Oct 10, 2015

Spring is in the Garden

Mid way through spring and the gardens are looking wonderful. A few weeks ago I blogged on Love is the Best Medicine about my husband's vegetable garden and all the goodies I was looking forward to.
What I also get very excited about are the fruit trees.
We have cherries to look forward to.

Plus pears.

Peaches, nectarines, fejoas and plums.

Raspberries, boysenberries and strawberries.

I have always been an avid fruit consumer. Growing up my parents owned fifteen acres of land where they had a commercial flower garden. But two acres were covered in fruit trees and coming home from school afternoon tea was basically whatever fruit was in season. Summer made the choices a little difficult as there were so many, but winter meant basically citrus. My brother and I could be found sitting under the trees devouring fruit most days of the year.
I am not much better now, though I don't sit under the trees. I have one of those blitzer machines and every day I make a fruit smoothie or mixed fruit drink. The freezer is currently chocka full of bags of mandarins to put in these drinks.

Living out here, surrounded with the bush, we have to share our fruit with the birds. We do put up netting on some of the bushes, especially the berries, but hey, there's usually  more than enough to go round.

I adore fruit desserts, in salads and plain old whole and fresh. What's your favourite way
to eat fruit?

 Oh, and the glasshouse is looking good.


  1. Wow Sue, that all look so lovely!! I just wrote a post about gardening that will be up on Monday. We are newby gardeners so hope we can achieve something, anything, in the garden.

    I love fruit. A fresh fruit salad is my favourite.

    1. You can't beat a good fruit salad, Jennifer. Good luck with the gardening, It can be really rewarding.

  2. Oh WOW Sue how lovely is that I too love fruit and enjoy the changing of the seasons for the different fruits that are available I do love fruit salad and crunchy apple and navel oranges but of course cherries and nectarines in summer and I am very fond of all of the melons watermelon rockmelon and honey dew yum enjoy

    Have Fun

    1. I adore melons, Helen. The juice running down my chin - oh yes.

  3. Sue, there are awesome green thumbs at your place! We're... shall we say, less gifted gardeners here and keeping the water up to the fruit trees when summer is in full swing is a bit of a challenge! But we do have a little nectarine tree which we've managed to get some fruit off - it's a competition between us and the crimson rosellas!

    I'm tempted to get one of those blitzer machines (assuming you mean like a Nutribullet or something similar?) because it looks like they'll make a smoothie out of just about anything!

  4. Your garden looks so lovely, Sue! We have some wonderful old fruit trees on our little farm but in recent years it's a real battle with the birds to get some for ourselves. There's nothing like standing under the branches of a peach tree, inhaling that heady scent of fresh peach then reaching up to pick one and eating it then and there!

  5. Wow, that all looks so lovely! I bet it smells amazing with all that fruit. I can barely keep a cactus alive so I'm in awe of your garden :)