Jan 31, 2010

Cat Tray-ler Friday has moved to Sunday

Okay - we have decided to go with a weekend of fun and have Caturday Fun and Cat Tray-ler Sunday.

This weeks Simon's Cat is something I have seen my own cats do many times.

And now for a Champion theme - and I am aware of the commercial aspects of these ads but they are also really cute and really inspiring. I like to think of these two clips being a little story.

And now he's grown. Thanks to Rachel for this one.

And here is a Champion Cat - what a brave little guy.

If you have any really cute or funny youtude videos with a pet theme send it along to tracie [at] traciesommers [dot] com. We will look at it and if we decide to use it - you will get the credit here on the blog.


  1. I think Simon's been peering in our window Trace!

  2. I loved in the first one how proud the cat was at the end :))

    A high five between a horse and dog - priceless.

    And cat vs bear - goodness.

  3. Anita - isn't at so right. Though my cat usually does it with a live mouse she brings in from outside. Actually tossed one up onto my lap once as I sat in a my chair.

  4. yes Eleni - so real - so funny. Have to watch it again. :)

  5. I love, *love* the horse / rocky one - even though I know it's not normal animal behaviour, it makes me teary. =)

  6. Horses, dogs & cats oh my! What's not to love.

    Though for me, today's pick has to be Simon's cat. My cat can't be bothered with any of that behaviour these days....except to wake up the other half with those prods.

  7. Wow! Great offering, Tracie! all fabulous but I especially loved the Hank story - the Rocky-Hank connection makes me teary just like Rachel! Priceless!

    Though I am torn because the cat offerings are exquisite, too - gotta love Simon's cat!

  8. Gorgeous Tracie!
    I loved the cat & fly - so real! but they're all great =)

  9. Tracie, what a fabulous selection of trailers!! Simon's cat is so realistic, even to the noises. My smallest kitty Tabitha in action! Love the horses too--why aren't all ads like that?

  10. Awww the baby horse being helped along - its sooo beautiful.

    I have been lucky enough to see those horses in real life and they were so gorgeous - really - and I had never seen such a pristine stable, and it wasn't a trick its a working stable. I was in awe.

    Now that cat is just mad to take on a bear - mad I tell you.

    Love the post.

    Bye 4 now