Oct 11, 2015

Sunday Smooch With Amalie Berlin.......

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Amalie Berlin, but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from  Amalie Berlin........

Falling for a desert prince…

Sleep therapist Dr Adalyn Quinn has had difficult patients before …but gorgeous Prince

Khalil Al-Akkari presents a whole new challenge! Darkly brooding and haunted by the night he failed to save his brother, Khalil is the last man Adalyn should desire…

But as they share long nights under a desert moon, it becomes impossible to deny their sizzling chemistry. Can Adalyn help Prince Khalil recover the peace that eludes him…even if it means unlocking the heart she’s protected for so long?

What reaction did he even want? For her to kiss him back or run for the hills? Theoretically, and for entirely different reasons, either reaction would do. Only now he wasn’t all that certain he could follow through on the idea to kiss her senseless and send her away for the sake of his friendship with her brother.

All the planning didn’t give him what he needed. Curling his hand around that bun her hair had been worked into, he dragged her to meet him, and caught her with her mouth open. That plump little lip that had tormented his palm, that he’d watched her repeatedly dampen with her tongue, he caught it with his lips. A tiny sound of surprise and alarm sounded in her throat, but it took very little for her to relax into his grip. Her head fell back and it took no coaxing at all for him to gain entrance into her mouth.

Suddenly, it was no longer about scaring her away. It was about the feeling that rolled over him as his hand left her hair and he wrapped his arms around her. He’d wanted to taste her since that first night when he’d caught her in her underwear, the first time she’d blushed for him. It was pure. It might be pure lust, but she wouldn’t let him kiss her if she saw him as a monster or a villain.

Small hands fisted the material of his shirt as if she wanted to tear it off him but could only manage to twist and tug, helpless in the face of unexpected need that might ruin them.

Her kisses went from timid and accepting to wanting to ravenous in the space of heartbeats.

Despite the heat, she still smelled sweet. He pressed her back into the blanket, rolling with her until he could feel more of her soft body against his.

He could forget like this. Forget everything—the world, his responsibilities—just revel in what she could give him. Wrap her around every painful part of him.

Except it was a lie. One he wanted more than anything to be real in that moment.

She wasn’t really his. This was a cover story, maybe a dangerous game of chicken…but nothing more. She wasn’t his, she was Jamison’s sister.

He heard a manly throat clearing and reluctantly broke the kiss to look toward the tent flap.

October 1, 2015 release date in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and North America

Have you any mild phobias you’ve been forced to deal with? Spiders. Snakes. Flying. Public Speaking. Babies(I’m pretending this one is normal for everyone, not just me.:)

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced and a smooch from Jennifer St George will be posted!

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  1. Hi Amalie

    I have just finished reading this book and I loved it what Adalyn and Khalil went through for each other was wonderful and as for phobias for me I am not very fond of heights but can usually manage if I don't look down LOL.

    Congrats on this book Amalie a great smooch

    Have Fun

  2. HI Amalie
    Welcome to Lovecats. This looks to like a great read, and is going on my Tablet soonest.

  3. Welcome to the LoveCats, Amalie, and thank you for bringing that fabulous, intriguing Smooch! I can't wait to find out who has walked in on the moment and what happens next!

    Phobias! You've named two of mine! Public speaking! Gulp! And flying! Gulp!

  4. Welcome to the LoveCats, Amalie! It's lovely to have you come and visit. :-) And I have to say that FALLING FOR HER RELUCTANT SHEIKH sounds fab!

    As for phobias, I'd always had a morbid fear of public speaking. The first time I had to present a paper at uni during my Master, my leg shook the entire time. The second time, I had serious flutters in my chest, but outwardly my body at least looked calm. Believe it or not, when I presented a paper last year, I actually enjoyed it. It was liberating to discover that speaking in public wouldn't lead to either humiliation or death. ;-)

  5. I keep failing to have my comments post! Let's try this again...

    Thank you Helen! I saw your review pop up on GoodReads earlier and mashed Like :) I think it might be time to experiment with not taking time off between books, see if it duplicates the results, because while I think it might be good for my muse to take a break, I seem to write better when I pop from one project directly to another. Going to have to try that experiment again soon, like when the holidays have passed because I'm pretty sure I can't write two books by the end of the year with Christmas looming in loomy fashion.

    Heights is a good one. I get a bit wiggy with them myself, but not enough to factor into my decision making process. I save the big wiggins for spiders and public speaking...

  6. HI Sue!

    I hope my Sleepy Sheikh stands up to the cover(because I do love a hunky man cover...).

    And speaking of covers, I was just looking at your December release and thinking: Yep, gotta read that. It's probably very un-writerly to admit this? But sometimes i do buy books based on the cover without even reading at the blurb. I'm blaming art school for that. Though this is less of a gamble, because yes that cover is charming! But I've also never read one of your books and not adored it. So... not much of a gamble :) This time.


