Aug 30, 2015

Sunday Smooch with Sue MacKay

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Sue MacKay but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Reunited ... In Paris by Sue MacKay.


A second chance ...
When Dr. Tori Wells arrives to speak at a conference in France, she finally feels as if her dreams are coming true! Until her ex-husband, Dr. Ben Wells, turns up unexpectedly...
Ben might be a changed man after his pride nearly destroyed his career, but one thing certainly hasn't changed: the way Tori makes him feel.
Reunited in Paris, the city of love, Ben and Tori are forced to share the secrets that tore them apart seven years ago. Dare they take another chance on their future - together?

Coming soon: September

Scene set-up

Ben and Tori spent the night in hospital with their friend who's had a heart attack. Now they've gone back to their hotel for some much needed sleep and breakfast, except Ben fell asleep in Tori's room while waiting for breakfast to be delivered and Tori didn't have the heart to wake him.

Smooch  -

The alarm was harsh, the bleating phone worse. Tori blinked awake and reached first for the hotel phone. There was a weight around her waist. Warm and heavy, and comfortable. Familiar.

‘Merci,’ she muttered into the phone and hung up, slid her mobile phone alarm to off.

‘That went too fast,’ Ben growled in her ear.

Rolling over, Tori came face to face with him, and this time she did run her fingertips over his stubble-darkened chin. ‘You were asleep when I got back from Rita’s room.’

‘I was drinking coffee. How did I end up on your bed?’ he whispered. Then, ‘Who cares how? I’m here and I slept.’ His eyes held the rest of that sentence. With you.

Sort of with her. Ben still lay on the outside while the bedcover hid her body from sight. Her dressed-only-in-lingerie body. ‘You’re going to have to leave so I can get up.’

‘In a moment.’ His head was inches from hers. Those startling eyes watched her with an intensity that reached deep inside her. That mouth that could do the most amazing things on her skin looked soft after sleep. His arm was still on her waist, only now she was being pulled closer to his body. ‘I’ve missed you, Tori. I’ve missed us.’

‘We were great together.’ What was she talking about? Their lovemaking? Or everything? Their life, their love, everything.

‘Did we give up too easily?’ he whispered, just before his lips brushed her forehead, then trailed down her cheek to her mouth.

‘Ben,’ she cried softly against his mouth, and her lips opened, pressed against his. Ben. Benji. Her heart.

Their mouths became one, moulded together, while their tongues got reacquainted.

I remember this.

Ben pulled her closer still so there was only the bedcover between them. All the while they kissed. Her eyes were wide open, watching him, drinking in every line, each eyebrow hair, his eyes that were watching her back. Benji.

This was us.

Kissing Benji had always been her favourite way to start the day. His passion and love set her up and made her feel good. Like she was beginning to feel now. Warmth stole from their joined mouths, moved down to her breasts and the peaks that were tightening. Down to her stomach and beyond to that place that needed Ben, had missed him for so long, was moistening in readiness for him. Could they find the way back to each other? Right now anything seemed possible.

‘Hell.’ Ben pulled away and flopped onto his back. ‘Sorry.’

Author photo

Me on top of the Eiffel Tower. What an amazing experience.

Question - Do you believe in second chances ?
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  1. Hi Sue

    Woohoo I loved that smooch yay I need to read this one :)

    And ye I do believe in second chances everyone deserves that congrats on the release :)

    Have Fun

    1. Thanks, Helen. I agree, everyone should have a second chance, especially on love.

  2. That's a happy sigh kiss, Sue - loved it!
    Love reunion romances and second chances!

    Also, mega mega huge congrats on taking out the Koru award last night. Sooo thrilled for you! xxx

    1. Thanks, Amy. It was an exciting night, for sure. And Yvonne did so well too. Go the Cats.

  3. Gorgeous smooch, Sue! I love second-chance stories. Like Helen said, everyone deserves a second chance. :-)

    And Yay! for winning the Koru last night! Wonderful news. :-)

    1. Thanks, Michelle. The Awards dinner was so exciting, and yes, I am stoked at winning the Koru.

  4. Great smooch, I love second chance romances.

    1. There's something special about them, isn't there?

  5. I believe in whatevers meant to be will be... for instance I was married and had 2 kids to an abusive @$$hole....after 5 years of this I finally had enough and had him arrested, got a restraining order and filed for divorce... during the divorce my best friend kept telling me there were other fish in the sea and I'd see... he bought me new clothes and watched my kids for me to go out... (he had been in the same situation the year before.) About the 3rd time he was babysitting and I was out on a date at a bar.... I realized I wanted the man home with my kids. So when I got home and he asked me how it went... I told him I realized I wanted him... he was like...oh....we started dating the next day.... and 23 years later we are still together. For all those who thought it was a rebound.... some rebound 12 years!!! LMAO

    1. I'm sorry you had to go through what you did to get your lovely man, Diana. But at least you did find him and are so happy now.

  6. Fantastic smooch - I'll definitely be reading the book.
    I do support second chances sometimes - there are times (especially where there is domestic violence or the person has already been given chances and still not shaped up) that I don't think second chances are necessarily appropriate.

    1. I agree, Lyn. But otherwise everyone deserves a second chance.

  7. Lovely thank you.

    I do believe in second chances, but a lot depends upon why they broke up in the first place.

    1. A very good point, Mary. And we romance writers sorting out the reason is a great hook to sort out in a story.

  8. Oh, I do love a good smooch, and I love a good medical romance ever since I read one by Fiona Lowe. Wasn't quite expecting this particular smooch to end the way it did though. :-)


  9. Hello Sue, your books I like, also because I love stories with doctors. As for the question, yes I believe in second chances, also because I lived it myself with my husband, and we are still together after 38 years the first time and 30 the second time.

    1. Hi Franca, That's lovely. So glad you got your second chance.

  10. Sue, what a fantastic excerpt. I love the tenderness in it. It sounds like a corker of a story!

    Huge congratulations too on your Koru Award win! Such fantastic news!

  11. Would have sworn that I entered already, commenting on how yes, I DO believe in second chances. Times change ... circumstances change ... we change.