Jan 27, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Splat. And not because I'm going to make that noise as a car runs over me (sniff) as some people have suggested!
I'm not quite sure how I ended up with my name. It might have been because when I was a kitten I used to run through the house, launch myself at the curtains/washing hanging on the line/skirts/whatever waved in the breeze or was fun to climb, swing on it and then let go. The name came from the sound of moi's chubby, furry little body hitting the ground.
Or maybe it was the time I chased my sister, Panda through the house while my human companion was painting, and I happened to mistime a ferocious leap and ended up knocking over the paint bucket, splattering mango hue all over the place, including my fur...my first (and if I have any say in it) my LAST bath!

Dogs, that's a given. What's so appealing about a panting, slobbering, butt-sniffing canine for company?
Vacuum cleaners also come high up on this list. I have nightmares about being sucked up into that noisy contraption. It's a good thing I'm 6kgs of fur and fat--umm, I mean muscle. No way will I ever fit up that long, thin tube! Gotta keep up the diet, gives me an excuse to snack, muscle building requires energy, you know.
Thunder and rain hitting the tin roof (shudder) - but don't tell my companion or I'll use your legs as a scratching post. She thinks I'm comforting her while the storm is raging by following her around the house and sitting next to her legs or on her lap. If she's not home, I like to hide under the nice, dark, safe bed.

Favourite Pastime:
Eating, sleeping, eating, helping my companion write her stories (did you know she blogged the other week about me being her furry little protege?), eating, sleeping, checking out the washing (I'm HELPING get the wrinkles out, not swinging off it, honest!), eating, sleeping, terrorizing Panda, eating...

Best Friend:
My uncle, Furball. We hang out together - on the bed, in the garden, across at the neighbours house, on the rug while watching TV. He calls me his Little Shadow. I follow him everywhere - except when I hear the refrigerator door open...or the grocery bags rustling...or the pantry door squeak...

What do you like to sharpen your claws on:
Mostly the lounge. Did you know my companion actually bought me a new one last week! I mean those scratching posts are OK but why go for the rough hemp when you can sharpen your claws on suede? Much more sophisticated and it feels divine under the paw pads, so soft and velvety...purrrrrrr!

Do you have a pet photo you'd like to share?

The LoveCats are showcasing Catwalk Wednesday each week! For those readers who'd like us to feature their furred, feathered or scaled friends, please send Mel the snapshot to her email - melteshco@yahoo.com.au with the subject line: Catwalk Wednesday photo. Each week the LoveCats will choose one animal friend. Mel will then send off a list of questions for the pet owner to choose from!


  1. Looks so cuddly! :-) *hugs to Splat*

  2. Oh, Splat is gorgeous! Is her human companion going to out herself? =)

  3. I agree with Rachel, Splat is gorgeous. *Looks* like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth - but it sounds like it'd be liquified in no time!

  4. Lol, Rachel, obviously Splat was so self absorbed (as cats can be) filling out the survey that she forgot to name the companion who earns the wage to pay her food bills!

    Makes me feel so appreciated and loved. Sigh :-)

  5. Well done Splat!!
    You must be one hell of a cat to get your own lounge - and I'm thinking you have your 'carer' wrapped around your paw! =)

  6. Oh Splat - what a cool cat you are. And so thoughtful.

  7. Oh Splat, you forgot to mention your human companion. Still how cute are you? :))

  8. Splat, shame on you, you gorgeous kitty, for not mentioning your human companion. Kylie, you are obviously well and truly under the paw ;)