Jan 18, 2010


Our launch week is over! We've had the most fabulous time and it's thanks to all you gorgeous visitors! You've chatted with us and made us smile with your wonderful comments.

So today we're doing a wrap up of the week -
  • re-announcing our daily winners (see below)
  • tantalising you with what's ahead for LoveCats DownUnder!
  • and saying a HUGE thank you to the authors who have supported us for our launch week with their generous donations.
This is a list of the authors who donated books for our daily draw packages: -

- Bonwyn Jameson
- Robyn Grady
- Melissa James
- Rachel Bailey
- Nikki Logan
- Tracey O'Hara
- Tracie Sommers
- Emily May
- Mel Teshco
- Zana Bell
- Sharon Archer

-- and we'll list the authors who donated to the Grand Prize tomorrow when we announce the lucky winner but you can see a slide show of all the gorgeous covers on the right side panel!

What's ahead for LoveCats DownUnder!!
We hope you'll come back and see us often. We'll be blogging regularly on Mondays and Thursdays BUT we'll have fun new things up on other days too so pop in and see what's there.

Mel is doing CATwalk Wednesday! If you want your fur-friend (or your feathered-, finned- or scaled-friend!) to appear then watch for contact details with her first CATwalk PinUp! She'll send you a choice of fun questions and ask for a photograph of your fur-friend.

Tracie is scouring the Internet for entertaining videos to post on the Friday CAT-tray-ler segment!

Rachel has found the cutest little puzzles to tease you with on Saturdays - hence forth Caturday Fun.

And you'll be able to meet other authors in our interviews, too!

So without further ado - let's re-announce our daily winners for the launch week.
Many of you have been in touch with us already and that's fantastic! Any one who hasn't, please, put your hand up and give us some details so we can rush your books to you!

  • MONDAY - day 1 - Anita Mack
  • TUESDAY - day 2 - Maree Anderson
  • WEDNESDAY - day 3 - Linda Henderson
  • THURSDAY - day 4 - Nancy who spoke of Little Women & music (please contact sharon (at) sharon-archer (dot) com with your details)
  • FRIDAY - day 5 - Tamara Gill
  • SATURDAY - day 6 - Becca J Heath
  • SUNDAY - day 7 - Susanwilson44 (please contact sharon (at) sharon-archer (dot) com with your details)
Please come back tomorrow for the winner of the Grand Prize draw!

Thank you again for making our Launch Week such fun and we hope to see you soon!


  1. I great week Ladies and sounds like lots more fun to come

    Have Fun

    Congrats to all of the winners

  2. What a CATastrophe! Did I miss the fun. Been in a blog bog for a while. Damn! You girls are very clever. I can see this site might be one more reason for me to not write LOL

  3. Hi Jenn and Helen

    We're planning lots more fun to tempt you! Maybe we'll be a CATylst to your writing, Jenn! Isn't 'cat' such a great word to play with!

  4. Hey, LC's DownUnder! This is now one of my must read blog sites and I have it mentioned on my website and blog! :-)
    I look forward to reading the entries.

  5. Wow more fun stuff headed our way. Enjoying this blog very much LoveCats!