Aug 10, 2015

Writers Festival Fun

I’m officially wrecked. The sun has set on the 19th Byron Bay Writers Festival and what a fabulous Festival it was.  A few months ago I was invited onto the board of the Festival, so this year I had a few new roles (I’ve previously been the Communications Manager for the Festival a few times).

Festival Sculpture
BBWF Entrance - spot avid romance reader in purple
One highlight was being just two metres from Julia Gillard during her spectacular conversation with Clare Wright. Ms Gillard’s discussion of her time as PM enthralled the crowd. She held well over fifteen hundred people in the palm of her hand.
The hilarious Mandy Nolan enjoying the Festival atmosphere
Chatted to so many wonderful people; authors, politicians, poets, publishers, musicians.  Really wonderful.
Having fun with Jane Caro and Honey Brown
The romance panel was one of the last sessions of the Festival, but Honey Brown, Krissy Kneen and I, with our chair, Moya Sayer-Jones still pulled a great and appreciative crowd.  Nothing like promising a discussion about sex to fill a tent.

Romance panel with Krissy Kneen, Honey Brown (off camer) and Moya Sayer-Jones.  I'm in the hat.
I must away. I’m moving house tomorrow. Wish me luck.


  1. Jenn, no wonder you're exhausted, but it looks like a fabulous event. Congratulations! Best of luck moving house too.

  2. That sounds like a fabulous event, Jenn! I love writer's festivals so much and know how much work goes into them. Here's hoping uou can harness that buzz and positivity for the house move! Good luck.

  3. Great pics Jen :-)
    And ugh! on the move coming so close on the tail! But if anyone can do it - you can. You're awesome!

  4. Thank, Amy! Would love you to come and visit the Festival again some time.

  5. The festival looked great, Jen, and I don't doubt for a moment that you were a star! I swear I'm going to make it one year.

    But, gah! Good luck with the move!

  6. Hi Jennifer

    Oh it looks like it was a fabulous weekend :) and good luck with the moving hope all goes well

    Have Fun

  7. When do you sleep?????
    The festival sounds day, one day I'll visit BB.
    Good luck with the house move! x

  8. No wonder you are exhausted... likely to become past exhausted with the move.

  9. Looks like the festival was a ton of fun!! Hope all goes well with the move and that you get some rest after it all :)

    1. In the new house now. Slept so well last night...the exhaustion.