Aug 8, 2014

Conference excitment with Sue MacKay

By the time you read this the Australian Romance Writers' conference will be into its second day, but I'm writing this at the beginning of the week as I'm heading to Christchurch tomorrow and onto Sydney on Wednesday. I love these conferences. I get to room with my closest writing friends, catch up with many more whom I only see once a year, and go to great workshops. Then there is the cocktail party, awards dinner and the Harlequin dinner.
So yes, I'm excited.
Today I've been ticking off my check list.

Passport - tick.

                                Airline tickets - Tick.

Lovecats raffle basket prize - tick.


Gadgets to keep in touch with the outside world - tick.

Clothes and shoes - oops.
Have to rethink.

Finally, clothes and shoes - tick.
But if only there was room for one more dress, oh, and those amazing shoes I've been looking for an opportunity to show off.

How did I managed two months away in Europe with one SMALL case and can't get everything I need for a week in a bigger one.

 I usually travel light, but conferences bring the have-to-have out in me. Do you have this trouble for special occasions?



  1. Hi Sue

    Yes I agree I think that because there is so much going on at a conference you have to have lots more :)

    Looking forward to meeting you I will be ther Saturday for the book signing and back on Sunday woohoo

    Have Fun

    1. Hi Helen
      Isn't it a wonderful conference and thankfully I seem to have enough outfits despite my packing crisis.

  2. I think the problem is that with conferences, you are exposed to most of the same people each day so it's not as easy to just mix and match the same few items of clothing without people noticing like you would when travelling normally.
    Plus conferences always seem to result in stuff you specifically need to take without and often stuff to bring home too.
    Hope you have fun, though I'm wondering who your flights were with :)

    1. Yes, Lyn, you're right. It is all the same people for four days and the dinners and cocktails. So far I think I have got everything covered - literally.

  3. Excellent checklist, Sue! It's a challenge to travel light isn't it - but these days the airlines are pretty tough on luggage weight so it's an art worth mastering!

    I'm looking forward to the photos -oooo, I've just realised you'll probably be at the cocktail party! Did you all dress up, I wonder... now I'm really looking forward to those photos!

    1. Ha, Sharon, what happens at conference stays at conference, but there are some photos of the HMB dinner with two men and their chests doing the rounds. Missing you here.