Aug 24, 2014

Sunday Smooch With Susanne Bellamy.....

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Engaging The Enemy by Susanne Bellamy. 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Susanne Bellamy........

One building, two would-be owners and a family feud that spans several generations: all relationships have their problems. 

 Andrea de Villiers can’t lie to save herself. But when developer, Matt Mahoney, buys the building she and a friend have established as a safe house in the Melbourne CBD, she decides that protecting The Shelter is more important than her aching heart. She will confront Mr Mahoney, and she will emerge victorious. There are no other options.

 But Matt has other plans for Andie, and she soon finds herself ensnared in a web of well-meaning lies and benevolent deceit. To protect the building and the families that depend on her, Andie agrees to play the part of Matt’s fiancée, and play it convincingly.

 But lies soon bleed into truth, and what was once a deception starts to feel all too real. Can Andie accomplish her goals and protect The Shelter, without losing her heart to the charming Irish developer? 

Scene set-up [Andie and Matt are both emotionally invested in the same rundown building in Melbourne’s CBD. Matt has legitimately bought the building currently housing The Shelter which he wants to restore as a gift to his ill mother. Wanting to do the right thing by the women and children living there, he offers Andie an alternative property but their attraction diverts them.] 

“What does this building mean to you?”
When had he moved so close to her? Heat radiated all the way from the tips of her toes to her head. Trapped between his body and the chair, she fought the urge to press into him. She edged away until she backed into the wall.
“A promise is a promise. We were assured the building was ours to create The Shelter but money is more powerful than promises, it seems.”
“So you’re saying your father broke his promise to you by selling me the building when he did?”
She nodded, the betrayal a huge lump in her throat. What was the point in denying it? With an effort, she searched for her voice. “Yes.”
“You’ve done a fine job. And you can get your accreditation on time. It doesn’t have to be in this building. Andie, look at me.”
Reluctantly, she met his gaze.
“Take the Williamstown property. There’s no weakness in accepting a better offer.”
Mesmerised by his voice, her resolve weakened. It would be so easy to accept, so easy to let him have his way.
But is it best for The Shelter?
“Why is it so important that you can’t give us that little extra window of time? Does it really matter if you knock it down next month rather than this month?”
“Knock it down? Now why would you be thinking I’d be knocking it down? Who put that fairy story in your head?”
“You’re not? Then what’s so all fired important?”
“It’s personal.”
“That’s it? You drag my reasons out of me but leave me with it’s personal? That doesn’t cut it with me, Mahoney. Tell me.”
He sighed softly and reached out and ran a knuckle gently down her cheek. “Take my word and take the Williamstown property, Trouble, and leave it be.”
“And then maybe we can explore other more interesting things; like why you blush when you’re near me.”
 “Mr Mahoney—”
He stepped right into her personal space. “Matt. Unless you want me to keep calling you ‘Trouble’?”
She put a hand on his chest. Too close, way too close. Her hand curled around his lapel. Not close enough.
With concentrated effort, she uncurled her fingers and flattened her hand, took a deep breath and pushed him back. “Mr…Matt. I—uh—I, I think you should go now.”
“But we’re having so much fun. Or we will, if you stop over thinking everything.”
“I don’t. I’m not. It’s just—”
His hold on her shoulders tightened and he closed the last inch of space separating them. Warm breath fanned her cheek. Subtle spice and an indefinable scent that she associated only with Mahoney wrapped around her.

               “Just nothing. Why don’t we see where things take us, hey, Trouble?” His mouth descended. Warm lips kissed the corner of her mouth, brushed lightly across hers. Deep in her womb, an unfamiliar longing throbbed. Mahoney’s full and undivided attention shattered the last of her resistance and she leaned into the kiss. Her lips parted beneath his. Nothing was more important than Mahoney’s mouth on hers, his hands on her bare shoulders. She slid her hands up his shoulders, up the column of his neck and into his hair. She rose onto tip-toe and pushed her hips forward. More.

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  1. Wow what a smooch I loved it and I have this one on my TBR pile should be getting to it very soon :)

    As for where I would love to be sipping a cocktail on the cruise ship that will be taking us to New Zealand in November can't come quick enough LOL

    Have Fun

    1. Cocktails on a cruise ship sound wonderful! I've yet to take a cruise and look forward to the day we can do it. Here to New Zealand should be great! Thanks for dropping by, Helen. Hope you enjoy Matt and Andie's story when you get to it! :)

  2. Great Smooch, Susanne!

    Hmm, I'd love to be sipped a cocktail in the south of France, preferably on the terrace of my French chateaux. Dreams, dreams, dreams!!!

    1. Nice or Marseilles would be superb. Chateau or a on the deck of a super yacht - just count me in! Thanks for dropping by, Jenn.

  3. Loved the smooch thank you!!

    I don't think I have ever had a cocktail. Better make mine a white wine. I'd love to be looking out over the ocean. The Sunshine Coast I think.

    1. Mary, would you like a champagne? Isn't the Sunshine Coast lovely. We head up there at Christmas and one of my favourite pastimes is to sit on the balcony just on sunset with a wine or cocktail. Thanks for visiting today!

  4. Hi Susanne - great smooch! My favourite cocktail spot is my back deck, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Thanks for visiting LoveCats :)

    1. Thanks, Helen. I loved Andie and Matt and their efforts to protect the building. Both had excellent and unselfish reasons. As for cocktails, I don't think you can beat a sea view for inspiring cocktail settings, although in Melbourne, the Langham Hotel has a wonderful selection and view!

  5. Hi Susanne,

    What a great excerpt. Hope all your readers love it too.

    I remember sipping cocktails on a roof terrace looking out over the sea and the sunset on Santorini. Lovely! it would be great to do that again.

    1. Santorini Sunset - that would be a great name for a cocktail! I'd love to head back to Capri to a cafe just below Villa Jovus and look out at the Tyrrhenian Sea. Heck, I'd take any sea at sunset, with cocktails! Thanks for stopping by, Annie!

  6. Hi Susanne,

    Now that is a one smooch-a-rooney!

    Wouldn't mind being Matt's enemy. Lol.


    1. With an enemy like him, me too! Now, when are we going to get that cocktail that we missed out on at conference? Early October, I hope!

    2. You bet Bella. There's always room for a cocktail and good company!

  7. Love the smooch Susanne :-)

    I would love to go back to the long bar at Raffles Hotel in Singapore and have their original Singapore Sling - just divine :-)

  8. Ah, a woman after my own heart! I love a Singapore Sling, and the best of them is to be found at Raffles. What a fab hotel! Thanks for stopping by, Lucy. :)

  9. Hi Susanne! Sounds like these two are going to have all sorts of fun together. :)

    I'd like to be sipping a cocktail somewhere warm. I've had enough of winter now!

    1. These two get caught in a web of their own weaving and have lots of fun along the way. I've had a couple of fabulous winter cocktails that I wouldn't manage in summer! But yes, somewhere warm would be wonderful! Thanks for stopping by, Rachel! :)