Between Friends?

Like several members of the LoveCats with their upcoming Christmas boxed set, I, too, have dipped my toes into the self-pub waters with an author collaboration resulting in a boxed set. This one’s a little on the hot side though and deals with the Seven Deadly Sins. 

Yes, seven of us each took on a sin and made it our own. I took gluttony (who doesn’t like a challenge, right??) and ventured into BDSM territory for the first time! But, being me, I did what I usually do when I don’t really understand something, I poked a little fun at it so what you get is more a light hearted romp than 50 shades of anything......


So I thought you all might like a teaser from each of the stories and if you liked and wanted to buy then the good news is its only 99c!! across all platforms! 

ENVY Blaze for Me – Natalie Anderson
When Austin Tate busts Nicoletta Valeri in a blistering moment of voyeuristic orgasm-envy, it’s the perfect chance for some payback, but instead she’s lit a fire than can be extinguished by only one thing…
GLUTTONY - Glutton for Punishment BY Amy Andrews
With a sudden hankering to be spanked, Darcy Henderson figures Mitch Callaghan is the man for the job. But is she woman enough to take it?

LUST - Burned by Lust by Michele de Winton
Biker, Hade Corban is set to take over the Raising Hellfire Gang and love isn’t on his agenda, but lusty goodtime girl Lee Delevinge is hell bent on burning up his heart.

WRATH - Sleeping with the Enemy by Robin Covington
All’s fair in love and baseball…but when Kat Carter, the newly-minted GM for the Virginia Venom, is determined to recruit rival superstar shortstop (and former lover) Derek Foxx the last thing she expects is a sexy ultimatum…

SLOTH - Princess Sin by Avery Flynn
There’s trouble on the horizon when Cynthia Aston, who the tabloids have nicknamed Princess Cyn for her slacker party girl ways, stows away on a yacht that belongs to workaholic billionaire Hunter McKenney, her older brother’s sexy best friend.

PRIDE - Accidentally Sinful by Carmen Falcone
Stranded due to a snowstorm, Santiago Cruz must let go of his pride and acknowledge forbidden feelings for the woman he loves but can’t forgive—his stepsister.

GREED - How to Seduce A CEO  by Talia Hunter
Hot shot CEO Marcus Bolton’s decided who to hire for the top job, and it’s not Angel Moore, no matter how temping she might be. But Angel will do whatever it takes to land the job of her dreams—even seduce the boss.

So, there you are - seven delightfully sizzling stories to set your e-reader on fire and keep you company in bed one night.

Are you a fan of a boxed set. Do you buy one just for a particular author and only read their story or would you read the others as well. And also, just for the hell of  it (see what I did there?) what's your  favourite sin?


  1. Phew, Amy, those stories sound HOT! I think you and your fellow authors might have a smoking success on your hands with that boxed set...
    I think boxed sets are a great idea to sample different authors I mightn't have read.
    Favourite sin? I'm deeply attracted to Sloth!

  2. lol Kandy - Sloth is my middle name at the moment as I take off a few weeks between books. Love it :-)

  3. This series sounds like such fun! I'm probably another fan of sloth. :)

  4. It must be a LoveCats thing. Sloth sounds absolutely wonderful to me! Maybe we could have a sloth fest some time?

    Congratulations on the new story, Amy! I can imagine you tackling that theme with a smile.

  5. Wow - this is one hot boxset. I have to say I like a bit of gluttony - love my food, but when have to suffer with all the exercise I have to do to make up for my gluttonous ways.

    1. At least you do the exercise, Jen. You're a bloody machine - I admire the hell out of you for that!

  6. I already have this set. I would like to say Lust, but sadly Gluttony is more in my life now

    1. lol, Tammy. Gluttony....why does food have to taste so good?
      Thanks for picking up the set xx

  7. Congratulations to you and your fellow Boxset authors, Amy! Looks amazing! I've just zipped over to Amazon and picked up my very own copy!

    Lust does sound like a more interesting sin than the one I'm currently suffering from. I'm having a bad attack of sloth as I contemplate the jungle I like to call a garden and the pile of washing waiting for me in the laundry. We've just been away again for a few days and those dirty clothes do like to multiply in my absence.

    1. lol - another vote for sloth. I think I'm sensing a trend, Sharon :-)
      Thanks for the one click!

  8. Ooh, I just went and grabbed it, Amy -- always up for a sin or seven. ;-)

    Ah, isn't sloth grand...and gluttony. Yes, I think those are my two besetting sins -- notice how neither is kind on the waistline!

    1. Yes, sadly :-(
      Thanks for the one-click, Michelle!

  9. Can't wait to read these, Amy. And I'm sure your Gluttony is going to be a cracker.