Jan 18, 2010

Watch This Space!!

We'll post a wrap-up
of our Launch Week soon
with all our prize winners!!!

....in the meantime....

Who's helping out at your desk?


  1. and they were a jolly big help, as you can imagine, Tez! ;-)

  2. They just sit there...watching you...judging you... *shudder* They would really make me nervous. Lucky for me, my cat's would rather nap than watch me ;-)

  3. so would Minki and Sufi normally, Tez! I think it was me prancing around with the camera and flash and keeping them from their cat nap! Beneath those serene feline faces there's probably a great big thought bubble that would say "go away" to me!

  4. They are so beautiful Sharon

    Have FUn

  5. Thanks, Helen! They were a pair of rascals, let me tell you! They look so different that it's hard to believe they're brother and sister, isn't it! As I quipped in answer to one of the comments on my blog day - they Chinchalley cats - a combo of Chinchilla and good old alley cat!