Aug 1, 2015

Sunday Smooch with Rachel Bailey

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Rachel Bailey but first,

... the winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway of Louisa George's Enemies With Benefits is Malvina! Malvina, please send an email to Bronwyn to organise your prize at bronwyn (at) bronwynjameson (dot) com!

And now for today's Sunday Smooch. This is a retro smooch from the 2014 book The Nanny Proposition, and is posted today to celebrate that the eBook version is on sale this week for 99c!

Two babies…one scandalous secret!

Discovering he's the father of an orphaned newborn rocks botanist Liam Hawke's world. But that's where nanny Jenna Peters fits in—a single mother herself, she immediately works her magic on his newborn daughter. Soon Liam himself can't resist being spellbound by this beauty.

Jenna tries to keep her irresistible boss at arm's length but it's a losing battle. Once Liam finds out who she really is, she'll have to say goodbye to the man she loves and their unconventional family…unless the seductive single dad makes her a proposition this undercover princess can't refuse!

Scene set-up
To give Jenna a break from looking after the two baby girls, Liam has taken her out for dinner, while the housekeeper watches the sleeping babies. They've just arrived home...

Smooch  -

As they pulled up in Liam’s Jeep in front of the house, Jenna tried to stave off her disappointment that the night was ending. It wasn’t a real date. She couldn’t let herself think that, and the sooner she was tucked up in her bed—alone—the better. Safe from fantasies that Liam had actually invited her out and that she was free to follow her attraction in whatever direction it led….

Then Liam leaned across and stroked her cheek with a feather-light caress, and all her attempts at being reasonable went up in smoke. She felt herself tremble under the touch but she didn’t dare move, hope and doubts and anticipation warring inside her.

“Thank you for a lovely evening,” he said and let his hand fall. That didn’t seem to break the connection, though—it was as if the very air in the Jeep crackled.

There was no use denying she wanted him to kiss her, had never wanted anything more. And it didn’t seem as if he was bothering with denial anymore either. His eyes darkened as he focused on her mouth. Her lips parted and she drew in a shaky breath, but he didn’t come closer. The moment felt suspended in time, neither of them moving. Then his eyes changed, became pained, and his head swung away.

“We’d better go inside and check on the babies,” he said and opened his door.

Suddenly cold, she blinked. The babies. Of course. She was the nanny, after all, not someone he was dating. But her traitorous body wasn’t as easily convinced.

She pulled herself together and went with him into the house. Katherine had left a note on the hallstand saying that everything was fine, and Bonnie was sleeping soundly with her. They crept up to check on Meg, who was also fast asleep.

Jenna gave her daughter a soft kiss on her round head, then hesitated in the hall, unsure of how to end the night. There was so much unfinished between them that she had no idea of what to do, and Liam didn’t seem to be in a rush.

Perhaps simplest was best. “Well, good night, then,” she said.

“I always walk a date to her door.” He waved an arm toward her room.

“Okay,” she said, not really sure how to take that.

They took the few steps to reach her room, then she turned to look up at him. He propped a shoulder against the doorframe, his gaze smoldering. A wave of heat rushed over her skin, and suddenly she didn’t want to do the safe thing anymore. Taking a risk was by far the more interesting option. She moistened her lips and hoped her voice sounded steady. “Isn’t a kiss at the door part of that tradition?”

Liam stilled, studying her face. “You want me to kiss you, Jenna?” His voice was low and rough.

“Oh, yes,” she said on a soft breath.

He groaned and his eyes closed for a heartbeat, and she thought she might never breathe again. Finally, his head came closer until his lips met hers in a kiss that was sweeter than any they’d shared before. Their other kisses had been stolen and had been all about attraction. This was more of an exploration, and more intense for it.

His hands found hers and their fingers entwined. When her knees wobbled, she leaned back against the door, and Liam pressed against her, not letting her fall. His body was scorching hot through her clothes and she wanted more, wanted everything.