  7. Hi Sharon! Haven't spoken with you in forever! Hope you're well :)

    And thank you! I like to throw characters together and then make with all the interruptions... It's evil, and I love it. :)

    I'm right there with you with the public speaking... I really can't do it. I actually have two terrible public speaking stories. And the first one starts and stops with my first public speaking class in college.

    All I had to do was stand in front of 100 people and say my name, my major, and one hobby. I got all fifteen words out, and then I had to run out of the hall and dry heave over the nearest trash can... At least I knew better than to eat before going to that class.

    1. It's been ages, Amalie! I'm very well! And hope you are too.

      LOL on loving evil interruptions for your poor characters! But you give them a happy ending! Keep up the good work!

      OMG, I feel for you with the public speaking! I have a couple of really really ghastly stories too... I had to give a presentation to my class at uni... gosh, 30 years ago now. I practised and practised so much that my poor dh still knows the first line off by heart. And then when I got up in the room to present it, my voice was so shaky and I gave a half hour talk in 5 minutes flat. No-one could understand me. It was... truly awful. :(

    2. I'm great :) And glad to hear you are too.

      Did you stutter too? The times I haven't gotten psychosomatic laryngitis, I developed a terrible stutter along with the speed talking. I don't think I ever condensed half hour to five minutes(that's gotta be some kind of record!), but I am right there with you. And it's not at all deadly. You'd think that for this level of fear, it would have to be something deadly. Nope. Just talking. Makes absolutely no sense.

      Do you also refuse to teach workshops and the like? I keep hoping that I will get over that, because I do want to give back to local former-RWA group who have been so supportive and whose yearly conference I look forward to.. but the talking.. I do alright if I'm not the center of attention. I keep telling them: I'll do it if I can hide under a big box at the back of the room and talk through a hole cut into the side. Because that's not at all ridiculous.

  8. I'm going to have to ask your method, Michelle. All the public speaking I have done has been in college, and I pretty much wrecked all three experiences by totally humiliating myself.

    After that first class where I dry heaved after saying my name? I had an art history minor, and had two different classes where I had to present about two different authors and talk about their work.

    I did my Power Points, wrote a darned good presentation I think, and then? The morning of the presentation, despite not being sick at all? I woke up with no voice. Absolutely no voice. Complete laryngitis but of the psychosomatic variety.

    I still had to give my stupid presentations, but I squeaked and squawked through the whole thing both times. Not sick at all, no other symptoms. All in my head. And throat. But by the end of those days? Totally back to normal.

    I've had a few requests from the local writing group to do a workshop for chapter meetings? But I have not been able to bring myself to say yes... because of that ability to paralyze my own vocal cords...Which would be an AWESOME superpower, if I could control it. And turn it on other people. I'm too much of a motormouth to ever wish it on myself on purpose.

  9. Hi Amalie, what an intriguing smooch!
    I really have a fear of snakes, can't even stand to look at photos of snakes. Lizards I'm happy with but not snakes...

  10. Hi Kandy! Thank you :)

    I am afraid of snakes too, but I think it's not to phobia levels. I can look at pictures of snakes without getting wigged out, but I don't want them near me and once there was one in our house... which is a story I don't want to share :)

    It's funny but true, you'd think that lizards would be scarier... especially the ones that are slender and snakelike in body. Because they have legs. And legs have to make them faster, right? But no.

    Snakes with legs = less scary. But some lizard bites can kill you, so that can't be why they're less scary.

    Opposite is true for bugs though: more legs on a bug = more scary. Regardless of any venom situation.

    I'd love to know why that is!

  11. Hi Amalie. I just got your book in the mail. Thanks so much. I am scared of heights and rats and mice

    1. You're welcome, Tammy! I hope you enjoy Sleepy Sheikh!

      I want to like rats but I'm dubious about them. On one hand, there's this: http://www.visualnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Rats-with-Teddy-Bears-14.jpg

      That's so freaking cute, I always think: maybe I could have a pet rat. Look at those ears! And he's got a teddy bear.

      On the other hand? They might bite me and give me plague. Or something. Dubious about rats.

  12. good to see you on Lovecats---LynW

  13. Amalie, I'm sorry to be popping in late - I had a weekend away. Just wanted to say how lovely it was of you to stop by and share your excerpt.

    As for phobias, I used to hate public speaking but after joining the school debating team, learned to cope!

  14. Great to see you here, Amalie!

    Soiders wig me out. Ugh....just ugh. If theres a known spider in the house I can't sleep til I know it's dead. What if it runs over my face in the middle of the night? Do you know were supposed to accidentally ingest something like 8 spiders in our lifetime??

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hey Amalie,

    This story just makes you want to fall in love with itself with all the vulnerability a strong person does not want to feel but is human enough to sleep feel. This one has the potential to be on the Favourites Shelf.

  17. Oh, that was wonderful!
    I hate phone calls, but accepted a job as a receptionist once - which naturally meant answering the phone a dozen times an hour. *lol*