Aug 6, 2014

Some Favourite Things! with Sharon Archer

Okay so friends and family are the absolute pinnacle of favourite things - that's a given! And I'm going to include books in my auto-favourites because they're a necessity, aren't they!

But here are some other things that make today's favourites list and that I'm grateful to have in my life...

1.      Where we live and the kangaroo family that call this little patch of land home, too.  Meet Bob and one of the Matildas...
Bob just outside the dining room window
Matilda with a Scamp in residence!
2.    Travel adventures - it's one of my greatest pleasures to be able to head off to unknown parts to explore!

From our Simpson Desert crossing last year...

3.    My digital camera!  Flat out adore this clever piece of technology!  It has macro and panorama and film-recording!  Just brilliant and I'm sure it's got untapped potential!

4.    The clock app on my phone!  I used to be one of those people who thought a phone should only be for making phone calls and everything else was a waste of time.  I take it all back!  I've fallen in love with the timer function and I use it all the time!

5.    Winter Warmers!  This is a combo-favourite where I cleverly slip in more than one goodie under the same heading!  

It's been c-c-c-c-cold here for the last week!  Snow and fabulous crispy frosts!  

Snowing on our driveway!

Frost on Bracken.
To combat the chill, I have my "winter-warmer collection"

- the wood heater 

- flannelette sheets

- thermal underclothes

I'm especially fond of the red with the ants!
- comfort food like soups and casseroles! 

So how about you?  Any of these favourites strike a note with you?  Got any "winter-warmers" you'd like to suggest?  I'm more than happy to add to my list!


  1. Sharon

    Love your favourites and the pictures are lovely especially that snow and frost it has been really cold up here in Sydney during the evenings and morning but the days have been nice.

    I make a really nice parsnip and pumpkin soup that is warming in winter :) and I would add my grandchildren and the internet I love the fact that I have met so many great people since getting it

    Have Fun

    1. Ooh that soup sounds divine, Helen. I'm going to hit you up for the recipe at the next ARRA lunch I make. :-)

  2. Thanks, Helen! I love your favourites too - your grandchildren at the top of the list, I'm sure! And the internet's another top favourite - such an amazing resource for meeting people and for learning, isn't it!

    As for that parsnip and pumpkin soup! YUM!

  3. Your frosty, snowy pics are fab, Sharon! Though, I think I prefer looking at them than experiencing them first hand. And I do like your kangaroo neighbours. What fun to have them living so close!

    As for winter warmers, I'm big on comfort food like casseroles and soup too. The smell of them simmering away and the way they warm one's belly. Mmmm….

  4. LOL, Michelle! Yes I think it's nice to look at the frosty bits when I'm tucked up inside with my winter warmers!

    Oh, we do enjoy our kangaroo visitors! And the funny thing is that, although they're by no stretch of the imagination tame, they've got used to us coming and going and now just tend to keep a wary eye on us but keep on eating or lolling under the tree. But as soon as we have visitors and we'd like them to see the local 'roos, the darned things are very elusive! Actually that picture of Bob was taken after we'd had a friend staying from the UK. He'd have loved to see Bob! But Bob disappeared and then turned up at the window the day after our friend left on his travels!

  5. It's been very cold here too. I don't remember ever being so cold in Adelaide before, and that means that the slow cooker has been getting a work out. My joint favourite soups are pea & ham and potato & bacon, but any soup or casserole is welcome at this time of year.

    I love your kangaroo family.

    1. Oh, my slow cooker is one of my "favourtie things" too, Claire - I should have sneaked that into my "winter warmers collection"! LOL Yes, yes to those soups! And I've been making a chicken noodle for the first time - I'm not waiting until we get a cold or the flu! Maybe it's a good preventative!

      I'm so glad you like our kangaroo family!

  6. After a week alternating between nights of sufficient although not terrific quality sleep and nights of insufficient awful quality sleep, my brain isn't functioning well enough to provide a comprendible list of my favourites but I'll go with the two that spring to mind right now: good books and quality sleep (even better if pair with the chance to sleep in).

    I'm sure I'll actually have some comments about your photos but I'm saving the post until this weekend to read and look at properly.

    1. Lyn, when you're suffering from lack of quality sleep, it's hard to think beyond the idea of catching some good Zzzzzzz's, isn't it! Books and sleep are great additions to a favourites list though.

      May you get some lovely quality dream time over the next few days to give your brain a chance to catch up with itself!