Oct 14, 2015

5 ways to get over the holiday blues

As we speak, I should be on my way home from a ten-night stay at Cairn’s Trinity Beach. Unfortunately, we had to cancel. Our reasons for cancelling were sound, but… I haven’t been able to get the vision of palm-fringed white sands, turquoise seas, and cocktails by the pool out of my mind.

What’s a girl to do, you ask?

Here are five things I did to try and shake away the holiday blues. If you ever find yourself having to cancel a tropical holiday, these might work for you too.

#1: I wrote a Christmas novella set at Trinity Beach*. I might not have been able to get there physically, but there was absolutely nothing stopping me from lapping up all of that tropical holiday goodness through the pages of my book, giving my hero and heroine some of the adventures I wished I were having. Obviously not everyone is a writer, but I figure reading a book set in a tropical location could work just as well—armchair travel at it’s best!

#2: Spending the day at a local beach. One day next week, Mr Douglas and I are heading an hour north to one of our favourite beaches. We’re going to dig our toes in the sand, go paddling (and maybe even swimming if it’s warm enough) and have lunch at a quaint little golf club. As far as consolation prizes go, it’s not too bad. :)

#3: Reading good books. I’ve always got a book or two on the go, but I’ve deliberately made more time for reading because…heck, I was supposed to be on holiday! And what does one do on holiday, huh? Here’s what I’ve been dipping into…and I’ve been having rather a grand time of it, I must say.

#4: Doing something out of the ordinary. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it here before, but I LOVE going to open house inspections. Last Saturday we spent a few hours doing exactly that. It wasn’t pure voyeurism. We checked out houses in a couple of suburbs we’d like to eventually relocate to (maybe). We saw amazing houses that have price tags that made our jaws drop. We saw fixer-uppers that we thought had potential…but our jaws dropped at how much fixer-uppering needed to be done. It was fun to imagine our lives if we lived in these houses. We then came home and said, “You know, we love where we live. If we did a bit of work we could probably make our house perfect and…” ;-)

#5: Cocktails. My catch cry had been “Cocktails in Cairns!” Now, Mr Douglas did promise to take me for Cocktails in Newcastle (I know, it doesn’t have the same ring) and on Sunday we went out for lunch to a local club. The plan was lunch and then cocktails. Alas, we were too early. The club refused to serve cocktails before 4 pm. Obviously we’re illiterate when it comes to cocktail etiquette. So this is Plan B.

And as far as plans go, I’ve had worse ones. ;-)

I’ve also been playing lots of Beach Boys music—belting along to Surfin’ Safari, Kokomo and Fun, Fun, Fun. And the louder I play it the better it makes me feel. ;-) So…this coming Friday night it’s mojitos and the Beach Boys at my house. All are welcome! :-)

Have you ever had to cancel a holiday? What did you do to help you over the holiday blues?

* It’s called Christmas Wishes, New Year Kisses, and will be part of the LoveCat's Hot Christmas Nights box set (released Dec 2015)


  1. Oh Michelle

    I do feel for you and Mr Douglas hugs to you both but you have done exactly what I would have done if I had to cancel a holiday which we have been lucky enough not to have to do so far although the last cruise we went on to New Zealand last year there were a couple of times we thought we might have to cancel that but luckily we didn't :)

    At the moment we are checking out new cruises fingers crossed there will be one next year some time :)

    Oh and I am looking forward to this boxed set YAY as soon as I can pre-order I will

    Have Fun

    1. Helen, we're telling ourselves the holiday is merely delayed rather than cancelled...so that's taking some of the sting out of it. SO glad you didn't have to cancel your cruise as I know how much you enjoyed it. And I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get to go on another one very soon

      As for preordering the box set...stay tuned. ;-)

  2. I do like your style, Ms Douglas :-)

    When we flew to the UK just after we were first married for ourt 2 year working holiday we'd planned a month in Athens. We had an aprtment booked and paid for and I was so excited because Greece is a place I'd been wanting to see ever since I studied Ancient History in high school. Alas, the first Gulf War broke out and things were being blown up in Athens and DFAT advice was not to travel there so we had to cancel :-( I was devastated!
    Next year (25 years later), I'll finally be stepping foot in Greece. I think it'll be worth the wait though!

    1. I knew you'd approve of a cocktail-themed party, Amy. :-)

      How devastating about cancelling Greece! Mind you, it's better than being blown up. But, OMG, you had to wait for Greece for another 25 years? How much fun are you going to have when you get there next year? It'll be the trip of a lifetime! We'll want lots of pictures. :-)

  3. So sorry you had to cancel your trip but you have tackled the blues with style.

    I've had to cancel two trips: one to Bali (we all know why) and one skiing trip when hubby got pneumonia the day before we left. He'd never had it before in his whole life, but got struck down then, right before hitting the snow...what are the chances.

    1. I'm priding myself on my tackling-the-blues style, Jen -- I keep telling myself it's much better than throwing myself to the floor and banging my fists. ;-)

      Wow -- pneumonia and skiing weren't ever going to be a good mix! Many commiserations. What poor timing. :-(

  4. What excellent strategy to get over disappointment, Michelle! I'm looking forward to reading the novella.
    We had to cancel a much longed for trip to France a few years back. We're hoping to make similar plans for next year and finally get there. Fingers crossed!

    1. Kandy, I think the idea of deferring the trip helps get over the disappointment too. But cocktails can be a cure all too. ;-)

      Hugs on having to cancel your trip to France! I'll keep fingers and toes crossed that you get there next year!

  5. Oh, Michelle, I'm so sorry you had to cancel your trip- but very glad you've found such fabulous ways to help with the disappointment. I admire your spirit - and spirits...cocktails are always the answer! And books, lost of books.
    So far I've been lucky and not had to cancel anything- but now, if I do, I'll know how to compensate xxx

    1. Cancelling was definitely a disappointment, Louisa, but as you say...the right spirits always help. ;-) As do good books.

      And here's to hoping none of us have to cancel our holiday plans in the future!

  6. Michelle, I love your clever plans NOT to stress over missing a holiday. All terrific suggestions and I hope you get to keep enjoying them for some time to come. Did you end up discovering you make good cocktails?

    We once had to cancel a short holiday in New Zealand because our kids got chicken pox. It was supposed to be a romantic trip for two...so we put it off for a year. I think instead of treating ourselves we were busy managing sick children. I prefer your approach!

    1. Oh, Annie, I'm not sure there's a fun approach when one has to cancel a trip due to sick children. Cocktails probably aren't appropriate in that situation. But I'm glad your trip was only delayed and that you did get to go to New Zealand for your romantic getaway.

      Oh, and on the cocktail front...I've decided I need more practice. ;-)