The Nanny Proposition is on sale this week for 99c because Liam's brothers, Dylan and Adam, will have their books out in the next couple of months (Bidding on Her Boss in September, and His 24-Hour Wife in October).

You can grab a 99c copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  or iTunes.

Since this is a retro smooch for a book already released, tell me what your go-to book is. The book you re-read more than any other. I have a copy of The Nanny Proposition (or another of my backlist if you already have TNP) to give away to one person who leaves a comment!

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced and a smooch from Annie West's The Sinner's Marriage Redemption will be posted!

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  1. Hi Rachel

    Oh I did love this book and that scene is so wonderful :)

    I have many books that I could re read over and over but seeing as I have so many amazing books waiting to be read re reading isn't something that I do and trying to choose one that is on my keeper shelf would be very hard for me :)

    Have Fun

    1. Helen, you're so sensible! Even though my TBR pile is dangerously high, I still go back and reread my faves. Maybe you're braved than I am - forging forwards all the time!

  2. Fabulous smooch, Rach!

    For a long time Lord of the Rings was my annual summer read. And I believe a re-read of SEPPIE'S Dream a Little Dream is going to feature in my future...but I'm a bit like Helen -- I have so many new books to read that, at the moment, I'm preferring to read those. :-)

    1. Michelle, I should admit that I've never read Lord of the Rings. When I was a teenager and my sister was into LotR, I was more into science fiction and used to read things like the Dune series instead.

      Dream a Little Dream is a fabulous choice of a reread book! In fact I might just join you at some point. :)

  3. lynwill@hotmail.comAugust 2, 2015 at 1:41 PM

    good review --another one for the TBR pile----LynW

  4. I loved this book too, Rachel. Can't wait to read the brothers' stories.

    I reread Rebecca every few years - love that story.

    1. Jen, I've never read Rebecca! I saw the movie with Laurence Olivier years ago, but can really only remember the start and maybe one scene with the evil housekeeper. Maybe I need to read the book, or at the very least, watch the movie again!

  5. Loved the smooch thank you.

    The one book I re-read more than any other is Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. It is truly a magnificent read from the very first page.

    1. Mary, Lonesome Dove isn't a book I've ever looked at before, but I just checked it out on Amazon and some of those reviews are amazing! Maybe I should get myself a copy!

  6. Hello Rachel, I read some of your books that have been translated into Italian, and I liked them, but unfortunately this has not. I hope that soon will publish in Italian , because I really liked the plot.
    I like to read again books that I like most and I would have a long list to do.

    1. Franca, I'm so glad to hear your liked the Italian translations of my books! I just checked for you and this book, The Nanny Proposition, will be out in Italy in October this year in print, and in November in eBook. I hope that helps!

    2. Thanks Rachel, this is great news !!!!!!!

  7. Rachel, lovely that this one is just 99c - what a bargain for a great book! Such a great intro to the smooch - it left me wanting more.

    Hm, I find when I'm unwell I tend to go to some of my very, very old books, like Georgette Heyer or even Jane Aiken Hodge or Mary Stewart for a comfort read. Less now though as I have so many books unread!

    1. Annie, I'm fairly new to Georgette Heyer - I've only been reading her books for a couple of years and haven't worked my way through all of them yet - so she's not at the place of a comfort read yet. Though I can see that might happen in the future!

      I know Mary Stewart's books, but I hadn't heard of Jane Aiken Hodge before. Just checking her out on Amazon now - her books sound great!

  8. Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins, It makes me laugh and cry every time

    1. Tammy, I've been meaning to try a Kristan Higgins book for ages, so this sounds like the perfect one to start with. Thanks!

  9. What a lovely smooch, Rachel, with a delicious "will he or won't he?" build up!

    1. Thank you, Kandy! I loved the time I spent with Jenna and Liam. :)

  10. Hi Rachel
    What a gorgeous moment between Liam and Jenna.
    I agree with Kandy above - love the whole 'will he, won't he' dilemma.
    Congratulations on the new digital release!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Poor Liam - he had a bit of a rough road to his HEA with Jenna. :)