Aug 21, 2015

Come Fly With Me......

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to take a flight in my brothers aeroplane. The weather was just perfect, the wind low and the experience was simply magical. Since I am chronically afraid of heights, my husband and my brother were both concerned it would be too much to handle....but on the contrary, it was amazing.

Here's the take off....

I live in a small town by the sea, but there's a larger regional town close by and the surrounding areas are a crisscross of farms growing sugar cane, sweet potatoes, strawberries and melons. Seeing it from the air in such a sweeping way was incredible. Usually a jet takes off and it's up so quickly the landscape disappears within minutes....but this was truly scenic.

As we flew along the coast we spotted fishing boats and being only five hundred feet up, it's amazing how much detail can be captured.

AND....I flew over my house and spotted my horses grazing in the paddock behind. It was just amazing.
By the time we flew back to the airport I was exhilarated and so happy I'd pushed past my fears.

Have you ever pushed through your fears or boundaries? Do you fancy a bit of bungee jumping or white water rafting? Horse riding or a trip around the city on a segue?


  1. Oh Helen

    That looks fantastic I am not sure that I would be able to do that but I do wish I could I have not flown much at all but I do love my cruising :) such awesome memories for you and now you can do it again

    Have Fun

  2. Hi Helen - I think I would be more nervous on a cruise...I don't have steady sea-legs :) And yes, I'll be going up again, for sure!

  3. Hi Helen,
    I love flying. When we lived in a small town I had a friend who'd take me up so he could keep his hours up, we'd split the fuel cost and I'd take photos and be as thrilled as you. There's something incredible about seeing the world from a bird's eye view. I'm glad you had fun and conquered your fear!

    Cate xo

  4. Hi Cate - you're so right - a bird's eye view. It was fabulous :) How awesome that were able to go up and take photo's.

  5. Well done, Helen! I've been up in small planes quite a few times now - which isn't too bad for someone who is afraid of flying. It's been a case of feel the fear and do it anyway! While we were in WA we flew over the Bungle Bungles. And we flew up to the Horizontal Falls as well. There are truly some amazing places to visit and things to see!

  6. Wow that looks like so much fun! I have to admit small planes make me very nervous and I don't really like heights. But I did do abseiling once during a high school camp - it wasn't a huge rockface or anything but it was scary enough for me. I did feel quite accomplished when I made it to the bottom though :)