Aug 14, 2015

Series Love Revisited with Louisa George

We were talking a few weeks ago about book series but I have another kind of series love...

I think I'm the last person on earth to have finally fallen victim to the addiction that is Game of Thrones. When everyone was raving about it and wringing their hands at the last episode of season 5 I was blissfully ignorant of what the heck the problem was. Until... Boxset!

We have a habit in our house of coming late to popular TV series, but when we do eventually succumb we GLOM all the episodes as quickly as we can. It's a huge indulgence, a feast of watching and it's become our norm.

In the past year we've GLOMMED (I love that word!) a few series; House of Cards (US version), Broadchurch, Breaking Bad... and now, of course, GOT which is currently 50 episodes long...Gulp!

But I love the total immersion and can see why series are popular both in TV form and now, latterly, in book form. It's nice these days not to have to wait until next week for the next episode, although it can mean a few late nights when you stay up for 'just one more episode' (Yeah, we do that a lot).

It also has its down sides- I am totally absorbed in the one thing and am currently feeling just a little anti-social knowing that there's a TV, a soft sofa and 40 more episodes to go!!! I don't want to start watching anything else until I've finished my fix! And, obviously, concentrating on just the one show means I'm missing out on the new ones!

Are you a series addict? What are you watching now? Any recommendations?


  1. Oh Louisa - welcome to my crack! I've become a series glommer too :-) There's such great TV these days and now we have Netflix I'm like a kid in a candy shop!

    Only saw the first season of Breaking Bad. I thought it was kinda slow and it bugged me so I didn't watch the rest but my son glommed them all. Same with House of Cards. Seen the first few eps and felt like something was missing which didn't compel me to keep going. GoT - watched 6 eps of the 5th season on the plane from New York to Sydney :-) We have the rest here but I'm going to wait til book is done before I watch them.

    Other series recs. Amy rubs hands together.... Orange Is The New Black - love love love.
    Shamelss. Currently glomming season 4 of the US version which I think is brilliant although it was originally a UK series apparently which I reckon would be brilliant too. It is so aptly named. Highly recommend it.

    A made for Netflix one I really enjoyed was Bloodline. Only 1 series so far but I found it gripping even if it was difficult to watch from time to time as it hit a little close to home for me.

    A slightly older one which I adored is Friday Night Lights.

    And I could go on but you've probably got more books to write so it wouldn't be fair :-)

    1. Hi AA
      Yeah, just got Netflix too! Wow- too much choice!!
      House of Cards was worth sticking with- I Loved it in the end. Breaking Bad- was a little weird but interesting character arc. Not often you see a protagonist turn bad!
      We used to watch Shameless UK - it was filmed literally on the doorstep of where my DH had a GP practice- and yes, lots of the locals were like the characters in the show (and then people ask me why we moved?!?)
      Dying to see Orange is the new Black- so it's on my list! And I keep on hearing about Friday Night Lights but never seem to find it. Will keep an eye out.
      Thanks for the suggestions x

  2. Hmm... the series that are must watch series for me:
    NCIS and NCIS LA - both of which have recently finished whatever season we are up to on TV.
    NCIS New Orleans
    Blue Bloods - which is about to restart on 3 tomorrow night
    Rookie Blue - currently looking at how to get US DVDs to play in NZ because for some reason our little corner of the world isn't getting the latter seasons on DVD.

    I'm sure there are more that I automatically watch but these are the main ones.

    1. Hi Lyn!
      I don't know why I've never actually sat down to watch an episode of NCIS or Bones- considering I have actually met Kathy Reichs who wrote Bones and have read a lot of her books- I must remedy that! Haven't heard of Blue Bloods but will look out for that, same for Rookie Blue. Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Oh Louisa

    :-) :-) I don't watch any TV LOL my daughters do things like the and hubby watches a lot of shows but on paid TV but not me way too many books to read :-) :-)

    Have Fun

    1. I hear you, Helen! Too many books, too little time!

  4. Oh, where do I start? Series I've totally loved are Deadwood, Justified, Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, 24, Father Brown, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Poirot, and so on. I've got A Place to Call Home ready to roll, and the last Broadchurch and Poldark... Then there was Glitch recently, and - well, I could go on and on... !

    1. Poldark!!!! Of course! I MUST get me some of that. I'm writing a list of your recommendations right now, Malvina... Oooh, exciting evenings ahead!

  5. Hi Louisa,

    I love a good series too! I've enjoyed GoT though I haven't seen the last season yet. Others I've enjoyed? Glitch (new Aussie one), Line of Duty (UK police thriller), The Bridge (the original Scandinavian one) and Call the Midwife. Once you get hooked it's hard to stop, isn't it?

    1. oooh, lots of new ones there for me, Annie! I really want to see Call the Midwife, but in a house full of blokes it's going to be hard to convince them. I've seen a couple of episodes of a scandinavian series before- The Killing?? I think it was that...I enjoyed it, but didn't get totally wrapped up in it. I'll add The Bridge, Glitch and LOF to my ever growing list!

  6. Hi Louisa - great post! My favorite TV show is The Walking Dead, and since watching the first four seasons together, I'm hanging out for season five which is released next month. I looooveeee Supernatural (Go Team Dean) and really like Game Of Thrones. Cold Case is my favorite police show and I still like watching reruns of Friends. And anything to do with Underbelly (although The Tale of Two Cities is my favorite) That's about it :)

    1. I totally forgot about The Walking Dead!!! We GLOMMED that series too and I loved it even though I don't do paranormal or anything like that. Can't wait until season five!
      I must try supernatural too and really dive in to this other world!!! Haven't seen Cold Case or Underbelly, but adore Friends and watch it if it happens to be on.
      Two more to add to my list! I'm going to be busy!

  7. I believe I must be the last person on earth who hasn't succumbed to GoT :) I too binge watch, but have been too busy of late to imbibe. 50+ episodes await... *gulp*